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Shipping and Receiving: The Meat and Potatoes of Retail Business

The SIMMS Shipping & Receiving Module streamlines the processing of shipments, and gives detailed shipment information early, allowing you to satisfy your customer’s needs immediately.

Comprehensive packing slips minimize manual stock handling combined with shipping directly from your sales invoices on a scheduled date, sales staff are informed of delayed shipments or backlogs and can handle them early.

Packing slips are generated from the invoice itself, so when the shipping department picks items from the packing slip, there is no worry about incorrect data on the packing slip. Estimated arrival dates, shipment weights, numbers of containers can be entered and tracked, multiple locations can be used, multiple invoice shipments to customers can be combined as well as multiple ship-to locations can be coordinated — all these features are included in the SIMMS Shipping & Receiving Module.


SIMMS Sales features let you customize each quote you give whilst knowing the all costing details.

Sales orders can be issued as complete or for only the partial status, and generate invoices for each stage. Users can even add items related to sales orders to purchase orders already in the system. Utilize security settings to allow sales orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock. Sales orders can be placed on hold to control their issue and/or directly issue stock at the sales order level. Clone sales orders from saved sales orders or easily convert existing quotes into a new quote to streamline repeat orders.

Keep the rotation of your stock by monitoring and controlling items’ expiration dates. Select and maintain serial number and manufacturer’s lot information for your stock. Quickly choose select alternate Ship To and Bill To addresses are easily selected. Users can apply quick payments towards invoices all on one screen.

All these requirements are seamlessly handled through SIMMS’ Sales features intuitive General Ledger Module to complete any necessary processes.