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What’s On Your Critical Checklist?

Recently a great number of successful businesses were requested to list the most important steps they had taken to improve their company in the previous twelve months. The resulting details can be applied to any company (with necessary adjustments for their respective industries or specialty services).

Ask yourself which of the following can be achieved by your company and then take steps to make the changes possible; if any business can improve on half of these areas, everyone will notice the improvements in the business.

So here (in alphabetical order) they are — twelve months, twelve improvements:

  • Accelerated turn-around time of orders


  • Created a more effective organizational structure


  • Improved order accuracy


  • Increased flexibility and agility


  • Increased productivity levels


  • Leveraged valuable information


  • Maximized the value of the contents of the warehouse by turning over every item a minimum of at least three times per year


  • Optimized work schedules


  • Prevented disruptions from shift-to-shift


  • Provided real-time interaction


  • Streamlined decision-making


  • Tracked performance updates


Now you know them, pick one and get on with it!

Mastering Time with SIMMS 2012

Work in any business needs goals for the the overall improvement of the company if the firm is to have a future. While taking daily steps to improve commerce in general, we need our tools to suit our tasks and provide us with more time to enjoy the work and achieve more. Such is true of our software packages. They need to provide us with instant information and must permit us to enter in all the relevant data to keep our records completely up-to-date.

Making work easy can be produced to some degree ergonomically, the main impact of our software must result from features and tools. If you make accurate inventory management a high priority for your business but don’t want to devote hours and hours to toward that goal, visit www.simmssoftware.com today and have a quick look at SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management solution to get the very tool you’ve been missing all this time to make work as enjoyable as play.

Accounting, stock management, scheduling, shipping, receiving, manufacturing, work projects, administration, customer and item tracking — SIMMS handles them all in a feature-rich, robust complete package that all departments of your company can use in tandem to keep you ahead of the competition. Email KCSI today for more information at sales@kcsi.ca.

SIMMS 2012 — Its Use Everywhere

KCSI uses its own SIMMS Inventory Management software because they know it works. We have a hands-on experience with SIMMS and have contributed to its changes and enhancements as needs have arisen from the regular process of conducting commerce. Each calendar year sees at least three major and more than twenty minor enhancements to the software. With a large team of programmers at our elbow eases the implementation of these changes and enhancements into a smooth and simple process — and you will experience equal ease as soon as you opt for the tried-and-tested SIMMS.

Combine with this a cost effectiveness that we maintain, so that users can both afford and realize their needs in the same way we have realized our needs. KCSI provides flexible paymentoptions so that you will see an immediate return on your investment due to SIMMS’ built-in processes to  increase your revenues, optimize your inventory control and streamline your business effectiveness, all while retaining minimal inventory control costs.

There are many inventory management software packages out there to choose from for your business. But KCSI is a very different company than any others out there because it retains a stake in the efficiency and versatility of SIMMS Inventory Control software, We use it to succeed, and when you choose it, we make sure that you benefit from its rich features because we have benefitted from them first.

Advantages of SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 is a comprehensive manufacturing, accounting and advanced inventory management system, that allows for growth within your company as it expands to incorporate more functionality. Customizable and easy-to-use, SIMMS prepares you to expand your business into its most productive and financially optimized state. Evolving and energized companies, small or large, can benefit from the productivity that cutting edge manufacturing and accounting features provide toward greater profitability and efficiency.

Phantom kitting, versatile reporting, point of sale support, customizable windows and transaction forms, integration with handheld devices, payroll, E-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM) capability make SIMMS 2012 a robust choice right out of the box. Drop-shipping ability, single entries to increase speed and reduce manpower on data entry, and stock-on-hand notifications for ease and accuracy of reordering are just a few more additions to an inventory and accounting software package that offers much more than its competitors.

Give SIMMS 2012 a look by clicking here or book a demonstration here.

SIMMS 2012 Apparel Features

Growing from the Apparel Matrix established in previous versions, SIMMS 2012 has enhanced and new apparel features, including:


– A date filter has been added to the Apparel Stock Report.

– All styles for a specific item can be viewed as a group;

– All items that possess a particular style can be viewed as a group;

– All items of all styles within the system can be viewed as a group.


–  Transactions are not just dedicated to apparel items; non-apparel items can now be included on the same invoice as apparel items;

–  Purchase and Sales Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Receipts, Transfers, and Service & Return processes (RMAs and RTVs) all have the apparel matrix available and more robust in its application.

SIMMS 2012 Apparel features have brought it to the forefront of the clothing inventory market. Check out other features here to convince you that SIMMS is your choice for your apparel stock management.


CRMunleashed is a customer management solution you can depend on, reps spend more time selling and less time on administration. Automate your sales staff by documenting sales activities, improving productivity, managing sales regions, analyzing and forecasting sales, and reporting on the criteria that you need. Details of your contacts are comprehensively organized, while personalized communications are simple, management of time is streamlined, as calendars and schedules are coordinated quickly.


Call centers are automated, and all communications and case management are accurately and easily tracked for priority, through development to closure. Comprehensive time and billing capabilities can expand as your customer list grows world-wide.


Use CRMUnleashed to establish sales campaigns, process accurate information, provide needed services to potential clients and ultimately excel in lead management. Technology, intelligence and marketing are brought together to allow swift service and communications for both you and your client base. With practical marketing campaigns featuring e-mail and other documents, you can make the most of the relationships with your customers using the integration and versatility of CRMUnleashed.


When we have too much time spent as slaves to technology, our regular tasks become delayed and we begin mentally stacking them like boxes on a shelf. If we are not careful, we get to the point where we cannot see the back row of boxes. SIMMS Inventory Management software enables us to spend more time working and less time waiting for our technology to serve us. Schedules, logs and comments, alerts, time and stock assignments and departmental criteria can all be seen and absorbed to before their deadlines arrive, and the basic flow of human business can continue uninterrupted. With a vast array of analytical reports, we can use SIMMS to anticipate any challenges and while we may be forced to wait for stock at times, other projects can be shifted to and production can continue unabated.
Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS’ technology works for you behind the scenes so that your mental shelf never gets too full.

It’s About Time

Technology has granted us all more time by creating shortcuts for us to manage our tasks and schedules. SIMMS Inventory Management software streamlines many of our necessary stock activities and time-management responsibilities into one package. Set reorder points for items that are unique to each location in which they are stored. Check on supply lead times to know which vendors have never let you down. Reorganize your locations first within SIMMS before you commit to the redistribution in reality. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can help you take mastery of your time concerns.