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Point of Sale with SIMMS 2013


SIMMS 2013’s POS (Point of Sale) process makes cash register automation a new high standard. You can track administration, manage charge account information, customer habits, purchases, administration, and printing included in a simple and seamless integrated solution.

You gain powerful accounting capabilities and expansive inventory control management within a single system.

SIMMS’ featured point of sale software solution that combines data and function to produce more effective asset and cash management. In a familiar Windows format, it is flexible and efficient, providing your retail business with cutting edge technology and instant comprehensive control to help your business grow.

SIMMS 2013 POS is a breeze to setup and empowers you process sales transactions for any retail company. You gain back the time to enhance your customer’s shopping experience and gives you the tools necessary to analyze and increase your sales and improve profitability. SIMMS is an ideal match for both single stores and multiple retail outlets and will automate your company simply and quickly, handling the tasks of daily inventory of your stock and managing your vendors and customers.

If your future emphasizes precision and growth, SIMMS’ POS will lead you there. For more information on POS, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.