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Custom Software from KCSI

KCSI combines technical excellence and business consulting experience to create technology solutions that achieve challenging business goals. Our clients benefit from our ability to bridge the gap between business vision and real-world technology implementation.

Contact our business development team to learn more about our results-driven custom technology solutions.

Our custom application solution expertise spans the following areas:

  • Database Design & Development – Our database design and development team has broad and deep experience with all of the major database technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Analysis Server, LINQ and ORM. In addition, our team is well-versed in OLAP and cloud storage solutions.
  • Microsoft .Net Development – The Microsoft .NET Platform is the software development framework for Microsoft Windows operating systems, that allows for custom application development for many business functions or proprietary software.
  • Mobile Application Development – Due to a convergence of factors including a multitude of hardware devices, reduction in price and performance improvements, mobile devices are now a viable application platform. We have extensive experience with application development across a wide variety of mobile platforms and in developing Enterprise Mobile Applications for clients. We have developed applications for mobile devices, including the iPhone™, iPad™, BlackBerry®, and Windows Mobile®.
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development – Presenting a rich user experience on the web is virtually a must-have for companies wanting to distinguish themselves from the competition. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are Web apps that embody most of the characteristics of a desktop application. This means RIAs have a rich user interface and user experience – the consistency of each being controlled across operating systems. RIAs can be complex and difficult to design, develop and deploy and requires a deep understanding of the technology and the Rich Internet application framework being used.
  • Systems Integration & Custom Software Extensions – In our 18 years of experience, we have found that integrating technology systems can be one of the most frustrating technical hurdles facing many organizations. Voids existing between sophisticated applications can mean tremendous productivity loss as well as untold opportunity costs. It is also one of the hardest things to fix – causing many organizations to limp along with systems that don’t talk to each other.

KCSI has years of experience integrating not only our client’s systems, but our own systems as well. Contact our business development team today to learn how we can integrate your organization’s systems for an immediate ROI.

Enhancements to SIMMS


While enhancements often take a little longer to be implemented into the software than paid customization, they are the perfect classification for inclusion of features of secondary or tertiary necessity. Changes to stock reports are certainly possible through use of the Crystal Reports interface, but changes to the software’s code are prime opportunities for the adoption of enhancement requests.

With SIMMS Inventory Management software, users benefit from the ability to contribute to the development of the program through use of enhancement requests. When users derive specific needs particular to their business, they often notice that the software they use does not, nor has any plans to, meet those requirements. But SIMMS grows and changes with the needs of its users, and enhancement requests are rolled into the program as time passes.

Most enhancements are often of benefit to other users of the software once they have become added features. This development of SIMMS is unique in today’s market. Other software packages are what they are and only feature what their designers want and what their developers decide. But you can become a contributor to the future of SIMMS Inventory Management software.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to learn more about how SIMMS can become a benefit to both you and your company for many years to come.