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SIMMS’ Item Categories

When you use SIMMS you can employ the versatile feature of Categorization. In addition to categorizing stock into generic groups, users can take advantage of using sub-categorization to monitor inventory sales and transactions for the benefit of profit margins and/or pinpointing which items are not selling and conclude if any problems are contributing to that condition.

From their creation in your SIMMS inventory system, items begin to acquire historical records of acquisition, usage, repair and turnover. Using this cumulative data can keep users on top of accurate data that reveal the information needed to make fiscal and logical decisions needed to be made. Thus, the decision of items’ categorization should be given much consideration so that this data advantage can be exercised to optimum effectiveness.

Categorizing merchandise with SIMMS is both quick and easy, and when combined with SIMMS’ versatile and comprehensive reporting capabilities, you gain the edge not available in other inventory software packages. Management of your business can be much smoother and robust once categorization becomes one of your first decisions when you acquire SIMMS, optimizing your information and maximizing your profit margin.

Manufacturer’s Lots in SIMMS 2012

The ability to track serialized and lot-related parts to a customer is important for warranty and service management. SIMMS 2012 Inventory management software enables you to create serial numbers and manufacturer lots at any time during the manufacturing process.

Finished products are assigned to the serial numbers and/or manufacturer lots and when shipped to the customer the serial number and manufacturer lot utilized are saved to history to provide serial and manufacturer lot traceability against the original customer order.

Whether in a manufacturing companyor while performing simple assemblies in-house for sale to your customers, you need to also be able to track your own products. With SIMMS 2012, you can assign domestic or user serial numbers to your items, but also when creating WIPs or BOMs, you can assign unique Production Lot numbers to each of the kits. This way both components and kits can be tracked once they are made all the way through their respective saleand afterward (in the case of those to which you have assigned warranties).

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