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Effects of Downtime on Business


IT failures are odd, but they have become an accepted, virtually expected, aspect of enterprise life. Despite advances in infrastructure robustness, many IT organizations still face database, hardware, and software downtime, lasting short periods to shutting down the business for days. Industries with the highest rate of revenue loss during IT downtime are energy, financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications.

After downtime occurs, remedial actions are often used to repair the damage. For example, employees might work overtime (at overtime rates, remember) or you might require temporary staff to recover lost data and enter the back-stack of accumulated paper transactions. Further, if customer satisfaction was damaged by the wait/breakdown, some costly special marketing program might be required to win back the disappointed customers.

Today’s competitive business world requires that every aspect of the business is up and running and not suffering from down-time. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, you’re almost instantly online, so that service and billing can begin. Unlike systems that are cobbled together from sparse and unrelated pieces, SIMMS has already patched together multiple technology and work management systems to coordinate its installation, meaning that not only is each user up and running correctly, but also that their billing system is equally current.

To find out more about this quick-and-easy system and its benefits, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

Stock Counts Needed in Future


Anticipation inventory is inventory held or stacked by a firm to meet unexpected need or demand for a product that cannot be satisfied by the current production team. In other words, if the production unit suddenly goes on a strike, finished goods will not roll out of the factory. In such circumstances, the company’s sales might get affected. However, a proactive firm with an anticipation inventory would be able to meet such unlikely crisis and ensure that the sales do not get affected. Anticipation inventory is only a temporary solution and can meet the sales demands until the inventory units get exhausted.

Often the purchase of stock items may seem to require some sort of clairvoyance to know the quantities that customers will want. SIMMS Inventory Management software will enable users to set up blocks of time — known as stages — during which such transitive items can be bought in advance of the systematic ‘rushes’ that occur throughout a financial quarter or term. Analytical reports on usage and inventory turnover can help the pattern be spotted long before the rush comes.

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Fontanaarte Posts Testimonial about KCSI


“When we first started our company we were working from Excel spreadsheets and growing quickly.  We found ourselves in need of an fulfillment program capable of managing quotes, invoicing and inventory that could be used by all levels of employees including customer service, sales and warehouse management.  We researched many programs and found that most were either to basic or just way more than we needed.  What we loved about SIMMS is that it was extremely user-friendly, had great templates, custom capabilities and still was economical.  This is a very hard combo to find.  Finally, one of the most important parts of every company is the customer service.  This company offers personal assistance no matter what size company you are.  They have always treated us like one of their most important customers.  For me this puts them levels above most out there.”

Daniel Monier, Fontanaartehttp://www.fontanaarte.com

Support for Your Clients

One of the best ways to provide support for your client base is to build upon the knowledge you have about who usually calls. Most often it’s the little things that your support representative provides that make all the difference. The personal things that are remembered about the fellow from the shipping department, the woman from the accounting office or “Charlie” in shipping. Perhaps you recall a birthday or they may have mentioned their children, or their favorite ball team. Such comments make them enjoy the process of calling, which in itself is something that many of them hesitate to do because they fear the issue is based on something they think they may have done wrong.

You must dismiss this concept from your mind and attitude as you talk — discuss it in terms that create the feeling that the two of you are on a quest to find the solution to a mystery. Every suggestion you make should be expressed as if it is an answer that probably isn’t correct, but it’s worth a try. Your tone should be that it’s an outside chance of being right; and if the idea happens to be correct then you mention that “nobody would have ever thought of it”. The result is that the caller is convinced that they didn’t forget something and that the solution was about something that was some sort of aberration. By retaining this approach, your customers will call more eagerly in future, which is an atmosphere that you must encourage.

In addition to the warmth of your greeting, your questions about how they are, and your professionalism, clients also need to know that there is an echelon of support in place; First Level will smoothly cede to Second Level, and so forth. The manner and procedures of support are something that all companies must set up in-house and demand from their entire support department. With this policy in place, the style must be the same: friendly, open and eager to help. The clients’ experience with your support department must be consistent in attitude and tone from bottom to top. Every level “supports” the next level — just as you support your clients.

