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A Brilliant Partnership: SIMMS and CRMUnleashed

SIMMS Inventory Management software continues to lead by not only supplying its users with cutting-edge inventory management and reliable and standard accounting features, but also works hand in hand with CRMunleashed, an open-architecture customer resource management solution. As times change, and all businesses move from a face-to-face retail storefront to a modern, paperless service system dealing with other firms in the growing global economy, managers and owners need the most versatile software to keep ahead of their competition.

SIMMS working hand-in-hand with CRM leads to quick and accurate data, customer details and needs at the forefront of their business image, and the high tech capabilities to handle it all. Not all things modern need be complex and confusing. SIMMS is designed and developed to be feature-rich and easy-to-use. It grows thanks in great part to its users’ input regarding what they need.

Businesses that buy software that “is what it is” right out of the box while showing no signs of growing and changing with the times and technologies is bound, in the not too distant future, to very soon not be good enough anymore. There is no need to suffer such loss in growth if users buy something that remains forever new, that grows every year with added features and which embraces new ideas. SIMMS and CRMunleashed continue together to provide your business with everything you need today and will expand to supply what you need tomorrow.