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SIMMS 2012 and Your Vendors

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software provides an unbroken link between its stock information and its standardized accounting features to provide you with the accurate data you require. From addition to subtraction of stock pieces, exact item count recording and management, complete financial data, and costing controls, you can do it all with SIMMS.

In regard to Vendor Costing, companies usually receive identical items from several different vendors based upon the best cost and convenient availability. In the SIMMS program, each item can be assigned vendor-specific aliases (names or numbers) and unique costs can be maintained for each vendor. This gives you the option to choose any vendor you want at any time.

As items are replaced by newer or different pieces from the vendor, and costs rise or fall accordingly, you can alter descriptions and monetary values easily, and lists of the new items can be produced in various report forms so your sales department can keep up with the pieces your company now offers.

You can also batch together multiple items from a single vendor onto one purchase order to streamline your SIMMS experience into one session that is both quick and easy, with the aliases helping the smooth and exact selection of items with their vendor-specific details. Thus, you’re always assured that items you need are clearly listed for your suppliers.

SIMMS 2012’s Vendor Costing features are yet another way to keep you doing more business in a more optimized method than your competitors. Your customers will thank you.

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SIMMS Advantage: The Drop Ship Method

Antiquated systems rarely still hold water in today’s market of international distribution and paper-thin overhead models. Sailing vessels evolved into power-driven craft able to meet tighter schedules without having to rely on the whim of favourable winds. Similarly, businesses with huge warehouses and large shipping staffs from the days of the Buy-Hold-Ship style have evolved to the medium-capacity and small-staffed Sell-Source-Ship style. Warehouse space is transitive because many businesses are able to drop-ship materials right from manufacturers to their customers, thereby eliminating the need for expensive storage bills and sky-high payroll responsibilities. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how you can quickly and easily manage inventory in transit between your suppliers and your customers — join the new wave of inventory management and avoid going down with the old ship.

Where’s Wall Dough?

With a supply chain management solution in place, a business can streamline and centralize their distribution strategy, to eliminate the logistical errors and lack of coordination that can lead to delays. You need your warehousing, ordering and shipping departments to be coordinated. SIMMS Inventory Management solution can help you do that. Using the newest technology to increase both versatility and accuracy, you can keep ahead of the curve and know what you need and where you need it long before the actual requests come in. Contact KCSI today to implement the most versatile and specific inventory management system on the market — SIMMS.

E-commerce Software Solutions from SIMMS Inventory Software Part II

As seen in the previous post SIMMS Inventory Software can more than handle all E-commerce functions and easily aligns a business’s online operations with their offline ones.  SIMMS Invdentory Software is more powerful than any other ecommerce software solution out there.  Here are some more featured of the inventory software.

An online business can easily import products from XML and Excel making existing files easy to import and customize in SIMMS.  SIMMS also supports a gift registry feature that can also be made anonymous; along with this comes the Wish List feature.  SIMMS Inventory Software also has a multilingual feature allowing an online store to dynamically run-time language switching. 

Everyone knows that the buzz word in ecommerce and any online store today is search engine!  SIMMS Inventory Software allows your ecommerce website to be search engine friendly, which means more visits to your online store, which means more sales.  A few of the search engine features SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution offers:

  • EVERY product, category, and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)…
  • Static Product & Category Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in  your store.
  • Google Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Google search engine submission method sanctioned by Google
  • Yahoo! Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Yahoo! search engine submission method sanctioned by Yahoo
  • Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags
  • Here is how SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solutions will benefit your online customers:Customer can view Order History
  • Customer has address book
  • Customer can easily re-order any prior order
  • Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer (similar to Amazon.com style checkout)
  • Recurring orders (e.g. for auto ship products, monthly subscription fees, monthly service type products, etc
  • Skip account creation on checkout

Another benefit to your online customer is the fact that SIMMS Ecommerce Solutions allow a myriad of payment options for your customer:

  • Credit Cards (Accept Credit Cards in Real Time: Cards can be processed & verified in real-time, or you can delay processing until a later time)
  • Check By Mail
  • e-Checks (Authorize.net and Itransact gateways)
  • C.O.D
  • Purchase Order
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Express
  • Request For Quote
  • MicroPay (this is also referred to as a Purse). Customer can put money in an account, and then purchase against it, or add to their balance
  • Gift Cards (coming soon)

To see even more benefits of SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution go to our site and receive your free invenotry software demo today!

Ecommerce Software Solutions from SIMMS Inventory Software Part I

Do you want your online store to run more effeciently?  Do you want a one-stop software solution that is feature-rich and offers shopping cart solutions for multi-channel online sales?  SIMMS Inventory Management Software solution allows integration with leading accounting, point of sale and fullfilment systems like SIMMS Inventory Software.  KCSI offers all professional services to help you set up your online store; this includes customization, operations and marketing.

Whether you’re a small merchant just getting started or a high volume seller looking to streamline and upgrade your online operations, SIMMS StoreFront has an e-commerce solution to meet your needs.  SIMMS E-Commerce Software Solution allows an online business to fully integrate its offline systems with its online operations allowing for greater efficiency and lower operations costs.  By offering integrations that allow merchants to synchronize their online and offline processes, including order details, inventory, product and customer information, SIMMS StoreFront is leading the market in addressing this demand.

General Features of SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution:

  • Store management done by admin control panel on web site
  • Provides complete web site solution, including shopping cart, content management, customer management etc
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited number of Content/HTML (topic) pages

Product Categorization Features:

  • Unlimited Number of categories & departments.
  • Categories and Departments can be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-departments)
  • Supports cross-matrix of products by category and department. E.g. a product can be mapped to the shoe category, in the women’s department
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category or department
  • Paged browsing for categories and sections: Keeps page size small, and optimizes user experience.
  • Customers have the option to “view all” on any page
  • Category, Department, and Manufacturer “names” can be renamed (e.g. “Brochures”, “Products”, “Car Parts”, whatever you need that is appropriate for your unique store site products
  • Disable buy buttons for specific products
  • Set Site to Wholesale Only (Prices not shown to general site customers)

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution fully supports all PayPal payment systems (PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout and regular PayPal).

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution takes care of all of your shipping needs.  Some of the shipping options featured in SIMMS are:

  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Item Shipping Costs
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Percent of Order Total
  • Specify All Orders As Free Shipping
  • Real Time Rates (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS)

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution is a robust solution for all businesses selling online.  Having one softare solution to streamline your offline processes with your online operations will increase efficiency and lower operation costs.  More Ecommerce Software Solutions features to follow.