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Service and Returns with SIMMS 2013


The customers of today have countless advantages because every company is out to gain their business. To stay competitive, your company’s process must include some very specialized levels of service, sales tracking and problem resolutions. The process of Service and Returns is one such challenge for distributors and manufacturers.

To outdistance your competition, you will need a comprehensive and integrated return management process to boost customer satisfaction and save you time.

With SIMMS 2013’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) feature, returns and replacements are handled easily and accurately.

Generate RMA/RTV Reports
You can print important RMA/RTV related reports in SIMMS to always keep you up-to-date with the progress of everything in your Service and Returns department.

Purchase History Tracking
Use SIMMS to view each customer’s purchase history. Using the Service and Returns module you can process RMAs for items, determine from which sales transactions the items were related, and once items are repaired or replaced, then process the items on the completed RTV back into your system and finally back out to their customers.

Repair or Destroy Items
In SIMMS, you can track every detail of the fix and/or destroy process that your company provides.

(RTV) Return to Vendor
SIMMS handles the details of sending items back to vendor and/or manufacturers for repair.

Serial Number & Lot Tracking
SIMMS tracks all serial numbers and lot numbers for the RMA items involved in every transaction.

Warranty Tracking
SIMMS updates you when items pass their warranty coverage as you complete each RMA-IN document. You can thus prevent items from flowing into your shop with expired warranties.

Service and Returns are handled with priority and professional care in SIMMS 2013. You will notice immediately the thoroughness and speed of SIMMS to manage all of your RMA/RTV needs. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today to find out more.

Accounting with SIMMS

SIMMS Business Accounting Software is a group of rich-featured modules that cover all areas of accounting business management. Designed for companies with up to 1,000 employees, SIMMS is a comprehensive financial management solution forming the foundation for the entire suite of applications, including fixed asset management, advanced budgeting, currency trader management, multi-currency management, cash management and advanced allocations.

More SIMMS Accounting Software Features:

Accounts Receivable: Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes and add automatic calculations to your procedure to avoid errors and duplicate entries. SIMMS Accounting Software effectively automates and manages any business’s collection process thus improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Payable: SIMMS Accounting Software has several options that will streamline the approval process, automate vendor related tasks and simplify voucher entries to make any business run more efficiently.

General Ledger: The SIMMS General Ledger features allow any business to process internal transactions, establish flexible accounting periods and budgets and perform future postings. SIMMS Accounting Software puts a business in control of financial data by providing quick access to critical data.

Banking, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Management: This module of SIMMS Accounting Software allows for automatic cash transactions and secure record keeping. This accounting software allows for quick and accurate reconciliations of all bank accounts as well as performs bank transactions with accuracy.

Canadian Payroll: Easypay Payroll is a Canadian software product developed and supported in Canada. Easypay is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and SIMMS Software offers a direct interface to this Canadian Payroll solution.

Quickbook Links: QuickBooks users can view SIMMS Invoices, Credits, Sales Summary, Payments, Bills, and other transactions for any linked contact.

Multi-currency Management: Maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, leveraging the ability to update exchange rates daily, and post realized and unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.

SIMMS Accounting Software is fully customizable and flexible and can meet any business’s needs whether a small or large business. SIMMS Accounting Software works in conjunction with existing software.

Book a SIMMS 2012 demonstration here.

The Need for the Quarterly Business Review

Businesses no matter what the size succeed or fail for many reasons. Persistence, hard work, the appeal of a product/service, marketing, customer demand or need can all play a part. Some say it is about luck; others say it is about ‘right time, right place’.

Most companies, divisions and departments fail because they have not thought through their strategic business plan after writing it, and instead merely put it on the shelf to never be looked at again. Many business owners and company leaders get tied up working “in” their business rather than working “on” their business, and therefore never really taking the time to plan the future.

For the successful organization, it not only needs a strategy followed by a practical business plan, but also requires the creation of a vision and a subsequent mission statement, to be followed by the implementation of that plan and regular checks of results throughout the year. Your best gauge of this progress is a Quarterly Business Review.

The Quarterly Business Review starts with analysis of the goals of the business:
a) Are they being accomplished?
b) What is the dollar impact?
c) Who is accountable?

Next a review of the organization is warranted:

1) Operations (new development, waste and production)
2) Sales and marketing
3) Talent and time management

Based on the results of the review, companies should have a good understanding of where they are stand and what still needs to be achieved. It is important to develop your plan and check each quarter that the business is meeting the stated goals. The wise suggestion is to examine the strategic plan every three months to confirm that the business is on the right track. If it is not, there is still the opportunity to correct it rather than waiting for year-end to be unhappily surprised.

Know Your Market

The more specific your product is, the more limited the number of your potential customers are. You need to build upon a precise plan by doing the following:

– Know what your competitors are doing and be on the lookout for potential competitors.

– Identify the needs of your customers and meet them more effectively than the competition.

– Price your product strategically by knowing your break-even point. You must know the per unit cost of your production versus the price you need to charge to recover that cost. Keeping your production cost as low as possible will result in your lower price attracting customers to your product.

– Have a well-defined market that you know well, and build your niche within it.

– Pursue marketing efforts only toward the exact people you are targeting as customers. Having a narrowly defined group of customers is how you will build your business.

– Promotion of your business must be an ongoing process. Tell everyone.

