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Automobile Maintenance with SIMMS 2013


SIMMS 2013’s Automotive Maintenance module will help you manage your automotive repair shop easily and with precision. Create a quote for your customer, then create a work order based on the approved quote, on which SIMMS will include a detailed break down of jobs, labor and parts. Next, assign items to a work order. SIMMS will enter the item details for the item, and automatically calculates the cost of materials for the job.

You can track your inventory items with SIMMS’ powerful Item Manager. Use Reorder Point features to prevent running short of inventory items. Assign a technician to a work order, and SIMMS will immediately calculate the labor costs. Generate a technician worksheet that lists the jobs for each work order. After completion of the job, record recommendations for further work on the vehicle in the Contact Manager.

With SIMMS 2013 Automotive Maintenance, you can:

• Assign pre-defined jobs to work orders

• Assign technicians to specific work orders and specific jobs

• Control costs

• Create purchase orders easily

• Define up to twelve different price levels for an inventory item

• Enhance profits

• Enter work order comments

• Generate comprehensive reports, including work order and inventory reports

• Improve workflow

• Maintain a complete vehicle work history

• Maintain detailed contact information for customers, vendors and employees

• Manage your financial records within SIMMS Accounting

• Process payments through the Quick Payment window or through Accounts Receivable

• Prioritize work orders

• Record recommendations and receive automatic alerts when the recommendation is due

Your automobile maintenance concerns are all answered using SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management software. For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!

E-commerce with SIMMS 2013


Everyone knows that the hot word in e-commerce and any online store today is search engine.  SIMMS Inventory Management software allows your e-commerce website to be search engine friendly, which means more visits to your online store, which means more sales.  A few of the search engine features SIMMS E-commerce Software Solution offers:

  • EVERY product, category, and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)…
  • Static Product & Category Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in  your store.
  • Google XML Site Maps Supported: a direct Google search engine submission method sanctioned by Google
  • Yahoo! Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Yahoo! search engine submission method sanctioned by Yahoo
  • Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags
  • Here is how SIMMS E-commerce Software Solutions will benefit your online customers:Customer can view Order History
  • Customer has address book
  • Customer can easily re-order any prior order
  • Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer (similar to Amazon.com style checkout)
  • Recurring orders (e.g. for auto ship products, monthly subscription fees, monthly service type products, etc
  • Skip account creation on checkout

For more information on e-commerce, visit www.simmssoftware.com or e-mail sales@kcsi.ca for more e-commerce information of how SIMMS Inventory Management software can help you.

5-Stars Software Award for SIMMS Inventory Software


Soft32download.com‘s Software Evolution Team has awarded SIMMS Inventory Management software its “5 Stars Award” (5 stars out of 5), designating it as a high quality inventory software product.

Soft32download was impressed with cleanliness and ease of use of the software.

After testing SIMMS, which means the software is a Premium Software. Rich in features and robust in character, SIMMS makes the competition take notice due to its comprehensive mastery of both inventory and accounting requirements of all businesses, both large and small. With a quick ROI gained because of its reasonable costing levels, SIMMS makes every company’s processes better, and is backed by a support/training staff that is second to none.

To try out SIMMS 2013 yourself, please visit www.simmssoftware.com, or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

E-Commerce with SIMMS

There are numerous general features of SIMMS E-Commerce software, including:

  • Store management done through an Admin Control Panel on website
  • Provides complete web site solution, including shopping cart, content management, customer management, etc.
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited number of content/HTML (topic) pages

Product Categorization Features:

  • Unlimited number of categories and departments
  • Categories and departments can be fully nested to any level desired (such as sub-categories or sub-departments)
  • Supports cross-matrix of products by category and department, e.g. a product can be mapped to the shoe category, in the women’s department
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category or department
  • Use Paged browsing for categories and sections (this keeps the page sizes small, and optimizes the user experience)
  • Customers have the option to “view all” on any page
  • Category, department, and manufacturer “names” can be renamed (e.g. “brochures”, “products”, “auto parts”) or whatever you need that is appropriate for your unique store site products
  • Disable the Buy buttons for specific products
  • Set your site to Wholesale Only (where prices not shown to the general site customers)

SIMMS E-Commerce software contains full supports for all PayPal payment systems (PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout and regular PayPal).

Taking care of all of your shipping needs, it handles the shipping options such as:

  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Item Shipping Costs
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Percent of Order Total
  • Specify All Orders As Free Shipping
  • Real Time Rates (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS)

For more information on SIMMS E-Commerce, visit www.simmssoftware.com.

SIMMS 2012 and Industrial Inventory

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software applies to companies from a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, e-commerce, aerospace, apparel and many more.

To find out more, click on the following links for direct information how SIMMS can help you in your industry:


Aircraft, supersonic, defense, etc.


Apparel – Clothing, footwear, fashion, uniforms, etc.


Books & Periodicals – Books, newspapers, magazines, etc.


Contractors, job site managers, etc.


Musical instruments, stereos, etc.


Equipment & Tools – Machinery, hospital equipment, etc.


Home Improvement – Furnishings, building materials, etc.


Gifts – Toys, watch kiosks, jewelry, etc.


High Tech & Electronics
Computers, hardware, software, etc.


Industrial Equipment
Equipment, vehicles, manufacturers, etc.


Metal Fabrication
Foundries, metal fabrication, jewelry makers, etc.


Supply depots and maintenance for Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, etc.


Sporting Goods
Sports and recreational goods, etc.


Auto Parts
Accessories, repair, maintenance, etc.


Food & Beverage Services
Beer, wine, food


Health & Personal
Drugs, healthcare items, etc.


Process wood, metal, composites, etc.


Office Supplies
Office equipment, furniture, stationery, etc.


Consumer Electronics & Appliances – Radios,
Cameras, TVs, etc.


– Cargo, Freight forwarders, trucking, etc.


How to Make Your Branding Stamp in the Marketplace

Branding for your company can be established, grown, developed and improved. Through lax standards, however, your brand can suffer a sort of static existence that becomes easily ignored and forgotten about. Definitely one of the best ways is to engage in conversations that are going on by making regular posts and replying to direct messages from your customers.

Your brand must be either at the very front of your material, modestly and in a sly manner, or it should be boldly over everything you do. In terms of approach, you must be consistent, and bold enough to keep slogging away at the market with how your mousetrap is both different and better than everyone else’s. Regularly, you must check your brand’s existing reputation and make all immediate efforts to respond to it.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important approach, is to constantly emphasize and showcase your best work. Trust in your company and its product is invaluable, testimonials from customers, and listing the big-name businesses that work as partners and as clients, showing and enjoying the suggested class inherited by use of their logos. Any banners your company has gained are also great link points, interesting and entertaining points, services and deeds your firm has invested in the community – anything that will adds to your business’ appeal. Major accomplishments. Special dates in the growth and history of your company and timelines both from the past and toward the future.

All these improvements will increase your position, and can’t fail to gain you more potential clients and retain more of your current ones. If anyone thinks they are already part of something special, or could affiliate with something that special, all you need do is maintain your quality and you cannot fail.

Global Business: When Multi-Currencies Become Necessary

SIMMS' Multi-Currency Module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and the ability to process transactions in any currency provides your business with a global competitive edge. User-defined exchange rates, as well as full EMU accreditation, and the ability to override currencies and exchange rate definitions at the transaction level make SIMMS' Multi-Currency Module for a robust and practical solution for your multi-currency needs.