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SIMMS 2013’s Shipping and Receiving


SIMMS 2013 coordinates your receiving and shipping processes, making both smoother and quicker while adding tracking to all important information needed for shipments. Detailed packing slips help you to limit reduce your manual handling while picking lists streamline the order filling you need to perform.

SIMMS 2013 helps you satisfy your customers by coordinating direct shipping from invoices or sales orders as well as from the Fulfillment Manager. Delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping can be seen before any problems become apparent. You have constant view of upcoming shipments and shipments that are already underway. Shipments to the same customer from different orders are easily monitored and detailed box labels make your tracking process easier and more accurate.

Packing slips can be generated from invoices, sales orders and the Fulfillment Manager so when the shipping department picks items from the packing slip, data remains both precise and useful.

SIMMS 2013’s Shipping and Receiving features also empower you to:

• Combine multiple orders into single shipments and save money.

• Enter several lines of instructions in the Shipping Manager if you have important shipping information that needs to accompany the shipment.

• Enter shipment ETAs by selecting the date the shipment is expected in the Estimated Arrival Date field.

• Issue/receive items from/to more than one stock location on a single invoice/receipt.

• Modify receipts to incorporate freight costs and handling charges levied by vendors at a later date. Simply add a line item in the receipt with the price and description of the charge then re-save the receipt.

• Select alternate ship-to locations at the stage of shipping or add a new ship-to address on the fly.

• Track the dates of each shipment automatically by configuring inventory items with their default weights. SIMMS then utilizes this information when shipping (although you can override the weight at the shipping stage if you require).

• Track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment by assigning each box a label and assigning orders (or individual items from orders) to each box within a shipment. This gives you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what labels were assigned to each of the boxes.

Timely and accurate shipping and receiving is a necessity for any business of repute. For more information on how SIMMS 2013 can help you achieve your best levels ever, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!

Contact Management with SIMMS


From amongst the many tools available in SIMMS 2013’s Contact Management suite, you can:

Assign a Default General Ledger account to a contact

Assign Location Codes to contacts

Assign Payment Terms in addition to early payment discounts and late payment interest rates

Configure Contacts – unlimited in number (as required) for each customer, manufacturer or vendor that you have

Currency Manager [requires Multi-Currency module] – Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provide you with a global competitive edge

Customer Tracking – Contact Information and history is a high priority with SIMMS Inventory Software. Keep track of a contact’s name, address and phone number, e-mail address, web addresses, tax codes, price schedules, contact names, comments, locations, default currency, sales and purchase history, and other bits of important information in the contact file.

Customer Transaction drill down – Review and drill down to the details of your customer transactions right from your contact detail window this includes invoices, sales orders and quotes associated with the selected customer, you can also process payments for your customer invoices right from your customer detail window

Dedicate one of your Sales/Purchasing Agents to a customer

Define Credit Limits for each spearate customer

Define your own Unique Contact Types (e.g. vendor, distributor, wholesaler, etc.

Set Price Levels – Assign up to 12 unique price levels to each item, and then assign a price level to each customer

Tax Codes and Schedules – If you’re selling into different States or Counties, you may have to collect the taxes and pass them onto the correct authorities. SIMMS will let you setup a series of tax codes and schedules for each area and then let you attach a customer or invoice to that area so that you can charge the correct sales tax rate

User-Defined fields – Available for your unique requirements, including 4 text fields, 2 combo box fields and 2 date fields

Vendor Transaction drill down – Review and drill down to the details of your Vendor transactions right from your contact detail window this includes purchase orders and receipts of goods associated with the selected vendor, you can also process payments for your receipts of goods right from your vendor detail window

SIMMS 2013’s versatile contact management features provide you with masterful control and immediate access to all the tools you need to keep your contacts at your fingertips. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to learn more.

Reorganization of Your Business Concerns


When your business is trending new of late, re-assessment may not be enough of a solution. If the changes in your market share have been more drastic, then it is likely a re-organization is required.

Some indicators of a needed re-organization are:

1) That your most important decision processes are too vague or too complicated, and waste more resources than they produce.

2) Changes to important personnel either dilute the energy of the company or alter the rhythm of business standards.

3) Competition has become stronger from new sources or a new business model has been adopted by a chief competitor.

4) For three consecutive quarters there has been diminished financial returns. At such a point, some drastic moves are needed instead of the piece-by-piece adjustments you had made previously.

Re-organizations should be implemented methodically and with a positive tone. Despite any panic you may feel, the message and the way it is delivered to your staff must be from the mindset of building and improving.

SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management software can help you achieve the goals you have for your company. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

The SIMMS 2013 Business Solution


SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management Software empowers you to turn data into valuable information for your company’s decision makers with ease and precision.  SIMMS has an ever-growing range of reports that are completely customizable and flexible for the requirements of your business.

