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SIMMS’ Apparel Management

In today’s apparel market, retailers and consumers push for lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery. To stay ahead, the apparel industry has responded with technology, innovative systems and information. SIMMS meets these challenges with our leading edge Apparel Inventory Software solutions that will help you compete and grow profitably today and in the future.

The SIMMS Apparel/Embroidery Software is designed to help apparel importers, distributors and manufacturers meet the competitive demands of quick supply demands and limited capital availability.

Our apparel clients include manufacturers, importers and distributors of men’s and ladies’ fashion and sportswear, children’s clothing, leisure wear, lingerie, foundation garments, swim wear, jeans, t-shirts and furriers.

SIMMS has been designed to ensure that your business has timely and accurate information on inventory location, movement and valuation in order to control and safeguard your inventory. From data pertaining to the receipt of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any time, down to the exact style/size/color, SIMMS will enable you to successfully manage your apparel/embroidery inventory.

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Your Use of Manufacturer’s Lots

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software empowers you to manage manufacturer’s lot information, from the entry of the items into the management system to its usage within the system to the issue of the items to your customers. Manufacturers assign lot numbers to stock, and when you build things in-house, you assign them lot numbers.

Within SIMMS, three methods for automatic lot selection exist: By Entry Order, By Expiration Date, or By Manual Selection.

If your system holds stock that has been in storage for a long period of time, then the By Entry Order method is for you. Thus if you get an order for 50 widgets from a customer, received fifty of them a month ago, and another fifty last week, SIMMS will select the widgets on the sales order/invoice that entered the system first — establishing a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system of selection.

If your system contains stock items with expiration dates, then the By Expiration Date method is for you. SIMMS will automatically choose the number of items you need from amongst those with the earliest expiration dates first, and then selects from the group with the next most-current expiration, then the next, and so on. If you have no items that have expiration data, then choose By Entry Order as your default because it will encourage the use of your eldest items, and thus help you keep the turnover of your stock in progress.

The By Manual Selection method is available for those who want to manually select the items you want to select at the time, based upon whatever criteria is the most important to you at the moment.

For more information, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca to learn more about how SIMMS 2012 can help you select and apply a method for the selection of manufacturer’s lot data within your inventory system.