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Making Stock Orders with SIMMS

While companies should always fear the over-investment in stock that just sits in the warehouse that will eventually be used one day, a larger concern is that stock that is required immediately has yet to be ordered for projects with medium-length deadlines for completion. If the stock is there when it is needed, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and less interruptions to throughput — choose SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software to help you stay ahead of what is needed.

The need for order flow keeps those involved in warehouse management aware of precisely how many orders have been created and how many units of inventory stock items they will need. In such cases, the purchase orders placed with their company’s various vendors. This smooths the process by reducing the number of purchase orders created in the system, and enables the items placed on negative stock to be added to existing purchase orders before they go out.

When making up sales orders, sometimes users may want to create them while not having the necessary quantity on hand. Negative stock enables users to create those sales orders, save them, and then eventually through the use of backordering, to receive the stock into their warehouses and replace the negative stock with actual items at some future date.

SIMMS Inventory Management software incorporates the concept of negative stock, which can be one of the most useful concepts for many businesses to coordinate their stock orders.

Accounting with SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012’s Accounting features provide a multitude of information for the expansion and improvement of your business. It contains many advanced management features for financial success and tracking. With a new interface, features are easier to use and let you decide which feature windows you add to your work area. Keep the features on the desktop that you use most and remove those that you don’t use, using an easy method of customized design. If you use SIMMS for sales, have the reports and windows you need display; if your co-worker is in the purchasing department, their main screen will display only the features that they use.

From budgeting to allocations, Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable, multi-currency management, cash processing, depreciation, as well as cash and fixed asset management, SIMMS lets you adjust on-the-fly and make significant changes as your customer base continues to grow.

Customizable and flexible, SIMMS can meet any of your business requirements, and works smoothly in combination with existing software. Balance between accounting and inventory processes has never been more complete and detailed than with SIMMS 2012, THE comprehensive accounting and inventory solution.

SIMMS 2012 – Cleaner & Easier

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software provides control of data pertaining to the receipt of goods, movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods as well as the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any given point in time.

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software provides your company with a major competitive advantage over competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information.

SIMMS Inventory Control Software has been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses. SIMMS Inventory Control Software gives everyone in the company total control and access, depending on the permissions assigned to the user, wherever they are – in a warehouse, in an office, behind a cash register, working from home, working from a remote location half way around the world, in a service truck, in front of a customer, at the loading/receiving dock, or in transit from one location to another.

SIMMS 2012 does more than simply automate your inventory control process; it also provides robust materials management. SIMMS clients enjoy functionality unmatched by any other provider in the market.

NEWS FLASH: SIMMS 2012 Online Version

SIMMS 2012 ONLINE is the newest version of the award-winning inventory and accounting software solution. Customer demand (which has huge importance to KCSI, the creators of SIMMS) has been very strong and the functionality of this new application is being enhanced as we you read this.

– Adding items by their UPC, item codes and/or item descriptions

– Selecting items by manufacturers lots, serial numbers and/or expiration dates


– Fields in the program can be enabled or disabled so that users can work with the information they need and avoid useless clutter on the windows.

– Transfers of items are now live when conducted on Windows Mobile device or Pocket PC with SIMMS Online, and additional features are being added every week.

To learn more about SIMMS 2012 Online, you can view the following:


Contact the KCSI sales department for all your information needs. SIMMS Online is available for purchase from sales@kcsi.ca. Use it for your inventory needs today.

SIMMS Video Walk-Through

Many aspects of SIMMS Inventory and Accounting Software can be viewed at the following URL:


Features like reporting, management of inventory items, transactions, barcoding, pricing, system settings and installation are all available in this detailed presentation, which enables you to quickly see what features that SIMMS has to suite your inventory and accounting needs.

More detailed and specific presentations of SIMMS software can be scheduled here, where you can interact with the presenter and have your questions and needs discussed one-on-one in a customized and personalized experience.

Check out SIMMS today by visiting the kornyk.com website, where all things SIMMS are front-and-center, just as your business concerns should be.

Improving Inventory Turnover Rates

Often we wonder how to improve our turnover rates, which are the true mark of inventory management success. Having the stock on hand to easily fill any orders made by customers is the ideal, because inventory is only worthwhile if it is available when it is needed, so that the goal of converting it back into capital as soon — and as often — as possible can be met. With SIMMS Inventory Management software you can track the items that sell, as well as the ones that do not, and make quick improvements to your bottom line.
Contact KCSI today to learn more about the advantages that SIMMS can bring to your business.

SIMMS: Simplicity and Precision in Equal Parts

Web authors everywhere — and in this day-and-age they really seem to exist EVERYWHERE — always want something. Perhaps it’s attention to fuel their tiny egos. Perhaps it’s because they want you to pay them money for some useless but pretty bauble. It just might be that they are some sort of genius and just like to have a web presence for their fans to bask in their glory. But on occasion, and only just occasionally, they might have something to say of value. They might just raise a point or two that settles an argument or provides a service. One such company is Kornyk Computer Solutions International. If you’re seeking an inventory management software solution, visit www.kornyk.com and spend a minute having a look at the SIMMS system. You’ll be glad you did.

