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Service and Returns with SIMMS 2013


The customers of today have countless advantages because every company is out to gain their business. To stay competitive, your company’s process must include some very specialized levels of service, sales tracking and problem resolutions. The process of Service and Returns is one such challenge for distributors and manufacturers.

To outdistance your competition, you will need a comprehensive and integrated return management process to boost customer satisfaction and save you time.

With SIMMS 2013’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) feature, returns and replacements are handled easily and accurately.

Generate RMA/RTV Reports
You can print important RMA/RTV related reports in SIMMS to always keep you up-to-date with the progress of everything in your Service and Returns department.

Purchase History Tracking
Use SIMMS to view each customer’s purchase history. Using the Service and Returns module you can process RMAs for items, determine from which sales transactions the items were related, and once items are repaired or replaced, then process the items on the completed RTV back into your system and finally back out to their customers.

Repair or Destroy Items
In SIMMS, you can track every detail of the fix and/or destroy process that your company provides.

(RTV) Return to Vendor
SIMMS handles the details of sending items back to vendor and/or manufacturers for repair.

Serial Number & Lot Tracking
SIMMS tracks all serial numbers and lot numbers for the RMA items involved in every transaction.

Warranty Tracking
SIMMS updates you when items pass their warranty coverage as you complete each RMA-IN document. You can thus prevent items from flowing into your shop with expired warranties.

Service and Returns are handled with priority and professional care in SIMMS 2013. You will notice immediately the thoroughness and speed of SIMMS to manage all of your RMA/RTV needs. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to find out more.

RMAs and RTVs with SIMMS 2013


Accuracy and immediate tracking of items is one of the strengths of the SIMMS system, and new users can quickly add the warranty data to items that are received on invoices in combination with other stock. Once received with assigned data, stock in the system carries that data permanently, which allows for your customer’s satisfaction and provides valuable data about those items that may have a consistent record of required repairs and/or replacements. All these features add to SIMMS’ ability to provide its users with THE info they need right when they need it.

Using SIMMS’ extensive Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Return to Vendor (RTV) features, your customers should never have to wait long for their replacement or repair of items under warranty. Drop-ships of items directly from an item’s vendors is yet another feature to streamline this process. Settings in SIMMS allow for easy access to items that may have passed their warranty dates so that users can avoid beginning the replacement or repair process as any RMAs come into the system.

SIMMS’ Warranty Tracking allows for easy access to warranteed items and the smooth access to warranty information so that the replacement or repair processes can be begun or their progress can be followed. Warranties can be assigned upon an item’s manufacture or receipt into the system.

POS (Point of Sale) with SIMMS 2012

Adding to its many practical features, SIMMS 2012 contains a modular interface f0r retail businesses called POS (Point of Sale). With SIMMS POS, you can manage charge accounts and gift cards, administration tasks, tracking of customer habits and purchases, and sales slip printing in one comprehensive and integrated program.  Bringing together stock control, item transfers, accounting features, location management, and terminal sales and item returns, you can do everything you need for your retail outlet with speed and precision.

Combining functionality and instant data coordination for more effective cash management, SIMMS’s POS is simple to use, and screens are displayed in the familiar SIMMS-Windows graphical interface, enhanced by state-of-the-art design and capability to interface with a wide selection of peripherals from slip and barcode printers, display poles and choices of monitors.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com to learn more or email sales@kcsi.ca for any point-of-sale questions you might have.

Accounts Payable in SIMMS 2012

With SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software you can quickly edit documents at any time before interaction with the General Ledger. Adding notes on individual suppliers, accessing all documents associated with transactions, and reporting on all transactions to date are done easily and directly on-screen. Checks are issuable from a single screen, and their approval can occur on-screen before actually printing them.

Accounts Payable is is of primary importance to every business and its details should not exist without being visible and controllable. As the accounting strength of SIMMS continues to grow as new versions appear, numerous features will be added to give you the advantage you need to process all all your financial needs.

  • Process payments and vendor discounts
  • Manage expenses
  • Track cash requirements
  • Examine aging payables

Meeting commitments in a timely fashion does not need to challenge cash flow requirements. Obligations to your vendors, currency trading and accurate recording of your transactions are all immediate in the Accounts Payable module of SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management System.

Learn more about how it can help you today here.

Sound Business Advice is Invaluable

When planning to expand your company and take it into areas in which you can expand your success, it is invaluable to have available others who have been successful themselves. Get to know people who have taken their businesses into areas that you want to go. A social exchange of ideas can be immensely helpful and can bring focus to your own plans by keeping the steps of your plan simple and to the point.

