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It’s Da BOM

The picking sheets come in. The stock comes in. Then the Production Manager comes in looking for the finished assemblies because the Shipping Department has orders ready to exit the bay and wants to know what else can go. In the mass of pressure and particular concerns that each project/kit build has, it’s nice to be able to rely on computer software that helps you keep everything straight while you maintain the alloted production curve. SIMMS Inventory Management software makes your assembly/kitting/BOM experience a snap, because at any time — even days in advance — you can forecast what items you will need to get the job done. And then the next job. Shipments continue to go out. And then what’s coming in is the money, order after order.
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When we have too much time spent as slaves to technology, our regular tasks become delayed and we begin mentally stacking them like boxes on a shelf. If we are not careful, we get to the point where we cannot see the back row of boxes. SIMMS Inventory Management software enables us to spend more time working and less time waiting for our technology to serve us. Schedules, logs and comments, alerts, time and stock assignments and departmental criteria can all be seen and absorbed to before their deadlines arrive, and the basic flow of human business can continue uninterrupted. With a vast array of analytical reports, we can use SIMMS to anticipate any challenges and while we may be forced to wait for stock at times, other projects can be shifted to and production can continue unabated.
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