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Commissions on Sales with SIMMS 2013

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With SIMMS 2013, on both a by-transaction basis and on an accounts receivable basis, users can create percent-specific commissions which feature categories of items, item quantity ranges and/or percentile groups. Once the commissions templates have been created, they can be applied to whichever agents/salesmen the user selects.

Items and their groups can be factored into the commissions. Commissions containing customers’ purchase volume rates correspond to their particular purchase deals with your company. Further, maximum value schedules and royalty payouts also are applicable easily in SIMMS’ Sales Commissions feature.

SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management Software includes a comprehensive Sales Commissions feature that makes this important process both easy to set up and reliable for its accuracy. Companies often wish to see how regional or departmental sales agents have contributed to the revenue of the last campaign or sales period. Accounting departments need the access and tracking of the amount of commissions owed to the staff. Both requirements are answered easily by SIMMS.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today for more sales commission information.

SIMMS 2012’s Sales Commissions

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software features a robust Sales Commissions module that keeps track of your sales staff’s share of the net profits made through retail or wholesale revenue. The module is simple to implement and allows you to track and monitor this important process that relies on thew utmost accuracy.

Businesses can have their departmental managers and accountants provided with the amounts owed to the various sales agents within the company. Access to this particular and specialist information is limited to those personnel whose security settings meet the correct criteria. Both requirements are handled easily by SIMMS.

Groupings can be applied to clusters of items within sales commissions. Commissions can also contain the purchase volume rates that your company has, correspondingly, with particular customers — the “deals” you’ve set up to sell your products are pulled directly into the commissions accurately and completely.  In addition, both royalty payouts and schedules for maximum value can be applied to each specific sales agent.

Whether the commissions are to be tracked on an Accounts Receivables basis or by each single transaction, you have the capability to apply percent-specific commissions which can also include item quantity ranges, categories of items, and/or groups created for different echelons of commissions (starting sales personnel, sales team leaders, foreign sales personnel, wholesalers, and so on). Once the commissions templates have been created, they can be applied to whichever agents that the managers or department heads want.

The feature-rich Sales Commissions module is linked accurately with SIMMS 2012’s accounting foundations for the most precise results you will find available in any other inventory management solution. For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca.

When We All Make Money…

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including incentive management to help companies better manage vendor negotiations, commissions, discounts and incentive plans. When all sections of the puzzle from suppliers to customers to sales personnel to business administrators are all on the same virtual page and all have something to gain, then a mutual system is of benefit to all involved. Let SIMMS Inventory Management software solution help you to gain a better foothold with each deal so that your customer base is happy and coming back to you, and not moving on to someone else.