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Goin’ Mobile

In the modern electronic world, a powerful barcoding solution will streamline your entire business process. SIMMS Inventory Management software offers customers a kitted total inventory control solution by combining software with the appropriate hardware for your application. With the SIMMS Windows Mobile module, you can automate the essential functions of your organization to maximize your staff’s time. Connect quickly with vendors’ and customers’ information, receive purchase orders and issue sales orders, track fixed assets, stockroom inventory, make physical count adjustments, all easily and remotely. Contact KCSI today to learn more about your first steps toward electronic ease and accuracy.

Bar Code Printing with SIMMS Inventory Software

Bar coding is one of the most essential aspects of inventory control.  SIMMS Inventory Management Software aids businesses in all their bar coding needs, from thermal and dot matrix bar code printers to 2D bar code printers and 2D data collectors, SIMMS Inventory Software helps you make the business decisions when it comes to your bar coding needs.

SIMMS offers bar coding hardware and customized bar coding solutions.  SIMMS bar code module will increase your efficiency while lowering costs all the while making your inventory control more accurate.  SIMMS offers the most sophisticated barcode, label-making module in the industry. Whether it is bar code labels to be printed for one specific serialized item or for entire categories, SIMMS is compatible with plain laser printers, specialized dot matrix printers and thermal bar code printers.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software provides all types of businesses with all of their bar coding needs…here is the SIMMS advanatge:

  • easily print serialized barcodes from our easy to use barcode interface
  • printing barcodes to include your items manufacturer lot numbers is a snap in the barcode manager
  • Easily print Apparel item barcodes for every item on a receipt of goods on-the-fly
  • printing apparel item tags can be accomplished very easily from within the barcode manager
  • printing barcodes for all items from a receipt of goods is as easy as 1-2-3
  • print barcodes for an entire category of items with the press of a button in the barcode manager
  • we support several barcode formats, and you can easily export your labels to an external crystal report for easy adjustments and layout changes.
  • printing location barcoded labels can be completed with ease eithor by adding one location at a time to the barcode printing wizard or all locations in your system. Location lables enable you the capabilities of scanning your location codes during your transactions or on the warehouse floor using a handheld data collector make inventory management much easier by eliminating the possiblility of user error.
  • 2D barcoding is here to stay. yes that is fact. Well never fear we can handle that requirement as well, you have the abilitiy to select what information should be included in your 2D barcode for example, (item number, item description, upc code, qty, mfg lot and much more), you can also set the 2D barcode escape code parameters using the advanced barcode printer setup .

Get your free SIMMS Software demo today and see the SIMMS difference for yourself.