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Best Foot Forward

Long days of work show results but often in business the many small victories remain hidden in the mass of data that a company can generate. SIMMS Inventory Management software lets users see these little wins whenever they need. Analytiucs, state-of-the-art technology and a business acumen based upon years of KCSI’s customer experience and knowhow keep SIMMS the pre-eminent inventory application in the minds of its advocates year in and year out. Contact KCSI today to learn more.

Is It Salt or Sand?

While taking great pains to be accurate with inventory we often implement plans that are convoluted and confusing. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, users can enable a step-by-step platform to allow for more accurate analysis of results. The various adjustments can then better be assessed for their impact and effectiveness. Search for the ever-dreaded bottlenecks, wherein one process seems to produce delays and time-wasting residuals. Once those conditions are addressed for improvements in a methodical manner, improvements should become visible within only a few shifts. For more ideas on how to separate quirks from actual trends, contact KCSI today.

Pair of Graphs

Some data displayed as a sorted columnar list works best. Other information makes the most sense when available beside similar data from the past. Certain data and trends are best revealed visually using bar charts and pie charts, which emphasize the conclusions and differences in simple terms and dramatic form. SIMMS Inventory Management software incorporates the choice of having many of the most important reports in the system print as organized text or as visual graphs. Explore a trial version of SIMMS by contacting KCSI today.