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SIMMS 2014 Hosted


Many businesses have switched to Hosted Inventory Systems (cloud computing). Hosting provides access to what otherwise would be expensive software and even more expensive hardware expenses required to host the software locally. With SIMMS Online, y\what would normally be additional overhead will suddenly

The advantages of SIMMS Hosted are:

Data Security
IT systems need to be maintained and updated constantly. If this is not done, your data security can suffer. Software to manage your security is costly and requires expensive upgrades of its own.

SIMMS Online uses Citrix because of its inherent and trustworthy security and its maximization of bandwidth (making your connection more stable). When you connect to our servers, your data is perfectly secure.

If a sudden up-turn in your business occurs, you will probably need new hardware, additional (and more dedicated) internet connections and possibly a cast of IT professionals to implement and manage it all for you. Besides the costs, expansion will consume another valuable commodity: time.

With SIMMS Online all you have to do is increase your user count. You can add new users instantly.

Reduction of IT Costs
Hardware, server software and networking will continue to be tedious and complicated as new protocols and processes become standardized every year. As businesses grow they all hit a juncture where their IT infrastructure costs begin to soar.

With the Hosted option, if a server blows up then it is our problem. We take care of backups, service packs and upgrades, thus eliminating your need for in-house IT personnel.

Saving Money
Hosted services allow small and mid-size companies to have access to an IT infrastructure that they normally could not afford. Hardware, bandwidth and networking are hidden costs that all mount up.

Our Hosted services give you access to high caliber hardware and software that is usually out of the price range for smaller companies. As your users access our hosted system there is no need to purchase an expensive server and server software. You can use your existing hardware as workstations and your existing internet connections to connect.

Versatility of Platform
While SIMMS runs on Windows with Citrix, your MAC computers work perfectly to connect to our Hosted service. As SIMMS continues to evolve, it will incorporate more capability of connection with other machines using more platforms.

The Hosted version of SIMMS can benefit you for the reasons listed above and many more. Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

Exception Reporting


A natural outgrowth of systems with master scheduling, exception reporting helps re-buyers and inventory managers know where to take action without their having to review every item every week in detail. Retail and direct inventory systems both use exception reporting. Types of exception reports include:

  1. Management Reports (for instance, top 50/bottom 50 in sales)
  2. Product Characteristic Reports (e.g., all items in a certain fabric across departments)
  3. POs needed based on stock-out calculations, on hand and on order, and projected demand with item/vendor lead time
  4. Ranking reports for returns, cancellations, gross margin, and liquidation
  5. Forecast variance plan to actual
  6. Slow sellers and candidates for liquidation
  7. New vs. Repeat performance
  8. Imported vs. Domestic Product

For more information on exception reporting visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

Inventory Control

There are many benefits to every business for managing inventory properly.  SIMMS Inventory Control Software makes controlling your inventory easy and can be customized for any type of business of any size.  You can feel safe knowing that SIMMS software can easily handle a business that does $99 billion/year in sales.  To stay on top of your business your inventory data must be at your fingertips and be accurate at all times.

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Control Software is so powerful that it can allow you to carry just the right amount of stock so you don’t need to carry safety stock.  You can set reorder points with SIMMS and the software can automatically generate purchase orders when stock is needed to be ordered.

To be an industry leader a superior inventory software solution with advanced features like ERP automation, Kitting, lot control, and Serial Number tracking that is dependable is crucial. We know this from experience; having blown up some of our competitor’s software solutions ourselves.  From our single user version to the 3000+ user SQL Client-Server Edition, SIMMS 2014 Inventory Control Software is the high-performance inventory control and accounting system you’ll never outgrow. SIMMS Inventory Management Software lets you:

