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Accounting with SIMMS 2015


SIMMS 2015’s Accounting Software solution is the smart solution for organizations looking to replace a stand-alone Accounting program with a comprehensive business management solution with built-in integrated accounting functionality. SIMM

SIMMS’ Accounting is particularly structured for medium- to large-sized mid-market businesses with 10 to 1,000+ personnel. It contains advanced financial management, which serves as the core for the entire suite of applications.

Beyond the solution’s central accounting functionality, SIMMS 2015 also includes advanced budgeting, advanced allocations, multi-currency management, currency trader management, advanced banking, budgeting, fixed asset management and cash management capabilities. It’s all you’ll need for accounting – and more.

• Accounts Payable: Our SIMMS Accounts Payable module provides a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures.

• Accounts Receivable: The SIMMS Accounts Receivable Module tracks receivables, plans cash flow and provides extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future.

• Banking: With SIMMS you can edit and add credit card and bank accounts, and easily enter deposits, transfer funds, enter cash, cheque or credit card transactions as well as reconciling cash and credit cards via bank reconciliation.

• Budgets: Maintain and enforce budgets with ease and transfer budget amounts from one account to another.

• Financial Reporting: SIMMS offers virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities.

• Flexible Chart of Account Structure: Create account structure to fit your business needs using up to 30 characters and 10 segments.

• General Ledger: The SIMMS General Ledger module has many powerful features to help you efficiently manage your accounting.

• Multi-Currency: Process payments and invoices in multiple currencies.

• Sales Commissions: Calculating sales commissions due has never been easier. SIMMS can auto-calculate commissions based on either the AR receivable or the Transactional method.

For more information on how SIMMS 2015 can provide for your accounting needs, click here

Credit Limits in SIMMS 2015

simms_creditlimitCredit Limits
In SIMMS 2015, you can easily apply a credit limit to a customer. If a customer’s invoice total is greater than their credit limit, the customer must pay the difference or you must override the credit limit for the transaction.

Enter a Customer’s Credit Limit
1. In the Customer Manager, click the Advanced tab.

2. Under Credit Limit, choose one of the following options:
a) Unlimited
b) Maximum

3. If you choose Maximum, in the adjacent box, type the maximum dollar amount of credit for the customer.

Override a Customer’s Credit Limit
You can override a customer’s credit limit for a transaction. To do this you must be assigned the job role of Sales Manager. Only sales managers can override a customer’s credit limit. Job roles are assigned in the User Manager.

You may need to enter your username and password to override a customer’s credit limit. This is only required if you are not the user logged into SIMMS.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

Magic Cure All!


Need a cure all for all your business, accounting and inventory problems? Try SIMMS!

With SIMMS you get the following:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Export files at tax time – or at any time – for your accounting team.
    • Track both your expenses and income and expenses, and pull any and all of your data into financial reports and analytical graphs any time.
  • Customer Management
    Your contact management is simple, straightforward and easy to master. Your contacts, their expenses, invoices, order forms and much more remain at your fingertips the whole time.
  • Stock Management
    Manage your stock easily and gain insight about your sales. Moreover:

    • Add new items and manage older stock with equal speed and ease.
    • Integrate your online stock with warehoused inventory immediately.
  • Versatile Reporting
    You can easily see what items are selling, what ones are not, and view your sales by location, by channel, by regions, and more.
  • Unlimited Number of Users
    Assistants, intern, managers, sales staff and business partner can all access what they need and have levels of access appropriate to their roles on your company’s processes.

Keeping Up With the System


There was a cage with several apes in it. In the cage there was a banana hung on a string, and stairs under it. Before long an ape went to the stairs to get the banana, but as soon as it even touched the stairs, all apes were sprayed with water. After a while the same ape or another one made another attempt, with the same result: all apes are sprayed. If later another ape tries to climb the stairs, the others will try to prevent it.

They took one ape from the cage and put in a new one. The new ape saw the banana, and wanted to climb the stairs. To his horror all other apes attacked him. After another attempt he knew: if he wanted to climb the stairs, he would be beaten up. Then they removed a second ape and replaced it by another new one. The newcomer went to the stairs and got beaten up. The previous new ape took part in the punishment with enthusiasm. A third old ape was replaced by a third new one. The new one made it to the stairs and got beaten up as well. Two of the apes who beat him have no idea why they may not climb the stairs. They replace the fourth old ape, and the fifth, etc. until all apes which have been sprayed with water have been replaced. Nevertheless, no ape ever tries to climb the stairs.

