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Using SIMMS in Business Planning


When computer software systems coordinate information from a database, most often they just grab values that are needed for time-worm formulas and display them into anachronistic formats or forms. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, built-in reports are customizable to create links to information that may not be included in standard reports or long-time formulas. These customized views usually produce the best and most useful data.

In regard to stock consumption, items that sell least or sell most, items that depreciate as they sit unsold on the warehouse shelves, and pieces that seem to need more repairs or replacements than do others — all these developments can lead to much-needed changes to be imparted in the system by managers and department heads. Complete information is the answer to the challenge for those whose jobs require swift and easy adjustments to maximize profits and limit operating expenses. Decision making becomes simple and complete when using SIMMS Inventory Management software.

With SIMMS, you also have numerous tools and analytical data from various reports and displays that provide you with the material needed to make the most sound business decisions. Often as vendors change, and prices are adjusted either higher or lower, inventory and accounting personnel need to adjust the details of doing business. Perhaps more profits can be made by introducing an entirely new plan, or often a subtle adjustment can make all the difference. Such new plans require the data to be current and accurate.

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On the Screen Today Is…

The SIMMS Inventory Management system features numerous analytical reports, headers, footers, section formats that can be customized from within a standard version of Crystal Reports to have any company’s reports consistent with their own visual style and graphic image. Insertion of form data, managerial checklists or note areas can easily be incorporated into the design. Users merely export from SIMMS copies of the reports they wish to customize and then select a checkbox to tell SIMMS that they wish to use the exported and customized copies instead. Any reports that do not exist in exported form are ignored and the standardized built-in versions of those reports are used. SIMMS’ Reporting Features serve the needs of users whose needs are both big and small.

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