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Using Departments in SIMMS

Inventory stored in your backrooms, warehouses, bins and so forth are of utmost importance to the way that you make profits improve. Stock needs to be where it needs to be. Too much stock means wasted capital on materials that are just sitting there growing old. Too little stock makes your staff scramble to keep up with demands that hit your doorstep every day. Both conditions are unsatisfactory.

The method used by many businesses is to compartmentalize the orders being made so that flaws can become more easily apparent. This division of the processes in place at your locations is best done by the assignment of departments, so that those who overstock and those who understock can have the information on their trends become an important criterion that is monitored. One department may have someone who panicks and over-orders materials, while another department always seems to be waiting to act because there’s never enough stock on hand to complete the orders. Once departments are created, and SIMMS users are assigned to them, it becomes easy to track where the strengths and weaknesses reside.

Orders have their departmental data attached to them and move through the system with all their green flags and red flags intact and unalterable once they exist. Take advantage of these departmental ‘assignments’ by using SIMMS Inventory Management software — your bottom line will not regret knowing what is being stored and what is not.