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Quotes in SIMMS Online


With SIMMS Online, you can be working on your iPad from your customer site, create a quote and email on the spot direct to your customer. You can also not only print and save your reports to your desktop, but now you can email your reports on the spot,

Click the email icon to the right of the report header. If you are sending a sales transaction, the email address will automatically be the address associated to your contact record. Otherwise you will have the ability to override or enter your own address.


For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca.

Clearing the Decks: When Old Stock Orders Have Remained in the System Long Enough

Often time in business, your sales staff generate great numbers of quotes and sales orders that spill out to numerous new or existing customers. Great deals are offered, sale periods come and go, volume discounts change with the moon. If every offer to every recipient turned into a deal, the salesmen could name their own makes of automobile as their prizes. But we all know that blanket offers are only taken advantage of by an unknown number of clients as they are offered. When deals and offers expire, it can be a bookkeeping headache to go back and cancel all the fish hooks that went unbitten.

SIMMS Inventory Management software includes a feature that handles such expired paperwork for you. Both quotes and sales orders can be assigned expiration dates, in number of days. Any expired sales orders and quotes will become instantly known by becoming alerts for the sales agents when they log into SIMMS. An additonal feature can be employed to further ‘clean the decks’: quotes and sales orders can be set to automatically be deleted from the system if they have not been processed within a designated period of time.

SIMMS Inventory Management software provides more ready information than its competitors, and by understanding the needs of various departmental employees it will remain on the leading edge of business application packages in future. Check out a free trial download of SIMMS today by clicking here.