The Right Inventory Software Solution Can Increase Your Bottom Line

A simple Web search gives you a myriad of options for an inventory software solution. It’s difficult to know which inventory management software will fit your needs, so here are some tips to find the system that is right for you.

Choose an Industry Leader Inventory control software is too important to leave to companies that haven’t proven their mettle. The best products come from companies that have deployed their software in a wide variety of industries like KCSI, from aerospace and apparel to manufacturing and sporting goods. Look for Robust Functionality, features to look for include:

  • Analytics: Information is critical to managing and growing your business, but you need more than numbers on a page to transform data into actionable information. Robust inventory control software will give you a range of customizable reporting options, including advanced analysis for the decision makers in your company.
  • Expiration Date Tracking: If your inventory includes time-sensitive products, your inventory software should track expiration dates from the moment they are received until they are shipped. Because expiration-related issues could crop up in the future, the software should also include the ability to track historical expiration date data.
  • Manufacturing: Smooth production cycles depend upon sound management of resource planning and production. The right software can allow you to gain a competitive advantage because it gives you the ability to respond quickly to the needs of your customers.
  • Remote Data Collection: The top inventory software providers can combine software and hardware solutions that will allow you to remotely access vendor and customer data, track inventory and fixed assets, and issue sales orders and receive purchase orders.
  • Retail Management: If you have retail locations, look for an inventory software solution that can increase the productivity of your employees, adjust inventory at point-of-sale, and automate purchasing.
  • And, of Course, Inventory Control: The inventory software solution that you choose should have the ability to track serial number, print barcodes, and store item images. It should allow you to define automatic reorder points, the purchase currency and cost, and the sales currency and cost. If you have unique pricing requirements, the software should allow you to assign different price points to the same item. It should also allow for manual counts and adjustments, as well as provide an audit trail for inventory adjustments.
  • Flexibility is Key: An inventory software solution should be robust, but it should also be flexible. If, for example, you deal in apparel, a module that tracks color, size, and style should be available. If your company provides service and returns, you may need a module that allows you to issue return merchandise authorization numbers, receive replacement items from your vendors, and issue replacement items to your customers.

Whichever inventory software solution you choose, make sure that it has both the features you need at the present time, and those that you may need in the future.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date information available in a form that enables you to make decisions in response to market demands.To learn more about subjects like Inventory Software Solutions or SIMMS Inventory Management Software, an Inventory Software Solution that delivers, please visit the web site at: http://www.kornyk.com

A Cricket in the Church

Poring over pages of data to assess your business, always look for the odd one fact that stands out — the so-called ‘cricket in the church’. It is ALWAYS significant, and either for good or bad. With hundreds of reports built in, SIMMS Inventory Management software helps you find that blatant example, and can help you either augment its success or eliminate its disastrous tendencies. Contact KCSI today to learn more about the SIMMS’ features that will help you the most.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software Gives you Increased Revenue

Many business people don’t realize that increased revenue doesn’t always mean sell more.  There are many internal systems and structures that can also be made more efficient for the purpose of increasing the bottom line.  One of the business systems that can be made more efficient through proper automation is inventory management.  Do you know how much of item A you are carrying?  Do you know what product you are selling out of the quickest?  Do you know where your products are and how quickly they are reaching their destination?  If you aren’t sure of these answers in your business you could be spending a lot of money needlessly.  Paying a live person to do these investigations for you is not cost effective.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software can automate and simplify all processes related to inventory management; thus increasing revenue for your business.

SIMMS is an advanced inventory management, accounting and manufacturing system that offers flexibility and growth.SIMMS Inventory Software is ready to use and easy to adapt and customize, it is today’s choice for dynamic businesses, both large and small, with an eye toward increased productivity and revenue.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software is a comprehensive business management solution that delivers the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing capabilities that allows users to operate more efficiently and profitably.  Some of these features include powerful drill-down capabilities, advanced reporting, phantom kitting and more. SIMMS Inventory Software also includes a full suite of modules that are easily customizable to meet a virtually unlimited variety of business needs regardless of your business.

With SIMMS Inventory Software, you can choose the end-to-end business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules. In addition, SIMMS Inventory Software offers seamless integration, including customer relationship management (CRM), Payroll, e-commerce and vertical solutions.

Here are some other benefits that SIMMS offers:

  • Stock limit notification when a sales person attempts to sell an out of stock item they are prompted with a choice to backorder or to override the alert provided they have permissions to do this.  Otherwise the user can always select from a list of alternative items to offer the customer; this enables the sales person to salvage a sale that would have normaly been lost due to the item being out of stock.
  • POS at your service boost your sales by using the SIMMS Point of Sale module.  This module gives you the till management functionality you need to succeed.
  • Drop ship easily process orders and have them drop shipped directly to your customer.
  • Reduce double entry High end functionality like the ability to create sales orders for purchase orders and vice versa all at once save you time and money.