One day a new, young ape asks, “But Sir, why not?”

“Because that’s the way we do things around here, my boy.”

If you seek a system for your business accounting and inventory that grows into a newer and better system every time you use it, try SIMMS Inventory Management software. Contact sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

SIMMS 2013’s Accounts Receivables


With SIMMS 2013, the vast variety of Accounts Receivable details are made easier. Tracking customer credit lines and past conversations means you’re in control of your receivables and your customers know it. SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable module reflects your company’s internal policies and reporting practices because you design all the operating characteristics, including parameter controls, aging periods and transaction codes. Your Accounts Receivable ‘picture’ should represent money in the bank.

SIMMS software supplies quantitative data and versatile reporting to allow the tracking of cash flow and receivables to ultimately provide information needed to make improvements and decisions. SIMMS Accounts Receivable module permits the addition of new clients and their codes in real time, the process of billing and payment receipts in alternate currencies, management of numerous bank accounts and printing of statements and batch invoices.

A comprehensive module, SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable also integrates with the General Ledger and the rest of the SIMMS Software suite of modules, enabling you to easily handle the following:

Batch Invoice Printing
Easily select a batch of customers along with various other options and process batch invoicing as you required.

Cash Receipts Processing
Automatically apply cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. This allows you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against General Ledger accounts and process any pre-payments against invoices not yet recorded.

Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts
Posting of credit card payments can be done with ease in SIMMS with the 3rd party plugin to Synapse Gateway *Synapse account required*

Invoice Entry
Automatically calculate due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts, and commission amounts for invoice entries. Enter unlimited sales codes, miscellaneous charges, and add comment lines for each invoice in an easy-to-use grid-based Entry window.

Invoice History Printing
Print history invoices for customer numbers, invoice numbers and invoice dates. Re-print Accounts Receivable invoices separately or invoices from the drill-down window in Invoice History.

Manual Cheque Entry
Write ‘on-the-fly’ cheques with little effort, enabling the repayment of your customers’ back credits when such requirements arise.

Memos can be assigned to specific customers. Attachments can be viewed and converted to customer alerts in a snap.

Multiple Credit Cards
Store multiple credit cards per customer, including cardholder name and billing address. Storing this information for each credit card allows you to take advantage of the AVS (Address Verification Service). International Address Capability Customer master files include multiple address lines to handle international numbers, country codes, international postal codes, and a field for expanded telephone numbers.

Payment Processing
SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable module allows you to process payments for customers, enabling them to pay in any currency by cash, cheque, credit card or by applying existing credits on the Easy Payment window.

Statement Printing
Print statements for a billing cycle, either monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for either one customer or multiple customers.

For more information on SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable features, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

SIMMS 2013’s General Ledger


SIMMS 2013’s General Ledger has many enriched features such as flexible accounting periods, maintenance of non-financial information, a comprehensive search criteria, allocation entries, and view information as graphs and bar charts. When your business relies on accurate and timely general ledger and accounting data, your obvious choice is SIMMS 2013 Inventory/Accounting software.

The maintenance of multiple departments or companies using various currencies and tax regimes is simplicity itself. Fully integrated to the rest of the feature-rich SIMMS system, General Ledger not only collects all data, but also allows you to view it in any form you would like. Multi-currency transactions are kept easy and immediate through SIMMS’ use of a central currency table.

With the versatility of SIMMS 2013’s General Ledger you can:

• Add and edit credit card and bank accounts

• Add new divisions or companies with speed and ease

Complete complex General Ledger tasks while being fully integrated with all of SIMMS 2013, providing comprehensive company management with vital insights

• Conduct Branch Management and Multi-Company smoothly

• Conduct unlimited financial reporting, using financial statements and supporting schedules to help you make vital decisions

• Create budgets by account or by entity (annually or by period)

• Design financial statements into your preferred formats

Enforce and maintain General Ledger budgets including the transfer of budget sums between accounts

• Employ simplified departmental/divisional income statements and standardized report formats

• Enjoy a flexible Chart of Accounts structure, suited specifically to your business needs with up to thirty characters and ten segments, or, select one from over a dozen industry-specific structures

• Enter deposits and cash/cheque/credit card transactions

• Organize default distribution of periodic entries

• Transfer funds at any time

• Reconcile cash/checking/credit cards easily with complete accuracy

• Recreate the distribution of any entry

• Retain data permanently from the very first day

• Select and summarize data for any specific General Ledger account

• Summarize accounts by category across multiple companies or divisions

For your varied and complex General Ledger requirements, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to learn more about how SIMMS can suit your company.

