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Handling Internal Office Supplies with SIMMS


Detailed inventory control and order processing in your business can be a simple and straight-forward task in consideration of office supplies. SIMMS 2013’s Office Supply Inventory Software can be used as a standalone system complete with multiple locations, inventory tracking, order processing and reporting.

Best Used For:

– Direct Resellers and Suppliers

– Internal Supply Organizations

– Office Supplies Storage/Disbursement

– Wholesale Distributors

With SIMMS 2013’s Office Supply Inventory Software you can:

– Allocate inventory to multiple orders and check status.

– Create a work-group connecting multiple workstations.

– Handle quarantine items and stock returns more efficiently.

– Import Purchase Orders and Pending Invoices for processing.

– Monitor the process of Inventory Items, Purchase Orders and Invoice information.

– Print Pick sheets with bin locations in logical walking sequence.

– Product Inquiries display quantities: On-hand, On-Order, Committed, and Allocated.

– Scan items coming into and going out of inventory.

– Set up multiple warehouses and storage areas to fit your order fulfillment process. – Use detailed reporting.

– View detailed stock and order status screens and set up detailed reporting capabilities.

For more information, email sales@kcsi.ca or visit www.simmssoftware.com.

Doing Business with SIMMS 2012

With SIMMS 2012 Inventory & Accounting Management software, you can handle all the requirements of your large or small company to provide the people in your warehouse and the people who work remotely — on the highway, in the office, at the cash register, or in a hotel room anywhere in the world. Or you can stand face-to-face with a customer while you access your stock and analytical data. You can provide the best in service, information and support. Orders can be placed with vendors for m0re stock, confirmed in their counts, and shipments from your warehouse — all can be processed checked, confirmed, and shipped in moments.

With SIMMS, you can also manage the main concerns you have, such as:

  1. Find Good Leads
  2. Hire the Right People
  3. Make Sure Information is Reported Correctly
  4. Properly Train Reps
  5. Compensate Sales Agents
  6. Limit Employee Turnover
  7. Use the Right Equipment

As well as helping you handle these problems, the wide variety and versatility of SIMMS give every advantage over its competitors, therefore passing these advantages on to you and your business. Here are but a few major features that SIMMS 2012 provides:

SIMMS can help you not just keep up with your business while you’re on the road, but also how it will enable its complete control no matter where you are — even if it’s just across town for coffee with a client. To learn more about how, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales kcsi.ca.

The Sales Process in SIMMS 2012

When you choose SIMMS 2012, information important for sales analysis becomes easily accessible. Numerous tools and processes help you improve the quality of your decision making and contributes to a more accurate analysis of your profit standing. While you transfer stock, place sales orders and fill backorders,  all transactions related to sales provide much-needed data so that you can make improvements to inventory management and help you advocate sound sales plans and practices.

With SIMMS you can also process requests for quotes (RFQ) and place orders quickly, and the information flow remains easy and quick as you add to existing information in the system or enter initial data about the newest shipments received. As you ship stock out of the system, details such as availability, costing, price groups in existence, bulk sales rates, shipping details, order status and many other sales details are all available instantly and can be confirmed for their precision and importance. The complete arsenal of SIMMS’ sales information remains available for best choices regarding beneficial policies and customer service and satisfaction can remain your points of focus.

Historical information for both quotes and sales orders are maintained by SIMMS, and their information stays at the fingertips of your sales staff. This increases department-wide communications of the most current and accurate information. A precise sales process makes any and all sales history an invaluable condition of customer satisfaction. With this clearly defined main goal, your warehouse will function as the fluid entity it needs to be for you to maintain your advantage over the competition.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com today or email sales@kcsi.ca to learn more about the importance of a precise sales policy, where shipping orders and item tracking come together in one easy-to-use inventory/accounting software package.


SIMMS Help With Decisions

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software composites information about your business to allow you to make decisions about your business as well as helping you to make changes for its improvement. With the advantage of customizing reports for the more useful collection of financial data on each report, where you hand-pick content that permits your departments to view the precise numbers and trends that are significant.

In addition, SIMMS helps you monitor and manage your transactions with ease and accuracy. Having integrated all types of data from every aspect of your business, SIMMS collects and compiles purchase orders, inventory, General Ledger, kitting, Receivables, sales orders, and item details into the most accurate and complete reporting content on the software market today.

Presentations about your business allow you to see the “big picture” while also helping you find and adjust the small things that can result in choices of vital importance. The dynamic and fastidious attention to detail that you gain the fastest and easiest control over your company than at any other time in its existence. Using deep analysis, transactional precision and immediate access, SIMMS 2012 represents the most comprehensive package for the twin areas of concern — accounting and inventory — in either a multi-level hierarchy or on a simple columnar view.

