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SIMMS 2013’s Shipping and Receiving


SIMMS 2013 coordinates your receiving and shipping processes, making both smoother and quicker while adding tracking to all important information needed for shipments. Detailed packing slips help you to limit reduce your manual handling while picking lists streamline the order filling you need to perform.

SIMMS 2013 helps you satisfy your customers by coordinating direct shipping from invoices or sales orders as well as from the Fulfillment Manager. Delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping can be seen before any problems become apparent. You have constant view of upcoming shipments and shipments that are already underway. Shipments to the same customer from different orders are easily monitored and detailed box labels make your tracking process easier and more accurate.

Packing slips can be generated from invoices, sales orders and the Fulfillment Manager so when the shipping department picks items from the packing slip, data remains both precise and useful.

SIMMS 2013’s Shipping and Receiving features also empower you to:

• Combine multiple orders into single shipments and save money.

• Enter several lines of instructions in the Shipping Manager if you have important shipping information that needs to accompany the shipment.

• Enter shipment ETAs by selecting the date the shipment is expected in the Estimated Arrival Date field.

• Issue/receive items from/to more than one stock location on a single invoice/receipt.

• Modify receipts to incorporate freight costs and handling charges levied by vendors at a later date. Simply add a line item in the receipt with the price and description of the charge then re-save the receipt.

• Select alternate ship-to locations at the stage of shipping or add a new ship-to address on the fly.

• Track the dates of each shipment automatically by configuring inventory items with their default weights. SIMMS then utilizes this information when shipping (although you can override the weight at the shipping stage if you require).

• Track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment by assigning each box a label and assigning orders (or individual items from orders) to each box within a shipment. This gives you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what labels were assigned to each of the boxes.

Timely and accurate shipping and receiving is a necessity for any business of repute. For more information on how SIMMS 2013 can help you achieve your best levels ever, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today!