The Goal of Improving Inventory Management

All business owners that deal with inventory must at some time adopt a philosophy toward the continuous improvement of its management. The improvement of warehouse operations will ultimately require the use of some plan for warehouse automation in order to keep up with constantly evolving business conditions, rather than simply relying on a quick solution and then hoping that their business conditions do not change.

Modernized systems will continue to improve and show positive trends year after year in terms of both lowering operational costs and improving levels of customer service. However, technology and automation is only one piece of the puzzle. Organizational and process-oriented capabilities are necessary to leverage technology implementations to improve performance. At any juncture, it is an opportune time to address inefficiencies and invest in agility and flexibility. Increased investment also helps, as does additional implementation as the business grows. Managers need to overcome fears about upfront costs of the evolving solutions and integration.

Focusing efforts to improve processes in coordination permit efforts to create leverage in order to decrease costs and become more competitive. Another field can explore options for implementing the process changes and new technology to increase the central control of processes in the warehouse. You can also create more efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment processes that can provide greater support for business growth in the future. Ultimately you achieve the goal of creating more value for your customers and increasing your advance separation from your competition.

For a comprehensive software package that will help you implement the improvements and changes that are described above, take a look at SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software by visiting www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

The Sales Process in SIMMS 2012

When you choose SIMMS 2012, information important for sales analysis becomes easily accessible. Numerous tools and processes help you improve the quality of your decision making and contributes to a more accurate analysis of your profit standing. While you transfer stock, place sales orders and fill backorders,  all transactions related to sales provide much-needed data so that you can make improvements to inventory management and help you advocate sound sales plans and practices.

With SIMMS you can also process requests for quotes (RFQ) and place orders quickly, and the information flow remains easy and quick as you add to existing information in the system or enter initial data about the newest shipments received. As you ship stock out of the system, details such as availability, costing, price groups in existence, bulk sales rates, shipping details, order status and many other sales details are all available instantly and can be confirmed for their precision and importance. The complete arsenal of SIMMS’ sales information remains available for best choices regarding beneficial policies and customer service and satisfaction can remain your points of focus.

Historical information for both quotes and sales orders are maintained by SIMMS, and their information stays at the fingertips of your sales staff. This increases department-wide communications of the most current and accurate information. A precise sales process makes any and all sales history an invaluable condition of customer satisfaction. With this clearly defined main goal, your warehouse will function as the fluid entity it needs to be for you to maintain your advantage over the competition.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com today or email sales@kcsi.ca to learn more about the importance of a precise sales policy, where shipping orders and item tracking come together in one easy-to-use inventory/accounting software package.


SIMMS 2012 — Improved Functionality

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Control Software can be leased on a flexible schedule so you can have your inventory management under control in a short period of time without a huge outlay of cash.  You can start improvements of your bottom line and cater your company’s efficiency within a week of installing SIMMS.  Not only that there are also attractive leasing options for any hardware you need to run your business profitably and smoothly.

Owing to upgrades and an ongoing schedule of improvements, SIMMS releases its best version each time a new version debuts. Recommendations and requests from clients sees SIMMS get better each version for its users, unlike all other inventory and accounting softwares that may never add a needed feature, or that makes you wait two or three years to see it become included. You don’t have that kind of time — too much can pass you by while you wait for some disinterested manufacturer to only maybe include the features you desperately need.

Roll-ins come quickly and reliably with SIMMS, the world’s most comprehensive and optimized Inventory Control Software. In addition, with SIMMS you achieve a very high return on investment.  SIMMS is inexpensive and customizable and will help you run your business in a more organized and efficient manner.

Contact KCSI today at sales@kcsi.ca or visit www.simmssoftware.com for more information.


Sales Fulfillment with SIMMS 2012

The SIMMS 2012 Fulfillment Manager is designed as a central location from which you can fill your sales orders.

Sales order fulfillment is the process you use to meet the demand on each sales order. Using the Fulfillment Manager, you can list all your sales orders that require filling, print a pick list, and invoice your sales orders.