Visit www.simmsoftware.com today or email sales @kcsi.ca for more information on how SIMMS 2012 can benefit you and your business.



SIMMS 2012: Wireless & Batch Advantages

Managing your inventory can be done in superior fashion through an affordable and precise method: Wireless Data Collection. With SIMMS 2012, Windows Mobile technology drives the top-ranked inventory monitoring and management system.

  • Use the hardware of your choice, provided it runs Windows Mobile and you’re moments away from being up-and-running.
  • Move freely about your franchise and conduct business, from ordering stock to receiving it, from physical counts to the entire range of sales processes – all on the data collector screen.
  • Data and transaction entries have never been easier or quicker than your data collector and SIMMS 2012. Process a once-a-day batch of all your transfers, sales and receipts, or take advantage of the full instantaneous wireless capability, entering things only once and having the records and stock immediately show on the real-time screen.
  • Your staff in the warehouse as well as those in sales, receiving and shipping can manage bar codes, manufacturer’s lots and serial numbers on-the-spot and generate comparisons, inventory counts and instantaneous reports. Gathering data, validating it, and analyzing it is done as you need it.

With Windows Mobile and SIMMS 2012, you’ll have a finger on the pulse of your business and every profit and loss will be readily available for assessment and improvements could be implemented on-the-fly.

Contact KCSI today by e-mail here for more information on how remote data collection and SIMMS 2012 will help your business and your inventory achieve its very best. Visit our website for a visit to the most comprehensive inventory and accounting package on the market today: SIMMS 2012.

Stock and Money Management with SIMMS

Managing the stock items you receive from your vendors has never been easier than with SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software. Here are some pointers to use to save you money on inventory costs:

The Handling of Freight
Do yourself a big favor when preparing shipments by keeping the sizes of your packages to the very minimum. Billing rates are very much affected by the dimension of the package and its weight. Hence the use of bubble wrap and the fact that items barely fit into the box in which they arrived. You should have a box big enough to contain the three widgets someone ordered but also have on hand the box small enough to contain the single one someone else ordered. Stock up on packaging that is just big enough and you’ll save a lot of money over the course of the year.

An additional advantage in dealing with freight is to know that certain shipping businesses offer deals to their best customers, so become one of their best customers. FedEx, for instance, often give away laptops, gadgets or other rewards to those customers who steadily use them. Check all the shipping companies for such special offers and take advantage of them. It’s your money, after all, so why not ship with a company that gives you the best deal?

Define the Costs of Returned Items With Each Vendor
Some items will in all likelihood have to be returned because of defects or breakdowns. If you have not coordinated an expense policy with a new vendor, they will attempt to ding you with the entire expense of processing the return. So make it clear before any returned item occurs exactly where you both stand on the issue of the expenses likely to occur in the process, from shipping, to processing, to return fees (if any). Pay particular attention to the cost of shipping the replacement to your customers – that should be the vendor’s expense, not yours. SIMMS 2012’s Service and Returns features will help you stay on top of these processes.

Payment Terms Should Suit Both the Vendors and You
Focus attention on payment terms for 30/60/90 days to ease your cash flow challenges. Take advantage of every extended period you can get before payments are due and when the period has matured, pay promptly and completely. Remember it’s your money until you have to pay it out, so make it work for you as much as possible. SIMMS 2012 is flexible in regard to vendor payment terms, so take advantage of the option. One additional note: if your vendor gives a discount for paying early, pay early!

Ultimately, Negotiate All Details With Your Vendors
Many vendors will provide samples of newer items in their catalog (if you have not ever received them before). You can test the new items and catalog them early if they work alright, and you can do up special sales prices for them since they are new and your customers can try them at reduced expense, especially if you got them as free samples.

Furthermore, ask for discounts from your vendors. Many of them will agree to up to 10 or 15 per cent off of their wholesale prices for orders of even small volumes, in concert with any special rates they have for particular items. SIMMS 2012 allows you to enter these reduced charges upon receipt of items into the system.

Order Stock in the Middle of the Week
Lastly, it’s helpful to know that most wholesalers receive the bulk of their orders on the first and last days of the week. Avoid mistakes due to rush orders by fitting your orders in on late Tuesdays and early Wednesdays and your orders will likely be more correct and arrive closer to their expected times of arrival.

For more ways that SIMMS can help your money and stock management, visit www.simmssoftware.com or contact our staff by e-mailing sales@kcsi.ca today.

