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Our Customer testimonials

“The online system works extremely well as both a purchasing and inventory system. We have just commenced to implement the bar coding module to manage our inventory. The system is excellent for what we do. As it is also a web based system, it allows approvals and requests for materials to be carried out remotely thus saving time, effort and resources.” – Tom Heitmann, Supply Chain Manager, Northern Network Alliance

“We needed a program that would be flexible enough to suit our individual needs and that could grow with us. The SIMMS software is a powerful inventory management program that has even been enhanced to meet our specific requirements. I am really happy with our choice and look forward to a long term relationship with KCSI and their staff.” – Kris Shipley, Finance and Purchasing, Magic Mobility

“I’ve been using SIMMS Inventory Software for just over a year and find it very user friendly. I’m extremely pleased with the software and especially the Kitting (BOM) Module, as we were experiencing problems keeping track of builds and unit costs prior to acquiring SIMMS. Tasks that used to take up much of my time are now streamlined with SIMMS.” – Dianne Shaw, Emscan Corporation

“In 2000 we were in need of a programmer for a partially completed project and KCSI completed the job for us. Since then we have used them for our ongoing software development needs. The work is always finished to our satisfaction. KCSI staff is good at understanding our requirements and putting that into action.” – Doug Wollard, Delta Community Living Society

“We were in search of an ERP system can both handle or inventory needs and provide us with an integrated accounting package for all day to day transactions. We are very happy with SIMMS Inventory Software as well as the support from the team at KCSI. With the help of the Inventory Software we have been able to accurately track our inventory, easily do physical counts and cycle counts, manage our inventory locations, and keep sales and purchase history for customers and vendors.” – Ian Hendel, General Manager, Joli Distribution

“The support we receive from the technical staff at KCSI is outstanding. There are continued updates and improvements being made to the software, many based upon the feedback provided to them by their customers. Even with all these benefits, the product is surprisingly affordable. Our entire staff agrees that this was an easy transition from our old system, and very easy to learn. We never plan to purchase another brand of inventory software again.” – Cindy Lind, Service Administrator, CNC

“KCSI has been an excellent partner for our business. We have been using SIMMS Inventory Software for more than 8 years and have been very satisfied with the results. It is an excellent tool to work with as KCSI have provided outstanding support and service for our customers.” – David E. Handal, General Manager, Agencia de Handal



CRMunleashed is a customer management solution from KCSI that you can depend on. Your sales team can spend more time selling and less time on administration. Automate your sales staff by documenting sales activities, improving productivity, managing sales regions, analyzing and forecasting sales, and reporting on the criteria that you need. Details of your contacts are comprehensively organized, while personalized communications are simple, management of time is streamlined, as calendars and schedules are coordinated quickly.

Call centers are automated, and all communications and case management are accurately and easily tracked for priority, through development to closure. Comprehensive time and billing capabilities can expand as your customer list grows world-wide.

Use CRMUnleashed to establish sales campaigns, process accurate information, provide needed services to potential clients and ultimately excel in lead management. Technology, intelligence and marketing are brought together to allow swift service and communications for both you and your client base. With practical marketing campaigns featuring e-mail and other documents, you can make the most of the relationships with your customers using the integration and versatility of CRMUnleashed.

KCSI’s Networking Solutions

KCSI Networking Support Solutions 
KCSI’s engineers can resolve any network, software, and hardware questions or problems on your schedule. It is our pleasure.The KCSI team creates powerful internet solutions. We provide answers to today’s toughest and most sought after internet questions.

  • Website Development
  • Database Integration
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Unix
  • LAN/WAN NetworkingThese are just a few of the latest technologies that our team has a high level of working knowledge and experience designing and implementing.

    Our team is a valuable addition to your existing IT team.

KCSI is now HIRING! 2 Positions Available…


KCSI is now hiring!

We currently are offering two positions with the KCSI Team:

Software Developer

Software Sales

To learn more, visit the following URL:

You can send your resume and cover letter by clicking here

We look forward to hearing from an interested individual with a goal of excellence and a plan to succeed!

Get SIMMS Help Online


Always current, always growing — SIMMS 2012 Help Online is the primary source of documentary information about SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management.

Visit http://help.simmssoftware.com/ today for how to use the easiest and most efficient inventory accounting program on the market today.
Email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

SIMMS Video Walk-Through

Many aspects of SIMMS Inventory and Accounting Software can be viewed at the following URL:


Features like reporting, management of inventory items, transactions, barcoding, pricing, system settings and installation are all available in this detailed presentation, which enables you to quickly see what features that SIMMS has to suite your inventory and accounting needs.

