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Track Your Gear with SIMMS

Working in conjunction with SIMMS Online, SIMMS’ Tool Crib software allows workers to check out and return tools and equipment using a simple-to-use web-based application and barcode reader.

Workers scan their ID Card badge to start the process and then scan the item barcode and/or item serial number of the item(s) they are using. The worker next confirms that the list matches their inventory and proceeds to then chooses whether they are checking out or returning inventory. Each and every time that item is “checked out” or “checked in” the transactions are recorded in your system, time-stamped, attributed to the user allowing you to see who performed the transactions, when and why.

With Tool Crib, you can:

• Enhance chain-of-custody tracking

• Increase visibility of tools and equipment status and location

• Improve productivity and employee efficiency by allowing tool crib attendants to focus on more important tasks

• Read multiple tool tags per transaction resulting in faster transactions

• Reduced tool crib labor costs

Using a comprehensive tool, location, serial number and employee database, coupled with a simple and accurate bar code based transaction system, Tool Crib software tracks the issue and return of assets to employees and contractors, and the transfer of assets between various warehouse, job-site and tool room locations even fleet vehicles. You can easily manage your tool and equipment inventory using scanner and bar code technology, enabling workers to quickly get and return the tools they require with or without a tool crib attendant while still keeping the employee accountable for them.

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Barcoding with SIMMS 2016

In today’s world of quick commerce and cashless systems, item barcodes are encountered every day, whether established in-house for inventory tracking or used as an adjunct to point-of-sale equipment as Universal Product Codes (UPCs). Thick bars and thin, long and short, or two dimensional barcodes (2D) occur almost everywhere today in the business world.

Barcoding use in inventory tracking was pioneered by KCSI, and the Barcoding Module of SIMMS 2016 has been copied by many software companies out there, but the original remains the best.

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Printing the Codes

Barcode printing is one of the most important aspects of inventory control and our professionals can assist in the decision making process. From thermal and dot matrix barcode printers to sophisticated 2D barcode scanners and 2D data collectors, SIMMS Inventory Management software offers expert guidance, so you can make an educated decision and understand what options are available.
For over 20 years, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors have used barcode labeling to better manage their inventories, proving that a relatively simple, cost-effective system provides up-to-the-minute information on inventory status.
When integrated into an existing information system, barcoding allows you to track your merchandise and to conduct both full-scale inventories department-wide cycle counts. Inventory can be reconciled in a day instead of after weeks. And barcoding provides more accurate data while saving both time and costs.
If barcoding is one of your needs, contact KCSI today about SIMMS Barcoding software.