SIMMS 2012 and Your Vendors

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software provides an unbroken link between its stock information and its standardized accounting features to provide you with the accurate data you require. From addition to subtraction of stock pieces, exact item count recording and management, complete financial data, and costing controls, you can do it all with SIMMS.

In regard to Vendor Costing, companies usually receive identical items from several different vendors based upon the best cost and convenient availability. In the SIMMS program, each item can be assigned vendor-specific aliases (names or numbers) and unique costs can be maintained for each vendor. This gives you the option to choose any vendor you want at any time.

As items are replaced by newer or different pieces from the vendor, and costs rise or fall accordingly, you can alter descriptions and monetary values easily, and lists of the new items can be produced in various report forms so your sales department can keep up with the pieces your company now offers.

You can also batch together multiple items from a single vendor onto one purchase order to streamline your SIMMS experience into one session that is both quick and easy, with the aliases helping the smooth and exact selection of items with their vendor-specific details. Thus, you’re always assured that items you need are clearly listed for your suppliers.

SIMMS 2012’s Vendor Costing features are yet another way to keep you doing more business in a more optimized method than your competitors. Your customers will thank you.

Learn more by clicking here.

ToolTip: Transferring Inventory to Fill Sales Orders

Today’s ToolTip comes from KCSI Technical Writer Marc Kondylis:
Transfer Inventory to Fill a Sales Order
From the Fulfillment Manager, you can transfer items from one location to another. This is useful when there is insufficient inventory of an item in its original location on the sales order, and there is available inventory in another location.
1. On the Modules menu, point to Sales Orders, and then click Fulfillment Manager.

The Fulfillment Manager window opens.

2. Under Filter Options, click Query Data.

Your search results are listed in the Fulfillment Manager’s grid.

3. Under Recalculation, click the Recalculate Fill Quantity button.

The Recalculation report opens.

This report lists any items that have insufficient inventory to fill their sales order. In addition, the report lists any location that has available stock to fill the sales order.

4. A dialog box opens asking if you want to create a transfer, click Yes.

SIMMS creates a draft transfer for all eligible items on your sales orders, and opens the Transfer window.

5. Click the Edit icon in the toolbar.

If required, edit your transfer. For example you can change the quantity of the item being transferred or the location from which it is transferred.

6. Click the Save icon in the toolbar.

To view any transfer you have previously created for an item, select the item in the grid, and then under Actions, click the Show Transfer button.

Clearing the Decks: When Old Stock Orders Have Remained in the System Long Enough

Often time in business, your sales staff generate great numbers of quotes and sales orders that spill out to numerous new or existing customers. Great deals are offered, sale periods come and go, volume discounts change with the moon. If every offer to every recipient turned into a deal, the salesmen could name their own makes of automobile as their prizes. But we all know that blanket offers are only taken advantage of by an unknown number of clients as they are offered. When deals and offers expire, it can be a bookkeeping headache to go back and cancel all the fish hooks that went unbitten.

SIMMS Inventory Management software includes a feature that handles such expired paperwork for you. Both quotes and sales orders can be assigned expiration dates, in number of days. Any expired sales orders and quotes will become instantly known by becoming alerts for the sales agents when they log into SIMMS. An additonal feature can be employed to further ‘clean the decks’: quotes and sales orders can be set to automatically be deleted from the system if they have not been processed within a designated period of time.

SIMMS Inventory Management software provides more ready information than its competitors, and by understanding the needs of various departmental employees it will remain on the leading edge of business application packages in future. Check out a free trial download of SIMMS today by clicking here.

Landed Costing

SIMMS Inventory Management software contains the landed costing features required to make this important process easy. All cost elements for purchased items are identified, while concurrently the progress of orders and their shipments are tracked in real-time. Both lot and serial numbers allow users to track stock in the system and allow their easy assignment to sales projects or orders, while building a shipment and sales history. Warehouse costs can be updated automatically, allowing smooth and simple posting of all landed cost prices. In addition, several orders can be combined into single shipments, saving you time and money on orders made through your decided vendors.

Other available features include the ablity to use FIFO (First-In, First-Out) allocation of goods to track your costs. Generally, items are “pre-costed” before the shipment arrives, and their separate costs are allotted based on several criteria such as weights, value, quantities and/or volume, depending on your needs. When combined with SIMMS’ General Ledger module, your actual expenses and revenue can be pinpointed, allowing your best decisions to be made quickly and soundly, down to the level of separate bills of costs for a single item.

To see more on the SIMMS’ Landed Costing features, read more by clicking here, or gain access to a video illustrating the features here.