The insight of successful clients goes a long way towards your own success as well as opening up the field of new customers to you. A great many smaller businesses have grown in parallel with the growth of their own clients’ success. In addition, having someone else to bounce ideas off of can build your own confidence as well as keeping communication flowing. Phone calls, e-mails and business lunches may lead to the discovery of a mutual campaign that will benefit both parties.

Executives that have such friendly resources no further away than a phone call are far more likely to be headed in the right direction than others who drift from point to point of their plans and never devote the adequate time and resources to each structured phase.

Relationships with people who are already entrepreneurs lead potentially to back-channel conversations with every client they have. Advice on budget cycles can be the difference between success and failure. Learn to build your stable of smart people. It will go a long way towards saving time and money and will earn you nothing but the improvement of your business and increased revenue.

Stock Analytics Help Your Business Grow

Your best choice for stock management must start with reliable and robust analytics that work in parallel with its practical purchasing and sales tools.

The analysis of your profit margin, pricing rates and overviews of your day-to-day sales are crucial needs for you to stay competitive. Combining this with reducing expenses, you are certain to be able to track how your revenue has improved. Critical assessment and planning for the growth of your company come through the ability to transform information into practical decisions.

Ultimately, you need a comprehensive inventory management package to handle the specifics of your industry, whether it is manufacturing, apparel, warehousing, aerospace, or various other fields. A software package based on years of experience and practical application in numerous types of enterprises is the minimum requirement.

Both customizable and rich in features, take a look at SIMMS Inventory Management software today and you’ll discover that your needs are met with room to spare.

SIMMS Makes Returning Goods Easy

If customer satisfaction is your goal, then you need to provide answers and solutions. One of the more challenging but necessary customer service features is the replacement of goods that have become faulty through design or disfunction. Items arrive at the customer either not functioning or perhaps even when unordered (the customer orders three widgets and receives four accidentally). This RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) process must be competent and immediate. The SIMMS Inventory Management Software Solution masters this process for you, with infinite tracking capabilities and precise detail coordination. If your business has the responsibility of managing returned items, contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can make this important feature easy-to-use and accurate.

Tracking Items That Come Back: The Need for Accuracy in Service and Returns

To stay competitive, virtually every company needs to process customer returns. As today’s customers demand a more specialized level of service, tracking and resolving these returns can be an increasing challenge. With the SIMMS Service and Returns Module, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process handles returns and replacements with ease. You can handle every return with one flexible solution.

Does your customer want credit, a replacement, a substitution or a repair? The SIMMS Service and Returns Module feature makes it easy to handle all of this—and when a customer has an urgent replacement need, RMA even lets you easily create a cross-shipment entry. This gives you an accurate record of items shipped before returns are received, and one more opportunity to build complete customer satisfaction. This module creates a new level of integration for maximum efficiency.

With the SIMMS Service and Returns Module, you can easily print receiving documents to alert warehouse personnel of pending returns. After the goods are received and inspected, they can be returned to inventory, identified as items for repair, or scrapped. Then, SIMMS automatically generates all the appropriate transactions, including replacement orders, purchase orders, and vendor returns. This complete end-to-end solution saves many hours of data entry and eliminates the need to search through file drawers for supporting historical documents.

The RMA inquiry feature makes it easy to determine the status of a return whether or not it has been received. And the Return Reason Report shows you which items have been returned, who is returning them, and the reason why so that you can quickly identify possible problems.

Master your service and returns with the SIMMS Service and Returns Module.

Customer Returns: The Reality of RMA’s

SIMMS Service and Returns module enables both RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and RTV (Return to Vendor) processes to optimize stock returns to your customers and vendors. Tracking is made simple, and the steps toward item repairs, substitutions, replacements and/or credits for the items are bundled into a comprehensive and simple sequence.

Create cross shipments when you need them to expedite the satisfaction of your customers. Pending returns enter the system and help in the work and information flow for your warehouses. Once goods are received, return them to inventory, mark them for repair, or assign them to scrap. Return items to be repaired to your vendors, receive their replacements or process their fixes in-house. Check the status of any RMA case from its first step to its last.

SIMMS’ Service & Returns module helps you keep on top of your customers’ needs and increase your levels of effectiveness and success, all of which is achieved through the fully-integrated, streamlined process that is standard procedure for the SIMMS Inventory Management System.

Let’s Get Serial

SIMMS Serial Number Tracking system manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information.
The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendors or when verifying a returned item from your customers.
Rich and simple to use, SIMMS’ Serial Number Manager is a great weapon in your arsenal of accuracy and practicality. Contact KCSI today to find out more.