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SIMMS Inventory Incorporates Invention

A man arrives at the warehouse before anyone else on a Monday morning. He knows that he will — according to orders left for him at the previous day’s end — have to order, place and pull ‘X amount’ of stock from the warehouse shelves before his work day is complete. Using many inventory systems, he will have to guess, borrow, or imagine various amounts in place to be able to achieve his goal. His lots for the day — the REAL target/goal/finish line — will have to be invented as the day progresses, and that he will have to invent tomorrow just as he was forced to invent today.

SIMMS Inventory Management software allows him to begin or continue or resolve numerous challenges presented to him from all departments of the company as they arise. Provided that the program has been used properly, and defaults set up for him (and BY him) on the previous day will come across his desk today. The tasks ahead of him will be plainer, simpler and easier to complete than if he were using any other system. This situation is due to him realizing that all the options have been already set to guarantee him less time on the computer and less time worrying.

SIMMS achieves this by providing more real-life, actual time examples for him, and lets him believe that tomorrow will be better than today. He can trust that his work day will be both practical and something that he can idealize. Contact KCSI to find out how challenges, both large and small, can be reduced and eliminated. Let your requirements become our solutions — today.