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Credit Limits in SIMMS 2015

simms_creditlimitCredit Limits
In SIMMS 2015, you can easily apply a credit limit to a customer. If a customer’s invoice total is greater than their credit limit, the customer must pay the difference or you must override the credit limit for the transaction.

Enter a Customer’s Credit Limit
1. In the Customer Manager, click the Advanced tab.

2. Under Credit Limit, choose one of the following options:
a) Unlimited
b) Maximum

3. If you choose Maximum, in the adjacent box, type the maximum dollar amount of credit for the customer.

Override a Customer’s Credit Limit
You can override a customer’s credit limit for a transaction. To do this you must be assigned the job role of Sales Manager. Only sales managers can override a customer’s credit limit. Job roles are assigned in the User Manager.

You may need to enter your username and password to override a customer’s credit limit. This is only required if you are not the user logged into SIMMS.

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Shipping with SIMMS 2013


Shipping may be the very epicenter of your company’s success or failure. SIMMS Inventory Management software provides users the capabilities to calculate shipping by a fixed percentage of the order total, by fixed item shipping costs, or allows for free shipping.

In some cases, users need shipping to be calculated by order total, weight, weight plus geographical zone or total plus geographical zone. In addition, real time rates can be implemented when employing shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post or USPS.

All these options are easily created and applied using SIMMS.

A rough list of details you should check is as follows:

Preparing Shipment

– Check your contact information – write your details clearly on the boxes by using block letters.

– Check if you ship what you want where you want.

– Check your Required Forms.

– Decide on your shipping method.

– Include the declared value, along with your description of the content.

– List each commodity that you are shipping and provide a detailed description of each.

– Make a booking of a shipment service.

– Package your shipment securely.

– Purchase insurance for your high value items.

– Research your payment methods.

Sending Shipment

– Check for proper labeling of your boxes and bags.

– Match the shipping documents against the shipping labels to ensure correct shipping information.

– Provide a detailed list of the items in your shipment.

– Provide a detailed list with the value of your items.

– Provide a photocopy of your passport.

– Has your shipment been cleared through required Customs offices.


– Contact the airline cargo office or shipping line agent which has received your shipment.

– Go the customs office and show your passport and your copy of your airway bill.

– Pay any customs or clearance fees that are required.

– Pick up your shipment from the airline cargo office or from the nominated depot.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can make your business’ shipping needs better. Email sales@kcsi.ca or visit www.simmssoftware.com to learn more.

POS (Point of Sale) with SIMMS 2012

Adding to its many practical features, SIMMS 2012 contains a modular interface f0r retail businesses called POS (Point of Sale). With SIMMS POS, you can manage charge accounts and gift cards, administration tasks, tracking of customer habits and purchases, and sales slip printing in one comprehensive and integrated program.  Bringing together stock control, item transfers, accounting features, location management, and terminal sales and item returns, you can do everything you need for your retail outlet with speed and precision.

Combining functionality and instant data coordination for more effective cash management, SIMMS’s POS is simple to use, and screens are displayed in the familiar SIMMS-Windows graphical interface, enhanced by state-of-the-art design and capability to interface with a wide selection of peripherals from slip and barcode printers, display poles and choices of monitors.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com to learn more or email sales@kcsi.ca for any point-of-sale questions you might have.

Support for Your Clients

One of the best ways to provide support for your client base is to build upon the knowledge you have about who usually calls. Most often it’s the little things that your support representative provides that make all the difference. The personal things that are remembered about the fellow from the shipping department, the woman from the accounting office or “Charlie” in shipping. Perhaps you recall a birthday or they may have mentioned their children, or their favorite ball team. Such comments make them enjoy the process of calling, which in itself is something that many of them hesitate to do because they fear the issue is based on something they think they may have done wrong.

