Custom Software for Your Needs


KCSI helps you define your ideal customized software solution by:

  • Adjustment of the workload on your business team
  • Best choice for audit trail implementation
  • Constant communication and reassessment
  • Improvement of your workflow’s best and worst features
  • Replacement of manual processes (wherever possible)
  • Workflow automation, consolidation and streamlining

KCSI uses a team-based, customer-centric approach to build the most efficient and accurate solutions for your unique needs. The ultimate goal is always a profit-improving, productivity-increasing, easy-to-use software solution.

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Avoid Over-Investing with SIMMS 2017

SIMMS 2017 Inventory Management software accurately tracks all items in inventory and maintains a lean supply chain. It sports a fully-functional CRM to help manage your relationships with your clients, while featuring a full suite of financial features (such as the general ledger) that helps to track revenue, spending, accounts payables and accounts receivables.

SIMMS 2017 can help users see their current condition in stark terms and real numbers. Unbridled amounts of money spent on intangibles can lead to a business descending into failure. An adage long used as a quick indication of fiscal health still rings true: “If your output exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall”.

With rich analytical tools that provide all the indicators you need to make sound, progressive decisions, SIMMS 2017 is available for a free trial at any time.

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Reduce Overstocking with SIMMS


SIMMS 2017 can help users reverse the trend of stocking their shelves with too much inventory. By facilitating more manageable stock counts, your overhead is reduced and your profits are increased. Stock counts should increase only to prepare for anticipated orders, a habit that leads to a more immediate return on your company’s investment. An enlarged warehouse staff becomes unnecessary when immediate movement of stock becomes an ongoing stream managed by an organized team of personnel. Eventually, orders get handled more quickly and the process is streamlined.

Too often companies can fall into the bad habit of investing too much capital in their stock, and thus feel the crunch at month-end in their revenues.

To learn how SIMMS 2017 can make your inventory processes more efficient and more cost effective, give SIMMS 2017 a free trial here:

Custom Software from KCSI


At KCSI, we create software attuned directly for the needs of our clients. It could be a solution our clients wish to develop or software for some specific need when they no out-of-the-box solution can handle their needs.

Our company was founded twenty years ago as a custom software programming house and has remained as the prime purpose of its existence ever since. Our staff experience has been wide and varied and has continued to expand to new formats, platforms and technologies as they have developed. We have the experts in the wide variety of tools and languages needed to create high quality custom software that can absorb the growing needs of your business, no matter which industry or context in which it functions.

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In The Team There Are Many Strengths


Assigning projects to team members will be smooth if they are assigned to those with the particular strength required. Workers who are constantly aligned to tasks within the area of their greatest skills out-produce other workers by 10%.

Now imagine a project to which has been assigned your best economist, your best artist, your best programmer, your best engineer, your best writer, and your best leader. The project would likely cost you the least, make you the most, be the most beautiful and most successful project ever undertaken.

True efficiency results when the best talents produce the most proficient and on-the-mark project ever produced. Happy customers and satisfied team members are a brilliant by-product, leading to increasing enthusiasm from all.

KCSI’s Custom Software Practice


KCSI has expertise in the design, development and implementation of custom solutions.

We work with our clients to pinpoint and diagnose the limitations of your current software scenario. We look at whether your current tools can provide what you need. This analysis helps in the critical evaluation, which then leads to a decision to continue with or modify the existing system, or to create a completely new system.

For custom IT solutions, we help identify and define what your new system will need. By the end of this sophisticated step we’ll have a complete understanding and can institute a system design that will suit your needs. In short, we decide on application component identification, calculation details, database design and components; process and functions, and then finally, your security requirements.

Following development and design, elaborate system testing is conducted. Lastly, we conduct detailed reporting to the client and thorough disclosure of our progress. KCSI has successfully completed this cycle numerous times. It’s both time and fiscally effective and efficient.

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The Inventory Specialist


The greatest single asset any business can have regarding its inventory management is nothing more technical than a human being dedicated to the tasks required by inventory. Many businesses rely on machines from data collectors to security cameras but somewhere in the system must be an individual whose thorough understanding and adherence to sound inventory management standards. Armed with the most complete and easy-to-use tools – such as SIMMS Inventory Management software – this devoted employee can make all the difference to a company’s stock accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Someone must thoroughly understand the importance of supply chain science as well as be the versatile and reliable coordinator of physical ins and outs of the business. Inventory Lead Hands are a saving grace and few others have more knowledge of specifics of what you need.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about how a single person can use SIMMS to keep on top of your stock requirements.

Inventory Management Software Solutions