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Shipping Concerns Solved with SIMMS


While your business strives to keep your customers happy, trying to make up for delayed shipments can be a daunting task. In most cases, your product — developed, marketed and produced with such care — is already out of your hands before you’re aware that delays have occurred. The disappointment of your package arriving late can put a serious dent in your customer’s satisfaction, no matter how much he or she loves your product. Most often, however, shipping delays can be avoided before your package goes out the door. Some common reasons for delays are as follows:


Shippers are responsible for a lot of the important communications that make your outgoing and incoming cargo arrive on time, but incoming shipments must also be acknowledged in a good system, and such vital information needs to be shared throughout the system.

Documentation Mistakes

Incorrect bills of lading or other documentation can lead to customs holds , over- or under-billing, payment delays and surcharges. Data entry is the most common root cause of errors, with missing data being the second significant cause. Every word of your customer’s shipping information must be correct, and it takes a reliable system to reproduce accurate shipping labels.

Management of Delays

Not all delays can be prevented but they can be minimized through sound management. The most important step in managing a delay is knowing about it immediately. Automated proactive notifications will alert you of any of the issues about your shipments with notifications being circulated upon final delivery.

Systemic Delays

As soon as your system becomes automatic enough to function without constant monitoring, inefficiencies can still develop. Your system must allow for adjustments as they are needed. You must always ask the question ‘What causes the slowdowns and stops, and how can they be minimized?’ Observe your system, then play around with it. Poorly-timed picking or idle order assembly and all other problems can be improved to guarantee that all of your packages make it to the truck on time.

Your focus on accuracy, communications and efficiency will help you decrease the number of your shipping delays while also being fluid enough to manage those that do occur to minimize the damage. Unpredictable developments such as snow and freezing rain can do a great deal to confuse and delay shipments from your business to your customers.

With SIMMS Inventory Management software you can record any truck or container as a location unto itself so that you can always know its exact whereabouts until it arrives at its destination. Sophisticated tools and note fields encourage the precision that you require, and will breed confidence amongst both your clients and sales personnel.

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