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KCSI: GREAT SERVICE Increases Referrals

One of the ways KCSI has built its business has been to deliver outstanding customer service. At KCSI, we have maintained a two hour call return policy. A great deal of the people who call us never expect a response, figuring that there’s nobody here behind the website to help them. When someone answers the phone, people frequently say, “I can’t believe you answered the phone. I never expected to get a real person!”

The truth is that the only people who ever find out about our two hour call return policy are those who call us after business hours. In terms of email, wait time might be about the same, but most often is less. Backlogs of emails from the night before require some nimble responses, but you will hear back from us as quickly as humanly possible. After all, your response time to your customers represent your company’s reputation, and can have powerful and dramatic repercussions.

For instance, let’s say a possible client is choosing custom software and your company is neck-and-neck in terms of qualifications. 83% of the time, the would-be client will leave a message with both companies, and then wait – and they’ll ultimately choose the company that got back to them first. They have a right to expect that top level of service. And as the powerful result of that service quality, YOU have the right to expect that they will mention your software – and its customer service quality — to others.

So imagine, you get free referrals based only on a high quality service that you ALREADY provide. You can’t get much more for your support dollar than that, a support dollar you already have marked in your budget.

For more information on optimizing the many dimensions of your customer service, check out John Jantsch’s wonderful book “The Referral Flood”. For more information on receiving the best customized software, contact KCSI at www.kcsi.ca. ?

KCSI’s Approach to Customized Programming

With customized software from KCSI, you can reduce your data entry by having data become available to multiple systems all at the same time. Customization allows imagination to shape the type of branding and business that you wish to become – better, faster, more appropriate to your every need.

You can also:

– Access comprehensive administrative tools

– Add and change features as your business grows

– Choose specific business intelligence and analytics

– Develop custom product recommendation and shopping to your customer base

– Display your services and products exactly how you imagined

– Enforce your standards

– Increase data continuity through direct integration with your CRM and ERP systems

– Maintain your corporate image

– Reduce your costs and errors

– Stand out from the competition with independence of function and design

– Streamline your work

– Track your development

Contact KCSI today to discover – and help create – your business future. http://www.kcsi.ca/custprog.html

Inventory Reports


With your inventory system in place, you need to organize your stock records both quickly and easily, and gain the ability to set up items and prices by entering all item information within a single item management window. The system needs to allow unlimited warehouse locations and track pricing, cost, stock, and order information for each item and location. You must also automatically monitor inventory status for each item and location, such as available for sale, not in stock, overstocked, oversold,
on hand, on order, committed to sale/production, and transfer locations.

The system requires very versatile processing features that include unlimited transactions, serial/lot tracking (optional), bin numbers, multilevel bill of materials, kitting functionality, and an easy-to-use physical count process. Designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of diverse business environments, Inventory Control allows you to maintain and report on as many as eight different costs per location, including FIFO, LIFO, moving average, user-defined and serial or lot costing. It must be robust enough to manage fractional quantities (to four decimal places) and maintain different units of measure for all purchasing, selling, and stock.

The features above are available in SIMMS Inventory Management software, the flagship software business solution from KCSI. Visit www.simmssoftware.com to learn more about how SIMMS can give you the reporting advantage over your competitors and take the lead in your business field.

How SIMMS Improves Through Client Input

It can be quite difficult for non-technical customers to be able to actually visualize a customized software package and how it will work. This makes it a real challenge for users to clarify for the developer how it is supposed to function.

KCSI tries to make the development and customization process easier and more satisfying using the following methods:

– Creating examples of the software that exhibit major functional features so that customers can walk-through windows to get a better feel for how things might work.

– Writing visual/functional documents that go beyond mere apt descriptions; emphasis is placed on how it will look and how easy it will be to use that receive the efforts here. Users need to see it to really understand how it is going to work.

– Building quick non-functional prototypes that walk through complex functionalities and specific instances. We can build quick prototypes using a wide variety of graphical tools available.

– Improving all aspects of the communications curve between the customer and the developer. The more the developer knows about the customer’s business, the better they will understand the challenges and the better they will be at describing the solution. This step will save both time and money later on if you take a little more time up front.

Software development can be awkward and problematic but with purposeful attention to usage details the knowledge transfer between customer and developer much more efficient.

Customizable Reports in SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software puts you in the driver’s seat to customize and export all reports within the program as well as to add a wide variety of your own reports to suit the many particular requirements that you may have. Allowing your design and editing to be completed with Crystal Reports, information specific to your company’s various departments or personnel are both easy and quick to achieve.

With a window dedicated to the creation, usage and editing of your custom reports, you can call on these pieces easily and with reliable ease whenever you need them.

Sales, purchasing, inventory, serial numbers, lot numbers, transfers, and every other business process in SIMMS 2012 can be viewed laterally, and contents can often be sorted by any particular category or detail that you need.

Give SIMMS 2012 a try today by visiting www.simmssoftware.com and see what hundreds of its users have learned long before now — that SIMMS’ reports are the envy of all other inventory packages. Email us at sales@kcsi.ca today for more information.