Here are some ways that SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management Software can help you in the areas of analytics and reporting:

Achieve Detailed Visibility
Gain a detailed view into your accounting transactions and employ deep analysis with capabilities to organize data hierarchically for multi-level reporting.

Become the Master of Your Accounting Processes
Define the data that is imperative to your business and analyze financial data by whichever criteria you need.

Improve decision-making
Focus on the financial data you need to make better business decisions by including or restricting report content that is relevant to your organization’s reporting needs.

Powerful Integration
Find and analyze all your transactions with precision across your entire organization with seamless integration available in KCSI Business Solutions–SIMMS® General Ledger, Inventory, Kitting, Payables, Purchase Order Processing, Receivables, Sales Order Processing and other options.

Transform your KCSI Business Solution and SIMMS data into presentation-quality information so you can make better business decisions, with compelling views of business data created easier and faster than ever before.

For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!

Managing Bulk Inventory with SIMMS


Everyone’s bulk stock inventory is unique. It can expand and contract with changes in temperature. It is bought and sold in a variety of measurements. Over time, its molecular composition can change. And, when products are blended, one plus one doesn’t necessarily equal two. That is why controlling the storage, measurement, and movement of bulk inventory is a complex supply chain issue. You need a solution that can effectively manage high-volume bulk inventory transactions — from original purchase through blending, storage, packaging, and sale.

You automatically correct for the impact of changes to the system conversion to standard volume based on product- and industry-specific algorithms for both domestic and international markets. You tailor flexible reporting options to convert industry-standard quantities to a company standard you define for financial and regulatory reporting.

SIMMS provides you with flexible reconciliation capabilities to pinpoint inventory gains and losses  before they become significant. Inventory management tools enable you to adjust those levels and automatically record the resulting data in the inventory and financial accounts you designate. And, because SIMMS 2013 is a comprehensive system that integrates with sales, purchasing, and business financials applications, you can improve customer service along with your inventory accounting.

For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!

Materials Requisitions with SIMMS


SIMMS’ Material Requisition Module was designed to provide an easy way for one SIMMS database (reseller) to request materials from another SIMMS database (distributor) by sending an auto email alert to the distributor once created. The distributor then approves the requested materials and creates a sales order in the distributor’s database. Once the distributor starts issuing (invoicing) items against that sales order a receipt of goods can automatically be created in the reseller’s database, thus providing a clean and paperless flow of items with a record in each company of the flow of items.

For more information on how SIMMS can help you achieve this process, visit www.simmssoftware.com and/or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

The Importance of Managing Inventory


The importance of proper inventory management is one of the most misunderstood and crucial needs of any business. Rarely has so much value existed in one place like it has when it comes to stock for sale. Hundreds – possibly tens of thousands, or even more – units of capital is invested in items that must be sold before the capital (plus a margin of profit) is realized for the company. No matter the industry, market, type of items, or the demands involved in the receipt and storage and issue of your particular goods (produced in-house, assembled in-house, or just given a place in-house to be displayed and promoted) the sale of items and/or their related services quite honestly define whether your company merely survives or ultimately thrives.

Monitoring of the quantities you have, as well as the quantities you are going to need, must be accurate while at the same time not be intrusive on the fluid nature of the business that you are trying to conduct. All of your company resources and personnel must possess – and apply themselves collectively to – an uninterrupted but smooth system that provides a comprehensive degree of control and access to the compiled histories and information you have on all the items you have ever sold. The item prices, sales trends, price changes, and much more must be accessible to all who need it.

Few software packages offer the details described above for both your inventory and accounting needs.

SIMMS Inventory Management software provides everything – in fact, many SIMMS users often remark that the software does much more than they need – that you need for complete mastery of this most vital business process.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to get SIMMS started to work for you.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is the process where a supplier manages the inventory levels and purchases of the materials he supplies. This process can be very low tech, such as an office supplies supplier or maintenance supplies supplier coming into your facility once per week to visually check stock levels and place a re-supply order, or high tech, such as an electronic component supplier having remote access to your inventory management and MRP system and producing and automatically shipping to meet your production schedule. Vendor-managed inventory can enables the vendor to better manage his inventory through higher visibility to the supply chain and lower the internal expenses associated with your planning and procuring of materials. Vendor-managed inventory may be owned by the customer or the vendor (consignment inventory).

VMI can succeed if detailed concentration is made in the following areas:

Information Sharing – If the supplier and customer can agree to share information vital to restocking in a timely manner, then the odds of a synchronized system will dramatically improve. Proprietary information would not have to be shared between the supplier and customer, but enough information to maintain a steady flow of goods is necessary. The customer should be willing to share production schedules and/or forecasts to provide some visibility for the supplier.

