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The SIMMS Hosted Solution


Many businesses have switched to Hosted Inventory Systems (cloud computing). Hosting provides access to what otherwise would be expensive software and even more expensive hardware expenses required to host the software locally. With SIMMS Online, y\what would normally be additional overhead will suddenly

The advantages of SIMMS Hosted are:

Data Security
IT systems need to be maintained and updated constantly. If this is not done, your data security can suffer. Software to manage your security is costly and requires expensive upgrades of its own.

SIMMS Online uses Citrix because of its inherent and trustworthy security and its maximization of bandwidth (making your connection more stable). When you connect to our servers, your data is perfectly secure.

If a sudden up-turn in your business occurs, you will probably need new hardware, additional (and more dedicated) internet connections and possibly a cast of IT professionals to implement and manage it all for you. Besides the costs, expansion will consume another valuable commodity: time.

With SIMMS Online all you have to do is increase your user count. You can add new users instantly.

Reduction of IT Costs
Hardware, server software and networking will continue to be tedious and complicated as new protocols and processes become standardized every year. As businesses grow they all hit a juncture where their IT infrastructure costs begin to soar.

With the Hosted option, if a server blows up then it is our problem. We take care of backups, service packs and upgrades, thus eliminating your need for in-house IT personnel.

Saving Money
Hosted services allow small and mid-size companies to have access to an IT infrastructure that they normally could not afford. Hardware, bandwidth and networking are hidden costs that all mount up.

Our Hosted services give you access to high caliber hardware and software that is usually out of the price range for smaller companies. As your users access our hosted system there is no need to purchase an expensive server and server software. You can use your existing hardware as workstations and your existing internet connections to connect.

Versatility of Platform
While SIMMS runs on Windows with Citrix, your MAC computers work perfectly to connect to our Hosted service. As SIMMS continues to evolve, it will incorporate more capability of connection with other machines using more platforms.

The Hosted version of SIMMS can benefit you for the reasons listed above and many more. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

Time, Accuracy and Turnover: The Three Goals of Inventory Management

A comprehensive inventory and accounting solution need not break your bank account — in fact, good ones help you profit in numerous ways. One criterion is time — doing the least hands-on interaction puts growth of the business and revenues at the forefront of your day-to-day duties. SIMMS Inventory Management software helps you optimize your manpower investments on the tasks of customer satisfaction while demanding very little time to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s.

In concert with time comes accuracy — exactly what you need in the exact location you need it when the customer calls. SIMMS’ multi-location tracking features ensure that customers get the goods they need no matter which location they contact or visit. Rates of consumption, knowledge of levels of stock replenishment and the foresight to know what items are always required comes to every user of SIMMS easily and quickly due to its robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

The third profit requirement of inventory is turnover — turning the stock you purchase back into an increased cash flow as soon as possible. Whether you process large orders or small, or deliver items across a counter locally or ship them internationally, the physical movement of stock is vital to the success of your business. These many orders have to flow efficiently and smoothly, and the versatility of SIMMS is at your command to help you achieve your goals. Clean and quick, easy but precise, SIMMS Inventory Management software is affordable, clean, quick, easy and precise enabling you to break the bank but not break your bank account. Contact us at www.kornyk.com to learn more and run a trial version today.