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Making Transactions Easier with Tax Codes and Schedules

SIMMS Inventory Management software encapsulates state-of-the-art Tax Code features that are both versatile and complete matching the user’s needs exactly. Allowing unlimited tax codes to be created within the system, these features allow county taxes, regional, state and/or provincial taxes and many more within the system. Once all applicable codes have been accurately created, they can then be applied to invoices specifically or customers in general to apply the precise billing details your business requires.

Tax codes are combined into schedules (combinations) within SIMMS, so that customers can be grouped together from one location and have identical taxes applied easily on every sale made to them. Hidden taxes or value added taxes are also quick to create and apply. Sales to companies in some countries require that particular rates be applied and SIMMS handles those complicated requirements as well.

Multi-currencies are also applicable within SIMMS so that users always know what the bottom line is on any transaction. Individual items can be edited to give them the status of fully taxable, partially-taxable or tax exempt. Exemptions can be applied directly to customers so that all their purchases have the same standard application, which makes every transaction immediate and precise. When combined with the rest of SIMMS accounting features, separate tax agents and General Ledger accounts are easily and accurately updated. SIMMS Tax Code features let users worry about the big picture while knowing that the little details are managed completely.