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SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency functionality to business of all sizes. Currencies from anywhere around the globe provide an edge over your competition. Unlimited currencies makes your accounting and sales details complete and easy, no matter where your vendors or customers are. Outstanding balances in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable can be both displayed and reported easily for all currencies in which you conduct business.

Processing payments is swift and efficient, and the ability to override default currencies for vendors, customers and/or items is complete. Full EMU accreditation is part of the process automatically. Different selling and buying rates are supported. Make easy updates to exchange rates as they fluctuate.

At the transaction level, changes can be adjusted or entered to keep the balances accurate and immediate. Checks can be printed in any currency to any individual checking accounts that users choose. Additionally, within a Point of Sale scenario, the user’s base currency or the customer’s base currency can be employed seamlessly at-the-moment of sale. The versatility of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module will make all these challenges simple to address at the time and will aid to the expansion of your business to anywhere in the world.

Cash Flow and Inventory

Water tap dripping dollar bills, Water waste concept

Cash that you have to spend before you can get paid is known as working capital. It is used for inventory and funding your operation. Many companies, if not most, borrow to support their short-term cash needs. If they do not manage cash well, they can run out and the bank may not be willing to lend more. One enormous drain on a company is inventory stock. Reduce inventory stock and you increase the amount of available cash for running your business. It takes cash to buy or build the inventory you are going to sell. If you have no cash, then you have no way to pay suppliers or to make payroll. This seemingly bottomless hole is something businesses must avoid.

Stock levels not only affect the flow of cash, but also affect profits. Each dollar gained in reducing inventory will lead to a dollar’s worth of working capital needed before you have to borrow needed funds from elsewhere. Borrowing less means lower interest rates that you have to pay as well. One might conclude – and quite accurately, too – that every dollar you reduce your stock holding by, two dollars in profit is made.

Demand must drive stock management with the goal being “dollar focus”. This goal is required in order for buyers and planners will make more effective choices and working first on the most important part numbers. The stock that brings the largest dollar counts must be watched closely so that adjustments can be made quickly.

Buyers’ and planners’ primary concerns are to manage stock dollars and then increase the “performance” of the inventory. Focal points are inventory dollars, order quantities and safety stocks – all of which must be in step with current demand. Whatever tools are used, businesses must master both their management of stock levels and operating capital.

Purchasers and policy planners need to decrease stock and increase the margin of cash for running the company. A useful reminder to business leaders is that far more businesses fail due to a lack of cash than from a lack of profits.

Mastering Time with SIMMS 2012

Work in any business needs goals for the the overall improvement of the company if the firm is to have a future. While taking daily steps to improve commerce in general, we need our tools to suit our tasks and provide us with more time to enjoy the work and achieve more. Such is true of our software packages. They need to provide us with instant information and must permit us to enter in all the relevant data to keep our records completely up-to-date.

Making work easy can be produced to some degree ergonomically, the main impact of our software must result from features and tools. If you make accurate inventory management a high priority for your business but don’t want to devote hours and hours to toward that goal, visit www.simmssoftware.com today and have a quick look at SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management solution to get the very tool you’ve been missing all this time to make work as enjoyable as play.

Accounting, stock management, scheduling, shipping, receiving, manufacturing, work projects, administration, customer and item tracking — SIMMS handles them all in a feature-rich, robust complete package that all departments of your company can use in tandem to keep you ahead of the competition. Email KCSI today for more information at sales@kcsi.ca.

Sales Commission Tracking with SIMMS

The flexibility of commissions for sales personnel allows for maximize returns on your stock promotions and lets you tailor incentives based on needs for products. First, you need an automated commission management system in your software. Second, commission groups will help you be pliable for commissions of different echelon of personnel. Third, all your implemented ad-models must be supported.

Custom commissions, such as CPA, CPM and CPC, with parallel hybrid commission tracking optimizes things in the long term because your sales people can generate quick results, as well as building to established revenue streams as time goes by. A large client base helps you avoid and drop-off in revenue when market fluctuations occur. Commission groups can be assigned to sales personnel in advance of any sales to grouped customers; these personnel only see the commission rates to which they alone have been assigned.

