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Are Your Inventory Vendors Supplying You Fast Enough?

In today’s rapid requirements from your customers, you require equal or more speed from your suppliers. If you place an order from a supplier that gets promised in a week, your customer is waiting for that interval to get the goods from you. If it surpasses the allotted time, your customer will not wait; if your supplier takes longer, you would not wait for them either. In such cases, you would probably drop that vendor from your list of suppliers and get the items ASAP from someone else.

Any such dishonored purchase orders in your system can clutter up your paperwork in SIMMS, and possibly backlog items also ordered from them for other customers. Thus, one bad vendor can gum up the works for everyone.

SIMMS Inventory Management software can help cure this problem by allowing administators to set age limits for purachase orders, which, if they go past a certain age in the system, are automatically deleted to clear the decks for new orders from quicker vendors.

But if you place vendors — some of whom may be defaulted in the system as reliabe — all it will take is one cancelled order to remind them whom they value. If they want back in your company’s graces, they can earn it, exactly like any new vendor has to. This easily-set condition will lead to prime performance from your vendors and will make your company a reputation for reliabilty and leadership. This feature is just one of many features that SIMMS Inventory Management software can help supply for you in the conduct of your business. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can lead the charge for you as your prime inventory and management solution.