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Serial Number Tracking with SIMMS

Serial number tracking with SIMMS manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information.

The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking System is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer.

There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have the SIMMS Inventory Management system. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips, saving you both time and money.

With SIMMS, you can:

  • Assign serial numbers to items during or immediately following receipt of goods
  • Assign serial numbers to your finished kit builds
  • Automatically generate your serial numbers or secondary user serial numbers with ease
  • Drill down and view serial numbers related to items received or transferred and/or sold
  • Easily assign serial numbers for kit components during a kit build
  • Easily assign/sell serial numbers during or following the invoice
  • Easily select serial numbers during an inventory transfer
  • Gives you complete control of your stock
  • Improves returns process
  • Integrate barcode reader for items with serial number barcodes
  • Makes the task of trace and recall easy
  • Serial numbers can be entered/sold randomly or sequentially
  • Report on serial number activity by date, location or serial number
  • Trace a serial number in the system in little time
  • Track specific cost by serial number sold

Whether you manage a warehouse and track serial numbers every hour of your job or wish to analyze sales using serial numbers as a criterion of importance, SIMMS is perfect for your needs. As an example of current software that is both easy to install, easy to use and which gives you access from anywhere at any time on any computing platform, SIMMS constantly evolves and improves based on suggestions and ideas from its developers, its testers, and its users all around the world.

For more on SIMMS’ Serial Number capabilities, click the following link:

Build Confidence with SIMMS

In this busy life we all should take – or make – time to smell the flowers, to enjoy the simple things, and especially we should remember that life for us only comes around once. We each lead separate lives, despite our common experiences as we grow. And most of us – practically ALL of us – have to contend with what we do for a living. We need to earn and pay and earn more and pay more and so on. So our abilities to do our jobs are never solely based on our acquired skills or our natural born talent.

We still employ tools to achieve the results of our labors. Some are fortunate to have the use of wonderful tools, that make work so easy at times that it resembles play. The tools fit our hands, and produce the results we wanted, seemingly every time. This most often goes beyond any ergonomic designs, it’s simply because we are using the right tools for the job. When it comes to the tedious but necessary process of taking stock of supplies – of ANY materials, honestly – wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to make it quicker and easier?

If you need to make accurate inventory management as a higher priority for your business but don’t want to devote hours and hours to achieving that goal, visit www.simmssoftware.com today and have a quick look at SIMMS Inventory Management. You’ll find there the very tool you’ve been missing all this time to make work as enjoyable as play.

Our Customer Testimonials

“The online system works extremely well as both a purchasing and inventory system. We have just commenced to implement the bar coding module to manage our inventory. The system is excellent for what we do. As it is also a web based system, it allows approvals and requests for materials to be carried out remotely thus saving time, effort and resources.” – Tom Heitmann, Supply Chain Manager, Northern Network Alliance

“We needed a program that would be flexible enough to suit our individual needs and that could grow with us. The SIMMS software is a powerful inventory management program that has even been enhanced to meet our specific requirements. I am really happy with our choice and look forward to a long term relationship with KCSI and their staff.” – Kris Shipley, Finance and Purchasing, Magic Mobility

“I’ve been using SIMMS Inventory Software for just over a year and find it very user friendly. I’m extremely pleased with the software and especially the Kitting (BOM) Module, as we were experiencing problems keeping track of builds and unit costs prior to acquiring SIMMS. Tasks that used to take up much of my time are now streamlined with SIMMS.” – Dianne Shaw, Emscan Corporation

“In 2000 we were in need of a programmer for a partially completed project and KCSI completed the job for us. Since then we have used them for our ongoing software development needs. The work is always finished to our satisfaction. KCSI staff is good at understanding our requirements and putting that into action.” – Doug Wollard, Delta Community Living Society

“We were in search of an ERP system can both handle or inventory needs and provide us with an integrated accounting package for all day to day transactions. We are very happy with SIMMS Inventory Software as well as the support from the team at KCSI. With the help of the Inventory Software we have been able to accurately track our inventory, easily do physical counts and cycle counts, manage our inventory locations, and keep sales and purchase history for customers and vendors.” – Ian Hendel, General Manager, Joli Distribution

