Great Moments in History

Great Moments in Computer History:
Marie Antoinette’s spreadsheet shows the peasants have no bread, but lots of cake.

Great Moments in Business History:
“So, Pharaoh, what sort of collateral do you have to put down on this $2 billion Great Pyramid you want to build?”

Great Moments in Government History:
Headline: “Research Continues to Discover If Inability to Balance a Checkbook is Genetic.”

Great Moments in Mortgage History:
“The bad news is that your monthly payment will be $24,089.23. The good news is that it will never increase.”

Great Moments in Legislative History:
“Now that we’ve agreed on the loopholes, should we start drafting the amendment?”

Become a SIMMS Reseller Today!


Advantage of Choice
Each SIMMS reseller gets to choose how to deploy and license the solution as well as how to utilize the information.

Dedicated Partnership Team
Over 75% of SIMMS resellers will notice a dynamic improvement in their business operations as relationships with KCSI and your customers expand.

Improvement of Industry Value
Huge potential exists for ambitious partners who take advantage of high industry value in large and growing market segments.

SIMMS Benefits Resellers Immediately
SIMMS produces customer growth without new products or implementations

Reselling Positions You For Victory
Powerful, flexible business management tools for mid-sized and larger companies looking to grow a competitive business.

Growth Becomes a Continuous Process
SIMMS expands and improves with every version to provide more customer satisfaction.

Return on Investment
Resellers benefit from fair payment for their development of the sales and customers built with KCSI and SIMMS.

Rich Marketing Resources
Co-op marketing programs, preferred vendors and reliable content can be streamlined to empower your marketing campaigns.

The Global Business Advantage
Out-of-the-box support for diverse business requirements,including multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction and multi-entity.

Diverse Industry Applications
KCSI’s SIMMS Inventory Management software supports the growth of chemical, beverage/food, distribution companies (both retail and wholesale), life sciences and manufacturing around the world.

KCSI has been in business for over 17 years with a partner-friendly reputation. We offer competitive margins and support partners with training and tools for marketing, sales and consulting. Contact us at

Implementation, pre-sales and support is developed to help resellers succeed and build reference accounts quickly.

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Warehouse Ideas

Big sprawling warehouses can be incredibly overwhelming – that is, unless you put something in the middle of the space to block the view from one side to the other. Stockholm-based clothiers, Cheap Monday, did just that with huge carpeted pyramid conference rooms. While it is clear fashion is cyclical, apparently architecture is as well, because those pyramids looks perfect in modern grey.


FreshVu2Go and SIMMS


The newest version of SIMMS Inventory Management software — FreshVu2Go.

FreshVu2Go is a per month per user clouded hosted solution of
the on-line version of SIMMS. For companies on the go, needing to access all of their information and conduct business from anywhere in the world, FreshVu2Go is your ideal choice.

Email today for more information about this innovative new version of the classic program for inventory and accounting: SIMMS.