In SIMMS 2012, groups and items are easily factored into commissions. Customers’ purchase volume rates correspond to the purchase deals they have with your company and details such as royalties and maximum value schedules are smoothly implemented and easily monitored. Commissions can be created in percent-specific forms that include stock quantity ranges and/or item categories.

SIMMS 2012’s robust Commissions feature using both accuracy and versatility also permit the analysis of departmental and regional considerations. For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

Expand Your Business With Multi-Currency

SIMMS 2012’s Multi-Currency features provide robust and thorough multi-currency functions for companies both large and small. International currencies widen your business  around the world, which will help you gain an angle on your competitors. Adding more currencies to accounting programs can be a challenge as customer bases expand. But not for SIMMS, whose unlimited currencies make your accounting and sales details complete and easy, even if your customers are from a smaller and less well-known nation. Reports are quickly accessed and all Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable details are easily displayed for all of your business, new and old, both far and wide.

As you conduct your transactions, you can make changes, additions and adjustments with the ultimate result that you account balances remain current and accurate. You can print checks in any currency you need to all accounts used by your customers. If you use SIMMS’ Point of Sale module, any customer’s base currency or your company’s base currency are immediately fluid at the moment of sale with no delays whatsoever. The comprehensive features of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency, your financial concerns are minimized and your profits are maximized. Your business can therefore expand to any customer anywhere in the world.

Payment processes are accelerated and made easier, and you gain the options to override default currencies for your customers and your customers. An automatic advantage is that you gain full EMU accreditation, with an added bonus being that buying and selling rates are supported within SIMMS. You can also update exchange rates as they fluctuate each day, so that your commerce is standardized for the current market.

For more information on how SIMMS 2012 handles multi-currency, visit www.simmssoftware.com today, or email sales@kcsi.ca.

SIMMS Helps Fight Retail Crime

In today’s economic climate, retails stores are experiencing an old challenge at an alarmingly large rate. Theft at retail stores has undergone a dramatic increase in the last five years. The following video feature hosted by Brian Williams of MSNBC details this new risk to the survival of many of today’s merchants:


With these new and present challenges to profit margins and stock safety, businesses require cutting edge technology to help them know where all of their stock is at all times. SIMMS 2012 Inventory Software permits a quick and easy end-of-day running inventory so that your company will know the day-end totals, and thus also the opening counts for the next day.

Contact KCSI at sales@kcsi.ca for more information or check out more information on SIMMS 2012 software at www.simmssoftware.com.


SIMMS 2012: speed AND accuracy

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software features a practical feature for new users requiring top speed for processing both receipts of goods or a invoices: Quick Transactions. Users, when they first implement the SIMMS system, can create in the system their most-used vendor and most-used customer. If these two are the firms with which the company conducts the most business, and are the first vendor and customer, respectively, established in SIMMS, the Quick Receipt and Quick Issue window can be used.

In business, the need for speed and accuracy is tangible as workflow and vendor/customer satisfaction is a necessary concern, SIMMS can enable the separation of priorities, and keep the flow moving. By keeping transactions that have to be completedquickly and easily and as simple as possible, SIMMS users can put the minimum of time into using the system and focus their time on more pressing matters. More complex transactional requirements are also easily implemented so that time spent using SIMMS is as smooth and comprehensive as possible. For the most rapid processes, however, SIMMS’ Quick Transactions feature is yet another tool available to users of the program, which leads the market by inclusion of features that best suit the needs of business both large and small.

A quick purchase can be processed easily under Quick Receipt. Unlike on the normal Receipt of Goods window where the vendor must be selected and other vendor-related details need be to be selected or created, a Quick Receipt does not require these since, as the primary vendor, those details are already in the system. Simply open the window, choose the item(s) and relevant quantity then select the location into which the item(s) are to be received and then save the Receipt. Similarly on the sales side, the Quick Issue window allows a quick sale to the primary customer in the SIMMS system; the items, and the location from which they are pulled, are requested and then the transaction is saved.