Is Your Brand Strong Enough to Compete?

In today’s competitive market, you have to clarify for yourself — and others — what makes your product the perfect choice.

A brand must portray its company, and be a strong representative of your company. It is a part of the continuous character of your company, and should represent the commitment of your business, and its willingness to be both modern and innovative.

Your brand succeeds because of its relevance to customers, its likability to new people coming to your product, and as something that is obviously fresh and professional.

A good brand sells itself, it has been said, and if you think of the most successful name brands out there in any field, you’ll begin to understand what strong branding can do for you.

A brand must be like a fingerprint that everybody recognizes, and the quality of your product must go hand in hand with the public’s trust in how well it works. Everything the brand represents must be the sum total of best of your company’s goals and its track record in the past.

Lastly, your brand needs to be protected. It must be copyrighted and registered as a trademark so that the only party contributing to the solidity of your brand is you.

SIMMS Advantage: The Drop Ship Method

Antiquated systems rarely still hold water in today’s market of international distribution and paper-thin overhead models. Sailing vessels evolved into power-driven craft able to meet tighter schedules without having to rely on the whim of favourable winds. Similarly, businesses with huge warehouses and large shipping staffs from the days of the Buy-Hold-Ship style have evolved to the medium-capacity and small-staffed Sell-Source-Ship style. Warehouse space is transitive because many businesses are able to drop-ship materials right from manufacturers to their customers, thereby eliminating the need for expensive storage bills and sky-high payroll responsibilities. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how you can quickly and easily manage inventory in transit between your suppliers and your customers — join the new wave of inventory management and avoid going down with the old ship.

SIMMS: Simplicity and Precision in Equal Parts

Web authors everywhere — and in this day-and-age they really seem to exist EVERYWHERE — always want something. Perhaps it’s attention to fuel their tiny egos. Perhaps it’s because they want you to pay them money for some useless but pretty bauble. It just might be that they are some sort of genius and just like to have a web presence for their fans to bask in their glory. But on occasion, and only just occasionally, they might have something to say of value. They might just raise a point or two that settles an argument or provides a service. One such company is Kornyk Computer Solutions International. If you’re seeking an inventory management software solution, visit www.kornyk.com and spend a minute having a look at the SIMMS system. You’ll be glad you did.

The SIMMS Choice: Speed and Accuracy

Have you ever felt that software companies are just this abstract collection of nameless, faceless grubbers who only want your money? Of course you have, because many of them are. But if you take pride in your software and you just happen to be a bunch of honest people who truly care about their clients’ needs and have built and rebuilt their software packages to truly provide value for money, then visit www.kornyk.com if you are in the market for an inventory management software package that gives instant value and doesn’t cost you the equivalent of a downpayment on a house.

Data Sharing Allows Your Success to Doubled

If one department or office of a business is operating with information that does not match the data used by other branches or departments then decisions and plans somewhere will be faulty or incomplete. SIMMS Inventory Management software provides a consistency of accuracy and analysis that users need, wherther they work in the warehouse, the retail storefront or an accountant’s cubicle. Assessment of today’s numbers help everyone plan for tomorrow’s profits, and inter-branch communications has never been easier.

Users logged into SIMMS from any location acquire the same numbers and information in real-time so that regular refreshes of the easy-to-use screens provide the best data now, making trend and sales analysis precise and dependable. Historical data is accessed and cross-referenced easily and profit margins can be anticipated and overhead reduced, ultimately making all departments shine like a star.

Reporting capabilities are vast and customizable in every way, enabling each manager or department head to run the report that he or she needs each time they need it, either annuall, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. Adaptible analysis charts are available on any laptop for any meeting session or presentation for any group within the company. Complete customer and vendor histories and balances are viewable at any time, keeping your sales and accounting departments on top of any challenges that may occur. Contact us at www.kornyk.com for more information about, or a trail version of, SIMMS Inventory Management software, the application that keeps your data available for those in your company who need it the most.

Tracking Items That Come Back: The Need for Accuracy in Service and Returns

To stay competitive, virtually every company needs to process customer returns. As today’s customers demand a more specialized level of service, tracking and resolving these returns can be an increasing challenge. With the SIMMS Service and Returns Module, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process handles returns and replacements with ease. You can handle every return with one flexible solution.

Does your customer want credit, a replacement, a substitution or a repair? The SIMMS Service and Returns Module feature makes it easy to handle all of this—and when a customer has an urgent replacement need, RMA even lets you easily create a cross-shipment entry. This gives you an accurate record of items shipped before returns are received, and one more opportunity to build complete customer satisfaction. This module creates a new level of integration for maximum efficiency.

With the SIMMS Service and Returns Module, you can easily print receiving documents to alert warehouse personnel of pending returns. After the goods are received and inspected, they can be returned to inventory, identified as items for repair, or scrapped. Then, SIMMS automatically generates all the appropriate transactions, including replacement orders, purchase orders, and vendor returns. This complete end-to-end solution saves many hours of data entry and eliminates the need to search through file drawers for supporting historical documents.

The RMA inquiry feature makes it easy to determine the status of a return whether or not it has been received. And the Return Reason Report shows you which items have been returned, who is returning them, and the reason why so that you can quickly identify possible problems.

Master your service and returns with the SIMMS Service and Returns Module.