In addition, if you do not have enough stock to fill a sales order, you can transfer available stock from its current location to the location it is needed, or replenish your stock by purchasing more of it.

The following video will outline the fulfillment process available in SIMMS 2012:


Contact KCSI for more information at sales@kcsi.ca or visit the SIMMS website at http://www.simmssoftware.com

Training and Support from KCSI

Expert Support, Implementation, and Training Services

KCSI provides expert support, implementation, and training services and offers bundled consulting services from government contract specialists. KCSI has designed a comprehensive solution with the tools and resources that enable companies to deliver products on time and on budget. Quality and service are all part of KCSI’s commitment to help aerospace and defense (AD) customers, and those customers who want to enter the aerospace and defense industry to manage their businesses for success.

On-Line (over the web/internet) Training via Gotomeeting

KCSI can provide web-based on-Line training via gotomeeting that is designed to make the transition into SIMMS inventory management software as smooth and in-expensive as possible by providing a way to get your staff trained without having the overhead cost of travel, lodging etc. With on-Line training you can be trained from the comfort of your home or office with as many people on your end involved in the training sessions as you wish.
We usually start by achieving an understanding of your overall business practices, establishing new workflow procedures, training by department and configuring data security.
Learn at your own pace. Book full or half-day sessions and book your sessions around your schedule.

Pricing for On-Line web based training is sold at a rate of $175.00 per hour or $1,400.00 per day

On-Site Training (At Your Location)

KCSI can provide you Onsite training at your location, this option is useful if you have many departments that require different training sessions geared towards there unique needs, for example a purchaser may want to learn how to do purchase orders, receipts of goods, setup inventory items, set costing, utilize item replenishment and take advantage of automatic reorder points but a sales person may only require training in sales quotes, sales orders, invoicing and fulfillment. On site training enables you to fine tune the training your staff receives.
Onsite training is devised to make the transition into SIMMS as smooth as possible.

Pricing for On-Site Training is sold at a rate of $2,000.00 per day, plus travel

KCSI Training Conferences (Location of our choosing)

This training option is becoming very popular for those companies that wish to both train and treat there employees. KCSI hosts 1 week long SIMMS training conferences usually in the tropics, (Jamaica, Riviera Maya, and other vacation destinations) depending on the attendance size courses are held in conference rooms or large meeting areas, we train for 2-5 hours in the morning on key areas in SIMMS assuring everyone gets a chance to learn what they require, after the daily course you are free to enjoy the tropical paradise of surrounding area. If you wish to pamper your employees but yet assure they enhance there knowledge in SIMMS Inventory Software this is the best choice. Quite often employees will pay for there family members to come with them in order for them to enjoy a working family vacation where they might not be able to afford it otherwise.

To find out more about KCSI’s multi-optioned training plans, contact sales@kcsi.ca.

SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager

SIMMS 2012 has enlarged and expanded the capabilities of its reliable workhorse, the Visual Import Manager. Data you have compiled outside of SIMMS can now pulled flawlessly into the SIMMS database, saving you a lot of time establishing your item list in the system. Taxable items can be imported quickly and easily into SIMMS with the feature available to mark them as taxable before the import process even begins.

Starting with the new choice for a preferred date format to suit the date format of your source document, KCSI has enhanced the importation of purchase order format/templates, and augmenting the sales order importation with manufacturer’s lot preferences where the oldest lots can be selected by their oldest expiry dates. Sales orders also have their due dates auto-imported so that you instantly know where you stand for shipping and receiving as soon as you view current sales transactions after their import into SIMMS. Payment terms for items and vendors can also be auto-selected – and can be updated for best requirements, giving you ever more current data for every item in your source document.

Related to item details, apparel items can now be imported perfectly with all their specific sizes and styles. Categories for items can now contain, as is often used in industry, apostrophes – both for possessive item names as well as for subdivisions of the categories themselves. Stock specifics such as serial numbers are quickly and easily imported into SIMMS, thus providing even more accuracy immediately after the item import.

With new muscles to flex, SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager is faster and more accurate than ever, bringing your stock data into SIMMS in record quick fashion.

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