    Planned Expectations – There needs to be thorough discussion about how the system will benefit both partners in the long term or one of the parties, especially suppliers, who can be victims to disappointment with some of the short-term results. If these items are not addressed the program will likely end soon with neither partner gaining any of the advantages expected from the enterprise. The goal is precise and permanent communication between the supplier and customer. When the two parties work together, and both commit to the plans, the y can be assured that the planning function, for both sides, will begin to smooth over time.

  Open Communications – When you proceed with the ‘partnership’ of starting a VMI program, both parties need to discuss their goals and decide how they need to proceed in order to realize them. Once underway, the VMI partners need to acknowledge that there are going to be some hiccups and backfires. These need to be analyzed in order to aid in planning and improvement for a growing system that is fluid enough to prevent recurrences of the backfires while remaining open and nimble to incorporate new technologies and ideas.

Windows Mobile and SIMMS 2013


SIMMS Data Collectors solution uses most Windows Mobile Software Solution is compatible with almost any Windows Mobile 5 or newer devices and offers a batch or wireless-based inventory software management.

SIMMS’ Barcode Module, operating on the SIMMS Windows Mobile Module, streamlines your entire business process by matching the right hardware to the software, and automates the essential functions of your organization to optimize user time. Quick to connect, the data collectors can easily access customer and vendor data to track your fixed assets and stockroom inventory, to complete physical count adjustments, and receive purchase orders and issue sales orders using remote connections.

Physical Counts
At the end of each year, if not more frequently, you initiate an inventory physical count of your department, branch, warehouse, office or storeroom. If you utilize distributors, each of your sales partners does the same, often calling in your staff to help with this overwhelming, time-consuming, tedious task.

To smooth this process, many companies have spent tens of thousands of dollars on hardware, software and often additional programming to enable them the ability to scan barcodes containing their items’ UPC or other stock-keeping unit (SKU) codes to synch the numbers with the inventory management and accounting systems.

Process All Transactions
You can easily complete invoices, receipts of goods, inventory transfers and physical count adjustments. Employees simply scan codes on the orders and the data is passed to SIMMS immediately if wireless live mode is enabled. In batch mode, all data on the Windows Mobile device is synchronized with the SIMMS system in just minutes.

With the SIMMS Windows Mobile Program, you have the flexibility to choose your hardware and your budget.

SIMMS makes it simple…
SIMMS’ Windows Mobile Program is an additional module sold and designed to work seamlessly with the already powerful SIMMS Inventory Management software. It is a remote data collecting software solution that connects quickly with customer and vendor data, tracks your fixed assets, stockroom inventory, completes physical count adjustments, receives and issues items remotely and effortlessly without the usual massive expense.

SIMMS Windows Mobile Module advantages:

          Collect data instantly – Warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record barcoded items with a scanner connected to a lightweight, completely portable hand-held computer (HHC) with Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003 SE. An array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way—not only inventory counts, but also quantities, item numbers and lot/serial numbers of goods invoiced or received.

          Eliminate costly time-consuming manual data entry. Import data from the HHC into your SIMMS system in batch mode or live at the moment of entry.

          Free yourself from your desk – You are free to walk around your warehouse and process invoices, receipts of goods, physical count adjustments and add new inventory items on-the-fly.

          The flexibility to choose the hardware you want (as long as it has Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003 SE) gives you the solution you need at a budget you can afford.

Windows Mobile sets you free…
SIMMS’ Windows Mobile Program works on Windows Mobile-based devices (smart phones, data collectors and even Pocket PC 2003 or newer devices) to help you save time and eliminate human error in tallying product totals. Transactions are completed as you walk through your warehouse and process inventory physical counts on-the-fly by transmitting the data directly into SIMMS Inventory Management software (either in batch mode uploads or live via wireless LAN/WAN). Unlike straight barcode scanners, Windows Mobile devices with barcode attachments (if required) cost quite a bit less than competing solutions.

For more information on SIMMS, SIMMS Mobile or any of your inventory or accounting needs, email sales@kcsi.ca today.


Tracking Your Stock


Tracking your inventory items has never been easier than with SIMMS Inventory Management software. Common miscellaneous items and charges like travel time, labor, repairs, service fees, storage costs and surcharges, etc. are easily created and accurately recorded in a robust suite of features. With such precision of item definition available — numerous prices per item, lot tracking, inventory valuation methods, SKU tracking, expiration date tracking, and much more — complete accuracy is the result.

Enhanced by powerful kitting (BOM) features, project management tools, newest barcode technology and other advantages, SIMMS lets you analyze inventory turnover, flow-through and rotation, and handles all of your accounting needs as well.

To learn more about how SIMMS can improve and streamline your inventory requirements, contact KCSI today.