You must dismiss this concept from your mind and attitude as you talk — discuss it in terms that create the feeling that the two of you are on a quest to find the solution to a mystery. Every suggestion you make should be expressed as if it is an answer that probably isn’t correct, but it’s worth a try. Your tone should be that it’s an outside chance of being right; and if the idea happens to be correct then you mention that “nobody would have ever thought of it”. The result is that the caller is convinced that they didn’t forget something and that the solution was about something that was some sort of aberration. By retaining this approach, your customers will call more eagerly in future, which is an atmosphere that you must encourage.

In addition to the warmth of your greeting, your questions about how they are, and your professionalism, clients also need to know that there is an echelon of support in place; First Level will smoothly cede to Second Level, and so forth. The manner and procedures of support are something that all companies must set up in-house and demand from their entire support department. With this policy in place, the style must be the same: friendly, open and eager to help. The clients’ experience with your support department must be consistent in attitude and tone from bottom to top. Every level “supports” the next level — just as you support your clients.

Managing Vendor Costs with SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software contains a robust feature-to coordinate the details of vendor costing. You can composite numerous items you order from a single vendor onto one purchase order, which speeds up and contains within a single order so that your ordering speed and coordination in your purchasing process. Item aliases enable you to accurately select items while including their vendor details, thereby assuring that your required items are smoothly listed for those vendors. You can quickly access your vendor records and make edits to the items both efficiently and accurately.

When your item costs increase or when items are replaced by new pieces, your older items and their costs can be altered or replaced in only a few mouse clicks. Lists or catalogues of your new items are easily produced in various forms, thus allowing your sales personnel to deal with the current stock that you are selling at the moment. Combining this seamless link between your stock data and any marketing or accounting policies you have in place, the process of removing or adding stock items inside your system gives you precise accounting data and stock counting control so that at any moment you can easily check on how your items are selling (or not) at any given second. Vendor costing is a useful and practical tool in the efforts to retain your advantage over your competitors.

Concurrently, you may receive identical items from numerous vendors during your attempts to acquire the best inventory for the best price in the shortest period of time. SIMMS 2012 allows you to set each item’s various aliases that the respective vendors can recognize and understand. You can also set prices that are specific to each different vendor, letting you or your inventory personnel to choose which item, vendor and price that you want to receive in a time period no longer than a phone call or an email exchange. Checking if items are in stock and possess the most appealing costs for you at any moment.

For more information about SIMMS 2012, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

Sales Commission Tracking with SIMMS

The flexibility of commissions for sales personnel allows for maximize returns on your stock promotions and lets you tailor incentives based on needs for products. First, you need an automated commission management system in your software. Second, commission groups will help you be pliable for commissions of different echelon of personnel. Third, all your implemented ad-models must be supported.

Custom commissions, such as CPA, CPM and CPC, with parallel hybrid commission tracking optimizes things in the long term because your sales people can generate quick results, as well as building to established revenue streams as time goes by. A large client base helps you avoid and drop-off in revenue when market fluctuations occur. Commission groups can be assigned to sales personnel in advance of any sales to grouped customers; these personnel only see the commission rates to which they alone have been assigned.

In SIMMS 2012, groups and items are easily factored into commissions. Customers’ purchase volume rates correspond to the purchase deals they have with your company and details such as royalties and maximum value schedules are smoothly implemented and easily monitored. Commissions can be created in percent-specific forms that include stock quantity ranges and/or item categories.

SIMMS 2012’s robust Commissions feature using both accuracy and versatility also permit the analysis of departmental and regional considerations. For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

Best Features of a Stock System

The best designed stock systems take into consideration a number of factors:

Hands-On Control
In every good system, you must have direct hands-on access and control of your inventory items. These features culminate in the ultimate need of your business – to get the items to your customers when and where they need them.

Fiscal Control
The most financially controlled system must be in place to, whenever possible, limit or eliminate additional charges that can increase the costs to both your business and your customers.