More detailed and specific presentations of SIMMS software can be scheduled here, where you can interact with the presenter and have your questions and needs discussed one-on-one in a customized and personalized experience.

Check out SIMMS today by visiting the kornyk.com website, where all things SIMMS are front-and-center, just as your business concerns should be.

THE Business Solution for Your Company

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Software makes all of your important information available to you all of the time. Reports of various sizes and styles are customizable to suit each department that needs it, and even if your various departments are not direct users of SIMMS, every report can be exported for easy viewing for everyone in your firm.

If your concern is financial, you can limit access of viewing to only those who should see it. Comprehensive views of accounting transactions keep the number crunchers supplied with the most current trends in Sales, Purchasing, General Ledger, Inventory, Sales and Purchase Orders, Kitting (BOM) and many other areas.

If your area is inventory, you can gain every level of control and access, stock movement both into and out of your warehouse, which items have the highest and lowest turnovers, how much money is invested in your current stock, and analytical reports that help you plan to convert those items back into capital as soon as possible.

An easy walk through the kornyk.com website will give detailed explanations and features that reveal SIMMS 2012 to be THE complete package you will need to stay on top of your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Contact KCSI today here for a scheduled presentation of all that SIMMS 2012 can do for you.

May 2012 – Great New Software Releases

Several great software packages have been released this month. Let’s take a look:

Adobe Creative Suite 6 – the standard in on-screen and on-page design packages came available earlier this month, and it’s a corker. New features and slipstream speed have combined to great effect here from the denizens of computerized communications, Adobe. Catch a quick review here.

AVG Free Edition 2012 12.0 (Build 2178a5019) – consistently the easiest and quickest catcher of all thsoe little invaders that try to mess up our computers. AVG just keeps getting better, and I haven’t had a worm or virus since I started using AVG six years ago. Check it out here.

SIMMS 2012KCSI, the makers of the inventory and accounting software flagship program, SIMMS, has continued to expand and diversify the management process with concern for your needs built-in seemingly overnight. I’ve used SIMMS for inventorying everything from my archival information, photographs, document collections, restaurant supplies, music, bar stock and dozens of other purposes. The valuation of the inventory items has been invaluable for accurate insurance values alone. Check it out here. I’ve also been tipped that an on-line version is coming soon, and personally, I can’t wait.

Camfrog Video Chat 6.2 (Build 189) – I got a chance earlier to test drive Camfrog, a quick and fun program that lets you combine text messaging and video. Take a look and try it out — lots of fun 🙂 See it here.

Power DVD 12.0 – Now on build 1618.54, CyberLink’s PowerDVD lets you play all forms of media from video to music and beyond. For someone like me with a machine dedicated to media playing for at least half my day, my entire catalog of media remains at my fingertips constantly,  including — since I also am involved in visual design — all my images. It’s a one-stop media index and optimizer. Solid gold. Check it out here.

I’ll mention the newest June software gems in a couple of weeks when I’ll have happily found some more winners for you.



Getting Started with SIMMS 2012

Once you have accepted that it’s time to buy a software package to help you run and grow your company, you will be replacing the manual records kept for your inventory and your accounting. I’ll cover three points today about what you should avoid, and how SIMMS 2012 makes this process simple.

1. Your Needs

Once you have taken some time to develop a list of exact requirements of your business you also need to know what other departments in your company need to produce the complete list of requirements. Look for each feature that you absolutely cannot do without. In the case of SIMMS, view the inventory and accounting features here. Always keep your list nearby and refer to it as you search.

2. Demonstration

When you have narrowed your choices down to a shortlist, look to see which software packages offer demonstrations to show you what you want to see. SIMMS offers demonstrations with live presenters who can show you all the features if that’s what you want or target the presentation to specific features from your list. Whether it is inventory tracking, accounting, purchasing, sales or many other needs, SIMMS can show you just what you’re looking for.

3. Treat the Process of Buying as a Project for Your Entire Business

Computers are not just everywhere in the world these days, they are everywhere in your company. Most desks have at least a laptop on them in today’s marketplace, and whether your SIMMS use is by management, the steno pool, the receptionist, sales personnel, the operations sector or the clerical brigade, the input and ready use of the program is versatile enough to provide what you and your staff are looking for.

I’ll comment tomorrow on the final three concerns you should investigate in selecting an amalgamated package that can handle inventory, accounting and much more.

Check out SIMMS 2012. You’ll find it frees you to do your job but is practical enough to always be at your elbow with the control and information you need.