To find out more about SIMMS Inventory Management software, visit the website at www.kornyk.com or e-mail us at sales@kcsi.ca.

E-Commerce Opens the Path to Increased Sales

Many businesses need to modernize to keep up with their projected goals for the future. One area that can create higher and steadier profits is to be able to deal directly with customers in the online marketplace. A webstore with a shopping cart can open your firm up to more than the success you have anticipated.

SIMMS 2012’s new web-based E-store application, StoreFront, is linked directly into your SIMMS 2012 information base, thus making your E-store truly live, with completed sales appearing in SIMMS as sales orders for pending sales. New customers instantly are created in SIMMS when they create their accounts in the E-store. Automatic credit limits can be implemented to allow in-store credit to be applied and/or credit card sales to take place (SIMMS currently interfaces with the Synapse Gateway payment system, and will add more payment systems very soon).

In short:

  • E-Store Managers can administrate through use of an easy control panel on web site
  • E-Store products are unlimited in number, and can be added into SIMMS and will appear in the E-store upon refreshes of the pages.
  • The page count for the E-store is also unlimited.
  • The entire E-store is complete and self-contained, with shopping cart, customer and content management all being quickly processed and controlled.
  • Shipping services of many standard types are handled easily and accurately.
  • Pricing of items can be reset by manager as needs arise.
  • Automated e-mails enable you to have confirmation of all orders placed and the item sales that have taken place. This enables easy checking of stock counts for accuracy and anticipation of future supplies you will need to re-stock.

The SIMMS 2012 E-commerce Solution makes your business work in the smoothest fashion while having all the behind-the-scenes muscles you’ve come to expect.

Imagine your company functioning more efficiently while at the same time costing you less. Now stop imagining and choose SIMMS 2012 E-commerce to make both things happen.

SIMMS 2012 Reveals Newest Inventory Features: Mobile Stock Management

SIMMS Mobile, new and improved, has been incorporated into KCSI’s flagship application: SIMMS 2012. Mobile inventory tracking and ordering has never been easier. Purchase orders, receipts of goods, stock counting and adjustments, sales orders, invoices, item transfers, and synchronization with your main inventory database all turn your mobile device into a magic wand.

SIMMS Mobile answers these ultra-modern demands by providing more practical windows for your ease and use in real-time, without the delays in viewing items in virtual locations to managing your stock items right before your eyes.

Each trip to the warehouse, delivery vehicle, and vendor/customer down the road as real and practical as possible. Your tomorrow-sized concerns become concerns no more, thanks to versatility and depth of design. Employing Microsoft’s SQL Server Compact 3.5, you gain the advantage of newer, crisper windows that are easily read and instantly useful to the operator of the wireless unit.

Contact KCSI to find out how your needs can be placed in your hands to command instantly with SIMMS Mobile.

Improved Your Banking Process with SIMMS

While other software packages require users to master complex accounting procedures and manually implement them, SIMMS has been created using the input of accountants, whose suggestions and focus on the most important information have contributed to the easy and practical steps included in the initial setup of SIMMS. This way, none of the most important settings are missed and none of the data requested during the setup is left as something confusing to the user. Addition of secondary data takes place during the secondary steps of setup, enabling SIMMS users to realize which information is the most important.

Using SIMMS Inventory Management software, you can reconcile credit card, cash, and checking information, manage bank accounts and deposits and transferal of funds smoothly and easily with SIMMS’ Banking features. Accounting requirements can be a challenge to those who are not trained accountants, but SIMMS makes those structured and necessary steps easy to create, edit and manage using intuitive and easy-to-understand windows.

Whether it is in the management of the user’s various accounts, or the tracking of balances due and payment history from customers or to vendors, their details are easily entered or amended within the program. This seamless combination of top-level stock management and leading-edge accounting practices make SIMMS’ Banking features THE choice for small to medium sized businesses everywhere.