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The Practical Ghost: Using the Concept of Zero Stock

SIMMS Inventory Accounting software permits users to track stock counts &#mdsh; including those for Zero Stock &#mdsh; in all designated locations from storerooms, warehouses, vehicles or any other designated areas. Some businesses wish to retain a constant or minimal count in these separate locations, and for that purpose, users can designate reorder points in the system to alert them that the stock counts have fallen to a certain amount. Some users wish to see which locations are completely out of stock for certain items, and SIMMS' Zero Stock feature will supply this information.

Numerous stock reports in SIMMS allow for a wide variety of analytical and empirical date to be viewed, and while some companies wish to view their items with a zero count, other companies may not. This option is simply chosen for display or suppression, based solely on the user’s requirements.

Before or during physical counts taken to confirm stock accuracy, many may wish to show only items with a positive counts, while others wish to view items that have fallen to zero counts. Either is easily chosen as reporting options. An additional option permits the clearing of all zero stock items from the basic stock reports so that physical count checklists bear only those items with a positive count. These Zero Stock options are yet another detail that makes reporting in SIMMS quick and easy for any user.