  • Achieve 99% inventory accuracy with leading-edge auto ID/barcode technologies to track inventory and ensure disciplined inventory rotation, including expiration date, lot control and serial number tracking.
  • Audit Trail Capabilities, with SIMMS Inventory Software not only do you have the historical data available at your finger tips to tell you how an item got where it is but you can run an audit on a specific widget for its entire live cycle down to the specific serial number, user serial number, expiration date or manufacturer lot.
  • Control your prices and costs easily define unique Vendor Costs and part numbers per Vendor/item, and configure up to 12 price levels for each item or use % discounts per quantity purchased levels.
  • Customize your transaction menus you can even customize your transaction menus per computer enabling you to define what options you wish to be available over and above security settings.
  • Easy Barcoding print barcode labels for your items, customers or locations with easy through SIMMS software.
  • Easy Item Transfers you can transfer individual widgets with specific serial number, user serial number, expiration date or manufacturer lots or a bunch of items from one location to another with ease.
  • Eliminate costly, labor-intensive inventory discrepancies between multiple inventory databases and batch-oriented systems
  • Enhanced Reporting reports can be generated to provide the information you desire including accurate inventory cost reports, stock status reports, sales analysis, purchasing analysis and more, the reports can be exported to PDF, excel or text format in order to empower you with the capabilities to share your reports with your customers with ease. KCSI can also customize your reports for a simple fee.
  • Free yourself from your desk With the SIMMS Windows mobile 5 program you can process Invoices, sales orders, receipts of goods, item transfers and physical counts on a remote Windows Mobile compatible device in batch or live wireless mode. You also have the freedom to print your sales orders via Bluetooth or IP printer right from the wireless windows mobile device.
  • Maximize use of warehouse space with the ability to define item default locations and automatic reorder points.
  • Optimize pick labor efficiency and accuracy and improve customer order fulfillment rates with advanced picking techniques for pick and pass and batch picking activities all with scan confirmation both in the Windows mobile version of SIMMS and the main SIMMS software system.
  • Physical Count Adjustments The physical counts interface is likely the easiest to use in the industry and makes all the behind-the-scenes accounting entries necessary to update assigned inventory accounts and maintain your inventory costing method whether it’s FIFO, LIFO or Average Cost.
  • Satisfy customer demand for integrated value-added services such as kitting, phantom kitting, bills and work orders, compliance labeling and Customized EDI, through the SIMMS Software integrated approach to distribution.
  • Simple Inventory Adjustments easily change stock counts for specific items in specific locations adjusting serial numbers and manufacturer lots as needed without the need to do physical counts for entire locations.
  • SKU Management configures complex automated SKU Generation, empowering SIMMS with the functionality to automatically assign your items SKU codes based on whatever formula you configure in the SKU Manager.
  • Track your stock items and non stock items not only do you have the capabilities of tracking your inventory items with ease but you can also define miscellaneous items and charges in the system giving you the added ability of configuring not for stock items and service charges like labor, travel time etc.

Contact KCSI at sales@kcsi.ca to help you to get SIMMS 2014 working for you as soon as possible.

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Magic Cure All!


Need a cure all for all your business, accounting and inventory problems? Try SIMMS!

With SIMMS you get the following:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Export files at tax time – or at any time – for your accounting team.
    • Track both your expenses and income and expenses, and pull any and all of your data into financial reports and analytical graphs any time.
  • Customer Management
    Your contact management is simple, straightforward and easy to master. Your contacts, their expenses, invoices, order forms and much more remain at your fingertips the whole time.
  • Stock Management
    Manage your stock easily and gain insight about your sales. Moreover:

    • Add new items and manage older stock with equal speed and ease.
    • Integrate your online stock with warehoused inventory immediately.
  • Versatile Reporting
    You can easily see what items are selling, what ones are not, and view your sales by location, by channel, by regions, and more.
  • Unlimited Number of Users
    Assistants, intern, managers, sales staff and business partner can all access what they need and have levels of access appropriate to their roles on your company’s processes.

Ask Us About SIMMSCloud


The newest version of SIMMS Inventory Management software — SIMMSCloud.

SIMMSCloud is a per month per user clouded hosted solution of
the on-line version of SIMMS. For companies on the go, needing to access all of their information and conduct business from anywhere in the world, SIMMSCloud is your ideal choice.

Email sales@kcsi.ca today for more information about this innovative new version of the classic program for inventory and accounting: SIMMS.

Commissions on Sales with SIMMS 2013

3D Sale and percent sign isolated over white

With SIMMS 2013, on both a by-transaction basis and on an accounts receivable basis, users can create percent-specific commissions which feature categories of items, item quantity ranges and/or percentile groups. Once the commissions templates have been created, they can be applied to whichever agents/salesmen the user selects.

Items and their groups can be factored into the commissions. Commissions containing customers’ purchase volume rates correspond to their particular purchase deals with your company. Further, maximum value schedules and royalty payouts also are applicable easily in SIMMS’ Sales Commissions feature.

SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management Software includes a comprehensive Sales Commissions feature that makes this important process both easy to set up and reliable for its accuracy. Companies often wish to see how regional or departmental sales agents have contributed to the revenue of the last campaign or sales period. Accounting departments need the access and tracking of the amount of commissions owed to the staff. Both requirements are answered easily by SIMMS.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today for more sales commission information.

Enhancements to SIMMS Tool Crib


On the Tool Crib form we have add a dashboard so after you scan in the employee id, it populates showing what items the employee has checked out currently. When the employee has completed his check in or check out task the dashboard is blanked out until the next user scans or enters in his user id, at that time the dashboard refreshes showing the current user what he currently has checked out.


Additionally we have made it easier to see what items you have currently scanned or selected in the active Tool Crib transaction, with the ability to delete a line before you check in or out your selections.

For more information on SIMMS’ Tool Crib, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca.