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Global Business: When Multi-Currencies Become Necessary

SIMMS' Multi-Currency Module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and the ability to process transactions in any currency provides your business with a global competitive edge. User-defined exchange rates, as well as full EMU accreditation, and the ability to override currencies and exchange rate definitions at the transaction level make SIMMS' Multi-Currency Module for a robust and practical solution for your multi-currency needs.

Around the World in 80 Ways

True multi-currency features and functionality must be dependable. SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive accounting, purchasing and sales functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provides a global competitive edge for your business. With a smooth interface to maintain current currency parity rates, SIMMS keeps the process of payments and accounts in numerous currencies speedy and accurate. Contact KCSI today to find out more about making global sales easier.


SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency functionality to business of all sizes. Currencies from anywhere around the globe provide an edge over your competition. Unlimited currencies makes your accounting and sales details complete and easy, no matter where your vendors or customers are. Outstanding balances in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable can be both displayed and reported easily for all currencies in which you conduct business.

Processing payments is swift and efficient, and the ability to override default currencies for vendors, customers and/or items is complete. Full EMU accreditation is part of the process automatically. Different selling and buying rates are supported. Make easy updates to exchange rates as they fluctuate.

At the transaction level, changes can be adjusted or entered to keep the balances accurate and immediate. Checks can be printed in any currency to any individual checking accounts that users choose. Additionally, within a Point of Sale scenario, the user’s base currency or the customer’s base currency can be employed seamlessly at-the-moment of sale. The versatility of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module will make all these challenges simple to address at the time and will aid to the expansion of your business to anywhere in the world.