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Contact Management with SIMMS


From amongst the many tools available in SIMMS 2013’s Contact Management suite, you can:

Assign a Default General Ledger account to a contact

Assign Location Codes to contacts

Assign Payment Terms in addition to early payment discounts and late payment interest rates

Configure Contacts – unlimited in number (as required) for each customer, manufacturer or vendor that you have

Currency Manager [requires Multi-Currency module] – Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provide you with a global competitive edge

Customer Tracking – Contact Information and history is a high priority with SIMMS Inventory Software. Keep track of a contact’s name, address and phone number, e-mail address, web addresses, tax codes, price schedules, contact names, comments, locations, default currency, sales and purchase history, and other bits of important information in the contact file.

Customer Transaction drill down – Review and drill down to the details of your customer transactions right from your contact detail window this includes invoices, sales orders and quotes associated with the selected customer, you can also process payments for your customer invoices right from your customer detail window

Dedicate one of your Sales/Purchasing Agents to a customer

Define Credit Limits for each spearate customer

Define your own Unique Contact Types (e.g. vendor, distributor, wholesaler, etc.

Set Price Levels – Assign up to 12 unique price levels to each item, and then assign a price level to each customer

Tax Codes and Schedules – If you’re selling into different States or Counties, you may have to collect the taxes and pass them onto the correct authorities. SIMMS will let you setup a series of tax codes and schedules for each area and then let you attach a customer or invoice to that area so that you can charge the correct sales tax rate

User-Defined fields – Available for your unique requirements, including 4 text fields, 2 combo box fields and 2 date fields

Vendor Transaction drill down – Review and drill down to the details of your Vendor transactions right from your contact detail window this includes purchase orders and receipts of goods associated with the selected vendor, you can also process payments for your receipts of goods right from your vendor detail window

SIMMS 2013’s versatile contact management features provide you with masterful control and immediate access to all the tools you need to keep your contacts at your fingertips. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to learn more.

Customer Resource Management

With KCSI’s CRMUnleashed software, you can create and track your customer base and all transactions and communications between their company and yours.

In CRMUnleashed, we make it easy to list cases in an easy and flexible manner. To view the Case List window, proceed to the Customer Service menu Case List option.There are several options available that change the results and the way they are displayed.

Result Sorting – By clicking the table headers you can resort your results based on the header you clicked on.

To open a case listed in the results, just click the case number of the case.

In the simple and easy interface, you can track all communications, add notes, file documents and images, with speed and ease. Logging of phone and mail communications take only moments and provide a comprehensive, indexed and centralized customer service resource.

To learn more, visit www.crmunleashed.com or email sales@kcsi.ca.