“The support we receive from the technical staff at KCSI is outstanding. There are continued updates and improvements being made to the software, many based upon the feedback provided to them by their customers. Even with all these benefits, the product is surprisingly affordable. Our entire staff agrees that this was an easy transition from our old system, and very easy to learn. We never plan to purchase another brand of inventory software again.” – Cindy Lind, Service Administrator, CNC

“KCSI has been an excellent partner for our business. We have been using SIMMS Inventory Software for more than 8 years and have been very satisfied with the results. It is an excellent tool to work with as KCSI have provided outstanding support and service for our customers.” – David E. Handal, General Manager, Agencia de Handal


SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency functionality to business of all sizes. Currencies from anywhere around the globe provide an edge over your competition. Unlimited currencies makes your accounting and sales details complete and easy, no matter where your vendors or customers are. Outstanding balances in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable can be both displayed and reported easily for all currencies in which you conduct business.

Processing payments is swift and efficient, and the ability to override default currencies for vendors, customers and/or items is complete. Full EMU accreditation is part of the process automatically. Different selling and buying rates are supported. Make easy updates to exchange rates as they fluctuate.

At the transaction level, changes can be adjusted or entered to keep the balances accurate and immediate. Checks can be printed in any currency to any individual checking accounts that users choose. Additionally, within a Point of Sale scenario, the user’s base currency or the customer’s base currency can be employed seamlessly at-the-moment of sale. The versatility of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module will make all these challenges simple to address at the time and will aid to the expansion of your business to anywhere in the world.

SIMMS 2012 — Improved Functionality

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Control Software can be leased on a flexible schedule so you can have your inventory management under control in a short period of time without a huge outlay of cash.  You can start improvements of your bottom line and cater your company’s efficiency within a week of installing SIMMS.  Not only that there are also attractive leasing options for any hardware you need to run your business profitably and smoothly.

Owing to upgrades and an ongoing schedule of improvements, SIMMS releases its best version each time a new version debuts. Recommendations and requests from clients sees SIMMS get better each version for its users, unlike all other inventory and accounting softwares that may never add a needed feature, or that makes you wait two or three years to see it become included. You don’t have that kind of time — too much can pass you by while you wait for some disinterested manufacturer to only maybe include the features you desperately need.

Roll-ins come quickly and reliably with SIMMS, the world’s most comprehensive and optimized Inventory Control Software. In addition, with SIMMS you achieve a very high return on investment.  SIMMS is inexpensive and customizable and will help you run your business in a more organized and efficient manner.

Contact KCSI today at sales@kcsi.ca or visit www.simmssoftware.com for more information.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management encompasses all key activities within the supply chain, including the sourcing, provision, and housing of raw materials; the warehousing and distribution of finished products, and the management and scheduling of works-in-progress (WIPs).

Many companies try to make more important the flexibility of their organization while concurrently try to eliminate the carrying of large blocks of stock on-site. Outsourcing of the storage of stock and its shipment to customers is often much more inexpensive and more accurate. The design is to reducing management control of daily logistics operations while also increasing the number of organizations involved in satisfying customer demand. As more companies have chosen to manage stock in this fashion, supply chain management as a particular discipline began. At its best, supply chain management improves inventory visibility and the speed and efficiency of inventory movement with the ultimate goal of improving trust and collaboration amongst supply chain partners.

Companies can maximize and streamline the planning, control and execution of these all the important steps of supply chain management is easily handled by SIMMS 2012’s ability to handle locations and sub-locations and their ability to be assigned to as many different vendors as you want. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Stock Identification and Tracking

To be thorough and accurate is the aim of every good inventory program. SIMMS 2012 has the features you need to know exactly what stock you have on-hand, what stock you have on order and what stock you will need for every schedule or project in your system. SIMMS allows you to view self-defined locations from shelves to crates to bins to pallets to cupboards and rooms and warehouses, and every sub-location you need.

Advanced and customized reports can provide information on locations containing zero counts for items, items with current negative stock counts, just items with serial numbers, just items with manufacturer’s lot numbers and/or items with approaching expiration dates. From tracking a particular item you can glean its full history from the date it was received into the system, if it was returned for repair or replacement, as well as every detail of its issue to a customer.