Managing Bulk Inventory with SIMMS


Everyone’s bulk stock inventory is unique. It can expand and contract with changes in temperature. It is bought and sold in a variety of measurements. Over time, its molecular composition can change. And, when products are blended, one plus one doesn’t necessarily equal two. That is why controlling the storage, measurement, and movement of bulk inventory is a complex supply chain issue. You need a solution that can effectively manage high-volume bulk inventory transactions — from original purchase through blending, storage, packaging, and sale.

You automatically correct for the impact of changes to the system conversion to standard volume based on product- and industry-specific algorithms for both domestic and international markets. You tailor flexible reporting options to convert industry-standard quantities to a company standard you define for financial and regulatory reporting.

SIMMS provides you with flexible reconciliation capabilities to pinpoint inventory gains and losses  before they become significant. Inventory management tools enable you to adjust those levels and automatically record the resulting data in the inventory and financial accounts you designate. And, because SIMMS 2013 is a comprehensive system that integrates with sales, purchasing, and business financials applications, you can improve customer service along with your inventory accounting.

For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!

Crucial Accounting Formulas


For any business that handles goods for sale, the following formulas are crucial to maintaining proper business standards:

• Average cost =       Total cost of units    
Number of units bought

• Break-even volume =                             Fixed Costs              
Sales price – Variable cost per unit

• Closing stock = opening stock + purchases ? sales

• Cost of products (goods) sold = opening stock + net purchases ? closing stock

• Gross profit = sales revenue ? cost of units sold

• Reorder level = lead time demand ? stock on order

• Value of stock = number of units in stock × unit value

SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management software helps business owners of all sizes keep on top of their inventory and its accuracy for the benefit of their company.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today for more information on how SIMMS 2013 can help you.

The Importance of Managing Inventory


The importance of proper inventory management is one of the most misunderstood and crucial needs of any business. Rarely has so much value existed in one place like it has when it comes to stock for sale. Hundreds – possibly tens of thousands, or even more – units of capital is invested in items that must be sold before the capital (plus a margin of profit) is realized for the company. No matter the industry, market, type of items, or the demands involved in the receipt and storage and issue of your particular goods (produced in-house, assembled in-house, or just given a place in-house to be displayed and promoted) the sale of items and/or their related services quite honestly define whether your company merely survives or ultimately thrives.

Monitoring of the quantities you have, as well as the quantities you are going to need, must be accurate while at the same time not be intrusive on the fluid nature of the business that you are trying to conduct. All of your company resources and personnel must possess – and apply themselves collectively to – an uninterrupted but smooth system that provides a comprehensive degree of control and access to the compiled histories and information you have on all the items you have ever sold. The item prices, sales trends, price changes, and much more must be accessible to all who need it.

Few software packages offer the details described above for both your inventory and accounting needs.

SIMMS Inventory Management software provides everything – in fact, many SIMMS users often remark that the software does much more than they need – that you need for complete mastery of this most vital business process.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to get SIMMS started to work for you.

SIMMS’ Retail Point-Of-Sale

Easy to Install and Operate:
The SIMMS Point of Sale advantage:
Simplicity and Speed.
Finally, a Retail Point of Sale Solution to Get Excited About Nationwide Installation:
Coast-to-Coast, there are no POS system installations too big or too small.
Customization, Services and Enhancements:
They won’t…we will.
Reseller Inquiries:
Represent the leader in
POS software…
Unique Point of Sale Software Features:
View some of the unique features that separate SIMMS POS from the rest of the packages currently on the market.
Quick Books® Ready: Export your data to QuickBooks right from SIMMS POS software.

For more information on the POS software that can make your business more profitable and more easy to operate, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.