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Choosing the Right Inventory Person

Far too often companies wait and wait before realizing the importance of having someone serve as their inventory specialist. Inventory is too often handed to someone unfamiliar and unprepared. There is always someone who has the natural skill set to do well in such an important position. Never choose just anybody. Give the inventory tasks to several within your organization and you’ll soon discover which person has the natural talent. The ones with ideas for improvement and the ability to both voice and implement the ideas are a valued asset to your company.

Don’t waste people where they will not excel — put the best people into every department if you truly wish to succeed. Once your inventory person is chosen, everyone else must know it, and further know that he or she will be using THE state-of-the-art inventory management solution: SIMMS.

Don’t waste either time or talent: contact KCSI today to help us help you improve your business with the right software in the hands of the right person.

2013: The Centenary of Malcolm McLean


2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm Purcell McLean, an entrepreneur from North Carolina who came up with an idea that completely transformed the world.

In 1937 McLean was in Hoboken, New Jersey, to drop off a load of wool bales from his truck. Having waited most of the day to unload, he had watched the stevedores putting bales into slings then hoisting them one-by-one onto the ships. He concluded that a lot of time and money was being wasted in the current process. His sudden epiphany was that it would be much simpler to take off the rear of his truck and put that on the ship.

He subsequently founded Sea-Land, a company that became the world’s first container shipping line. Employing this new concept, ships could be loaded and unloaded within hours rather than days or weeks. A future concept was to drop off empty containers in countries such as Japan, where they could be filled with exportable items for distribution to wholesale and retail markets around the world.

In 2013, we have seen the advent of ships — 20 of them — commissioned by Denmark’s Maersk Line that are capable of carrying 18,000 containers each, doubling the capacities of the largest ships active only a decade before. McLean could not have foreseen the scope that his idea would acquire, but its influence has truly laid the pattern for all commerce and supply chain ideas that have followed since.

Using Reorder Points to Stay Ahead of Customer Demand

SIMMS’ Reorder Point features prevent users from having their stock counts fall below the levels they need to complete and maintain orders from their customers. Functionality found in SIMMS Inventory Software provides you with a listing of products and quantities that are required for stock counts.

With SIMMS, setting up automatic item reorder points is smooth and easy, and can be specific to every location in which you store those items. Choosing either the economic or maximum stock level method, users can set maximum onhand values, minimum order quantitities, quantitities to be ordered, and the reorder point quantity that will initiate the reordering queue.

Subsequently, when item counts fall to their reorder points, users are alerted to create an automatic purchase order based on the values entered in the previously-established reorder points. Further considerations that can be employed are default vendors for items, items required based on a system-wide category basis and/or quantities for items that are already on purchase order (that have yet to be received).

SIMMS’ Reorder Point features prevent your business from being out of the stock you need to have when you need to have it.

On The Right Track

Tracking your inventory items has never been easier than with SIMMS Inventory Management software. Common miscellaneous items and charges in such as travel time, labor, repairs, etc. are quickly created and accurately. With such precision of definition available, accuracy is the result, which is aided by newest barcode technology and other tools to analyze stock turnover and rotation, as well as lot, serilization and expiration date details. To learn more about how SIMMS can improve and streamline your inventory requirements, contact KCSI today.