Supply Control
The receipt of items from your vendors must be as streamlined and reliable as possible. Combined with the precise and accurate delivery of items to your customers, you’ll benefit from repeat business and take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising you’re your satisfied customers.

Satisfaction Control
The highest level of customer service at every level of your inventory management process must be achieved and maintained.

All of the above criteria are present in every efficient company. Some take longer to improve or implement, but all efforts must be made to guarantee their existence. Then just sit back and watch how your business improves. Vendors you can count on, complete knowledge and control of costs, completed order delivered on time and satisfied customers – all will contribute to your successful future.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management encompasses all key activities within the supply chain, including the sourcing, provision, and housing of raw materials; the warehousing and distribution of finished products, and the management and scheduling of works-in-progress (WIPs).

Many companies try to make more important the flexibility of their organization while concurrently try to eliminate the carrying of large blocks of stock on-site. Outsourcing of the storage of stock and its shipment to customers is often much more inexpensive and more accurate. The design is to reducing management control of daily logistics operations while also increasing the number of organizations involved in satisfying customer demand. As more companies have chosen to manage stock in this fashion, supply chain management as a particular discipline began. At its best, supply chain management improves inventory visibility and the speed and efficiency of inventory movement with the ultimate goal of improving trust and collaboration amongst supply chain partners.

Companies can maximize and streamline the planning, control and execution of these all the important steps of supply chain management is easily handled by SIMMS 2012’s ability to handle locations and sub-locations and their ability to be assigned to as many different vendors as you want. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Advantages of SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 is a comprehensive manufacturing, accounting and advanced inventory management system, that allows for growth within your company as it expands to incorporate more functionality. Customizable and easy-to-use, SIMMS prepares you to expand your business into its most productive and financially optimized state. Evolving and energized companies, small or large, can benefit from the productivity that cutting edge manufacturing and accounting features provide toward greater profitability and efficiency.

Phantom kitting, versatile reporting, point of sale support, customizable windows and transaction forms, integration with handheld devices, payroll, E-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM) capability make SIMMS 2012 a robust choice right out of the box. Drop-shipping ability, single entries to increase speed and reduce manpower on data entry, and stock-on-hand notifications for ease and accuracy of reordering are just a few more additions to an inventory and accounting software package that offers much more than its competitors.

Give SIMMS 2012 a look by clicking here or book a demonstration here.

E-Commerce Opens the Path to Increased Sales

Many businesses need to modernize to keep up with their projected goals for the future. One area that can create higher and steadier profits is to be able to deal directly with customers in the online marketplace. A webstore with a shopping cart can open your firm up to more than the success you have anticipated.

SIMMS 2012’s new web-based E-store application, StoreFront, is linked directly into your SIMMS 2012 information base, thus making your E-store truly live, with completed sales appearing in SIMMS as sales orders for pending sales. New customers instantly are created in SIMMS when they create their accounts in the E-store. Automatic credit limits can be implemented to allow in-store credit to be applied and/or credit card sales to take place (SIMMS currently interfaces with the Synapse Gateway payment system, and will add more payment systems very soon).

In short:

  • E-Store Managers can administrate through use of an easy control panel on web site
  • E-Store products are unlimited in number, and can be added into SIMMS and will appear in the E-store upon refreshes of the pages.
  • The page count for the E-store is also unlimited.
  • The entire E-store is complete and self-contained, with shopping cart, customer and content management all being quickly processed and controlled.
  • Shipping services of many standard types are handled easily and accurately.
  • Pricing of items can be reset by manager as needs arise.
  • Automated e-mails enable you to have confirmation of all orders placed and the item sales that have taken place. This enables easy checking of stock counts for accuracy and anticipation of future supplies you will need to re-stock.

The SIMMS 2012 E-commerce Solution makes your business work in the smoothest fashion while having all the behind-the-scenes muscles you’ve come to expect.

Imagine your company functioning more efficiently while at the same time costing you less. Now stop imagining and choose SIMMS 2012 E-commerce to make both things happen.