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Why Choose SIMMS 2013?


SIMMS 2013 is an advanced inventory management, accounting and manufacturing system that offers flexibility and growth.SIMMS Inventory Software is ready to use and easy to adapt and customize, it is today’s choice for dynamic businesses, both large and small, with an eye toward increased productivity and revenue.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software is a comprehensive business management solution that delivers the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing capabilities that allows users to operate more efficiently and profitably.  Some of these features include powerful drill-down capabilities, advanced reporting, phantom kitting and more. SIMMS Inventory Software also includes a full suite of modules that are easily customizable to meet a virtually unlimited variety of business needs regardless of your business.

With SIMMS Inventory Software, you can choose the end-to-end business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules. In addition, SIMMS offers seamless integration, including customer relationship management (CRM), payroll, e-commerce and vertical solutions.

For more information on SIMMS 2013, SIMMS Online and SIMMS Mobile inventory and accounting solutions, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.

SIMMS 2012 Accounting Features

SIMMS Business Accounting Software is a series of robust applications covering all areas of accounting business management. The accounting software is designed for businesses with 10-1,000 employees and boasts an advanced financial management solution, which forms the foundation for the entire suite of applications. SIMMS Accounting Software also boasts the following features: advanced budgeting, multicurrency management, currency trader management, advanced allocations, fixed asset management and cash management.

SIMMS Accounting Software is fully customizable and flexible and can meet any business’s needs whether a small or large business. SIMMS 2012 Accounting Software works in conjunction with existing software. Get a free accounting demonstration today. Contact KCSI at sales@kcsi.ca.

SIMMS Video Walk-Through

Many aspects of SIMMS Inventory and Accounting Software can be viewed at the following URL:


Features like reporting, management of inventory items, transactions, barcoding, pricing, system settings and installation are all available in this detailed presentation, which enables you to quickly see what features that SIMMS has to suite your inventory and accounting needs.

More detailed and specific presentations of SIMMS software can be scheduled here, where you can interact with the presenter and have your questions and needs discussed one-on-one in a customized and personalized experience.

Check out SIMMS today by visiting the kornyk.com website, where all things SIMMS are front-and-center, just as your business concerns should be.

Common Sense Inventory

Are you offering discounts on more than 20% of your stock items? Do you have to send items back to their manufacturers any more than three times per fiscal year? Can you easily remember more than two or three items that are chronically in your service and returns department being repaired?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then your company has overstocked its warehouse, and thus has invested too much capital in goods that rarely move off the shelves, or, in the case of the last question, has invested in items that have a bad track record for reliability (and should ditch them as soon as possible).

Your company’s bottom line must show a currency to its cash flow so that customers and possible partners alike will find your prospectus encouraging for long-term affiliation. But if you have a warehouse brimming with items that can almost obviously be seen to collect dust, not only does this negatively affect any confidence in your business from others, but the static items have no foreseeable future in regard to their revenue generating capability.

For your inventory assets, you must always have the most current information about their lifecycle under your possession. SIMMS 2012 is a natural and obvious choice to keep you up-to-date on the status of every piece in your stock, as well as the accounting repercussions each is having.

A complete inventory management system, SIMMS 2012 is all you will ever need.

Inventory Management Software

It is necessarily true that the best software for managing your inventory must cost you the top amounts that your competitors pay. Ask yourself ‘Will the software save me TIME?’. If it does, then it may give you a distinct advantage to what you aim to achieve. Revenues are the sole responsibility of your sales team, so if the software helps both your warehouse team AND helps your sales department maximize your inventory turnover and sales bottom-line, then the software can cost much less than other companies spend and make your month-end sales targets an easier reality.

Second, are you losing reporting accuracy while at the same time your staff entering transactions and stock has been bogged down by the novelty of the program’s processes? The two do not have to be mutually inclusive: a program can be both easy to understand and quick to use as the improvement tool it SHOULD be. SIMMS 2012 has the advantage of being the reliable source of accurate numbers while allowing dozens of transactions to be entered every day and concurrently letting people in all departments where they stand in relation to your customers’ satisfaction. Delays are bound to happen, but you can take advantage of them IF you know they exist.

The third concern is how much cash is coming IN to your business while stock is moving OUT the warehouse door. With the promise always of the newest technology and features, KCSI designs SIMMS to be the go-to-resource that you will need for many years to come. Customized programming is another bonus to dealing with KCSI – your idea comes to us, and we make it a reality that you can implement as soon as absolutely possible. Return On Investment is always a prime worry when you purchase software…how soon do we see the benefits? Contact KCSI today to learn more about everything that you NEED (including the steps to take to make them happen) – and find how new and up-to-date that SIMMS is. You’ll grow as SIMMS grows, and learn as it simplifies with each new feature.

Book a demonstration to clarify your needs and your goals – KCSI wants to hear from you.

Tool Tip: Expiration Dates

KCSI Technical Writer Marc Kondylis sends us this  Tool Tip:

Expiration Dates

If you stock items with a limited shelf life, you can assign expiration dates to these items. In addition SIMMS can alert you when that item nears its expiration date. The careful management of items with limited shelf life can prevent losing stock (and money) because an item has gone bad.

Enable Expiration Dates

Before you assign an expiration date to an item, you need to enable the option.

  • In the Item Manager window, click the Advanced tab, and then click Use Expiration Dates.

With the option enabled, you can then set the expiration date for the item when you receive it into inventory.

Assign an Expiration Date for an Item

You assign an expiration date for an item when you receive it into inventory. In addition to assigning the expiration date, you also need to assign a manufacturer lot code for the item.

  1. On the Modules menu, point to Purchasing, and then click New Receipt of Goods.
  2. Process the receipt of goods as you normally would, but on the Details tab, in the Manufacturer Lot list, select a manufacturer lot.


1. Click the Expiration Date check box, and set the expiration date in the date box.

2. Compete your receipt of goods as you normally would.

SIMMS can alert you when an item comes close to its expiration date.

To receive alerts for items close to their expiration dates, go to Setup > Settings > Global Settings > General tab. In the Expiration Date – advance warning of  box, type the number of days before an item expires that you wish to receive an alert.

To view a list of all items with an expiration date, go to Inventory > Operational Reports > Item Reports > Expiration Report.

Wild at Parts

A modern stockroom, no matter the size, can be a fury of chaos during busy hours. A truly intuitive inventory tracking system — like SIMMS — has to be used methodically in order for its benefits to be noticed. Before they grab, they need to tab: first the knowledge that Widget One will be used in the project or in the shipment, then the entry of the use of Widget One into SIMMS, and lastly the physical removal of the item from its storage location. It seems to be a simple philosophy, but in moments of rush and madness entries are forgotten, so they must be done FIRST, not last. Contact KCSI today to learn more ways that SIMMS can benefit your business.

Let SCM Improve Your Relationships

Supply Chain Management software is designed to enhance coordination, communication and collaboration with vendors and suppliers, shipping and transportation companies, intermediaries, and other partners by enabling faster bi-directional information sharing. Let SIMMS Inventory Management software present you with the many options to allow you to handle the complexity involved while you build your business and respond to the ever-increasing demand of both new and old customers alike. Contact KCSI today to learn how the SIMMS Inventory software solution can help.