When you need to know any particular tracking detail of an item, you can find it in SIMMS. Whatever you’ve assigned to that item is quickly and easily located. Whenever an item is transferred from one location to another, there is an easy record to be found of it. Every change to an item’s stock count — due to both its sale or its manual stock count adjustment history — is available by a few clicks of your mouse.

For more information on how SIMMS help you easily and dramatically manage your every stock concern, visit www.simmssoftware.com or contact us at sales@kcsi.ca.

SIMMS 2012 – Cleaner & Easier

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software provides control of data pertaining to the receipt of goods, movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods as well as the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any given point in time.

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software provides your company with a major competitive advantage over competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information.

SIMMS Inventory Control Software has been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses. SIMMS Inventory Control Software gives everyone in the company total control and access, depending on the permissions assigned to the user, wherever they are – in a warehouse, in an office, behind a cash register, working from home, working from a remote location half way around the world, in a service truck, in front of a customer, at the loading/receiving dock, or in transit from one location to another.

SIMMS 2012 does more than simply automate your inventory control process; it also provides robust materials management. SIMMS clients enjoy functionality unmatched by any other provider in the market.

SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager

SIMMS 2012 has enlarged and expanded the capabilities of its reliable workhorse, the Visual Import Manager. Data you have compiled outside of SIMMS can now pulled flawlessly into the SIMMS database, saving you a lot of time establishing your item list in the system. Taxable items can be imported quickly and easily into SIMMS with the feature available to mark them as taxable before the import process even begins.

Starting with the new choice for a preferred date format to suit the date format of your source document, KCSI has enhanced the importation of purchase order format/templates, and augmenting the sales order importation with manufacturer’s lot preferences where the oldest lots can be selected by their oldest expiry dates. Sales orders also have their due dates auto-imported so that you instantly know where you stand for shipping and receiving as soon as you view current sales transactions after their import into SIMMS. Payment terms for items and vendors can also be auto-selected – and can be updated for best requirements, giving you ever more current data for every item in your source document.

Related to item details, apparel items can now be imported perfectly with all their specific sizes and styles. Categories for items can now contain, as is often used in industry, apostrophes – both for possessive item names as well as for subdivisions of the categories themselves. Stock specifics such as serial numbers are quickly and easily imported into SIMMS, thus providing even more accuracy immediately after the item import.

With new muscles to flex, SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager is faster and more accurate than ever, bringing your stock data into SIMMS in record quick fashion.

Click here to read more, contact KCSI at sales@kcsi.ca or book a demonstration here.

E-Commerce Opens the Path to Increased Sales

Many businesses need to modernize to keep up with their projected goals for the future. One area that can create higher and steadier profits is to be able to deal directly with customers in the online marketplace. A webstore with a shopping cart can open your firm up to more than the success you have anticipated.

SIMMS 2012’s new web-based E-store application, StoreFront, is linked directly into your SIMMS 2012 information base, thus making your E-store truly live, with completed sales appearing in SIMMS as sales orders for pending sales. New customers instantly are created in SIMMS when they create their accounts in the E-store. Automatic credit limits can be implemented to allow in-store credit to be applied and/or credit card sales to take place (SIMMS currently interfaces with the Synapse Gateway payment system, and will add more payment systems very soon).

In short:

  • E-Store Managers can administrate through use of an easy control panel on web site
  • E-Store products are unlimited in number, and can be added into SIMMS and will appear in the E-store upon refreshes of the pages.
  • The page count for the E-store is also unlimited.
  • The entire E-store is complete and self-contained, with shopping cart, customer and content management all being quickly processed and controlled.
  • Shipping services of many standard types are handled easily and accurately.
  • Pricing of items can be reset by manager as needs arise.
  • Automated e-mails enable you to have confirmation of all orders placed and the item sales that have taken place. This enables easy checking of stock counts for accuracy and anticipation of future supplies you will need to re-stock.

The SIMMS 2012 E-commerce Solution makes your business work in the smoothest fashion while having all the behind-the-scenes muscles you’ve come to expect.

Imagine your company functioning more efficiently while at the same time costing you less. Now stop imagining and choose SIMMS 2012 E-commerce to make both things happen.